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From left: Matt, NoLegs, Natalie, Lance

Adventure Story (full title: Epic Battle Fantasy: Adventure Story) is a platform game by Matt Roszak. It is a spin-off from the Epic Battle Fantasy series.


Matt, Natalie, and NoLegs are out for a walk when Lance suddenly appears in a massive tank. He knocks out the group and takes Natalie hostage for reasons unknown (but likely similar to his reasons in EBF5). It is up to Matt and NoLegs to chase Lance through four unique environments and save Natalie.



  • Matt: Player's character.
  • Natalie: "The Princess" that needs to be rescued.
  • NoLegs: Indicates end of each level by sitting in last teleporter.
  • Lance: Villain and main boss of the game.



  • Slime (all colors): A basic enemy that slides about or sits in place.
  • Green Bush: Similar to Slimes, but more prone to jumping. Tends to hide in the background until Matt gets close; look for its eyes amid the scenery.
  • Haunted Tree: Spits clouds of poison bubbles when Matt is nearby.
  • Evil Mushroom: Spits large bubbles that can be deflected.
  • Coal Bat: Slowly flies towards Matt.
  • Giant Bush: The boss of the Forest, apparently under Lance's control. Spits bubbles and creates quakes that summon Bushes. As it takes damage, it occasionally adds a gust of wind to its bubble attack, and Lance begins throwing bombs that can be knocked into the boss for damage.


  • Black Wasp: Flies in a circle around Matt, trying to catch him as he moves. If hit, it will fly back a ways before charging straight at him.
  • Gunslinger: Patrols platforms and fires a large bullet at regular intervals.
  • Red Clay: Slashes and stabs at Matt.
  • Fluffy Bat: Flies out of Matt's range when approached, but attempts to ram him when he turns his back.
  • Sand Idol: Bounces around erratically.
  • Mad Cactus: Sits in place, periodically firing rings of needles around itself.
  • Eyeball: Floats towards Matt in short bursts.
  • Beholder: The boss of the Desert, holding Natalie and NoLegs in its tentacles. Sends its tentacles through the ground to try and strike Matt from below, and frequently summons Black Wasps and Eyeballs. Begins firing massive lasers from its eye as its health dwindles; can fire beams straight ahead or in upwards and downwards arcs.

Snowy Mountains

  • Snow Slime: Identical to the Slimes in the Forest and Desert.
  • White Bush: Identical to the Bushes in the Forest and Desert.
  • Big Snow Slime: Bounces in place, creating quakes and knocking smaller enemies into the air.
  • Ice Idol: Identical to the Sand Idols in the Desert.
  • Frost Sprite: Charges at Matt, occasionally burrowing underground to try and catch him by surprise. 
  • Rock Sprite: Similar to the Frost Sprite, but throws boulders when burrowing or emerging from the ground.
  • Ice Worm: Flies through the air, attempting to strike Matt. Its segments can be targeted individually, and fall apart when the head is defeated.
  • Viking Monolith: Fires barrages of ice spikes in groups of five when approached. The spikes can be deflected with Matt's sword.
  • Golem: The boss of the Snowy Mountains. Spits ice spikes from its mouth and can burrow into the stage to move around, throwing boulders as it submerges and emerges. Intensifies its attacks as it loses health, and begins summoning Ice Idols when it spits ice spikes. When critically injured, it begins summoning Viking Monoliths on the sides of the stage as it burrows.


  • Dark Bush: Patrols platforms at a fast pace; changes directions if hit. Does not hide in the scenery.
  • Blood Bat: Quickly charges at Matt when he approaches.
  • Flame Sprite: Charges and breathes fire at Matt; does not burrow.
  • Yellow Wasp: Similar to the Black Wasp, but charges straight at Matt from the get-go. Flies offscreen when struck before trying to attack again.
  • Obsidian Idol: Similar to Sand and Ice Idols, but splits in two when damaged.
  • Black Clay: Slashes and summons boulders from the ground.
  • Black Gunslinger: Fires three shots in rapid succession.
  • Cosmic Monolith: Launches powerful homing fireballs at Matt in groups of three.
  • Lance: The boss of the Volcano and the final boss of the game. Fights with the tank seen in the beginning of the game, which launches bombs from its front and bullets from its back. Periodically rolls across the stage, summoning bombs, Obsidian Idols, or Flame Sprites when it reaches the middle. Fires more bombs at a time and begins launching homing fireballs in groups of five at low health.


The tutorial level.

Unlike the main Epic Battle Fantasy series, Adventure Story is an action-platformer with more emphasis on jumping puzzles than combat. Players must navigate through four worlds and twenty levels, defeating enemies, avoiding obstacles, and collecting items. Each level has multiple stages, denoted by a hyphenated number after the level number (1-1, 1-2, 1-3, etc), and separated by white teleporters. The final teleporter is identified by NoLegs sitting in it - reaching this teleporter ends the level.

There are 100 coins and 10 treasure chests scattered through each level; coins can be used to purchase and upgrade spells on the menu screen, while chests may contain helpful items and equipment. Many coins and chests are in out-of-the-way sections of the level, forcing Matt to take alternate paths and find creative means of reaching them. Most levels also have optional stages (identified by letters instead of numbers), accessed through alternate teleporters marked with a nearby skull sign. In order to find all of the level's secrets, Matt must seek out every possible stage within the levels and find every coin and treasure chest - when this is done, the completed level displays a gold star on the menu.

Beating the main game unlocks the Foe Rush (Level 21), a marathon of stages in which Matt must defeat every enemy to advance. Completing the Foe Rush unlocks the Boss Rush (Level 22), which pits Matt against the four bosses of the game one after the other on modified stages. There are also several Medals to earn, some of which will add significant challenge to the game.


The controls can be changed in-game, but the default settings are:

  • Left Arrow = Move Left
  • Right Arrow = Move Right
  • Down Arrow = Duck
  • Down Arrow + Left/Right = Crawl
  • Up Arrow = Enter Portal/Open Treasure Chest
  • "A" Key = Jump
  • "S" Key = Attack
  • "D" Key = Open Magic Screen/Select Spell/Use Spell
  • "Q", "W", and "E" Keys = Spell Hotkeys
  • "P" Key  = Pause

Special Abilities

During his journey, Matt will be able to perform various melee attacks by pressing the proper key combinations, as well as cast powerful spells accessed by opening the Magic menu or using spell hotkeys.

Melee abilities

  • Three-Hit Combo: On the ground, press the attack key three times in quick succession. The third attack will deal increased damage and will have greater range.
  • Walking Attack: Press the attack key while moving left or right on the ground. Works with the three-hit combo.
  • Upward Slash: While on the ground, hold the "Up" Key and attack. It has a wide arc that can hit enemies in front of, above and behind Matt.
  • Crouching Stab: While ducking, press the attack key. It has short range, but allows Matt to attack while simultaneously ducking under potential threats.
  • Aerial Attack: Press the attack key while in the air to perform a spinning slash that strikes all enemies around Matt.
  • Aerial Stab: While airborne, hold the "Up" Key and attack. This is a faster attack that strikes foes directly above Matt.
  • Aerial Bounce: When Matt is above an enemy, use the Aerial Attack just before they collide. If done properly, Matt will damage the enemy and bounce upward. This skill works best if Matt is directly above his target, and it is an extremely useful skill to master (for both combat and treasure hunting).

Magic abilities

  • Heal: Instantly recover some HP. Amount improves with spell level.
  • Temper: Boosts your attack and defence slightly for a limited time. Good against bosses.
  • Seiken: Hits twice and deals massive damage, if aimed correctly. Good against stationary/slow foes.
  • Ice: Deals low damage, but freezes enemies for a while, making them harmless and motionless.
  • Fire: Deals moderate damage and burns foes, lowering their defence temporarily.
  • Bolt: Deals high damage, but with no special effects at all.


Equipment screen in Adventure Story

In Adventure Story, there are three relevant stats: Health Points (HP), Attack, and Magic. By equipping different weapons, armors, and hats, these stats can be increased or decreased by a percentage. Some equipment offers other bonuses or penalties.

You can change your currently equipped items by opening the "Equips" menu in the Stage Select screen. For more detailed information about the equipment, see here.

Hats Pirate Hat Ninja Hood Knight Helm Viking Helm Mage Hat
Stats +10% HP
+20% Attack
+20% Magic
+30% Attack
+30% Magic
+40% HP +20% HP
+70% Attack
Can't use magic
-20% Attack
+60% Magic
Armors Pirate Jacket Ninja Gear Knight Armor Viking Armor Mage Robe
Stats +10% HP
+20% Attack
+20% Magic
+10% Attack
+10% Magic
Jump a bit higher
+40% HP +20% HP
+30% Attack
-10% HP
+40% Magic
1 extra MP
Weapons Cutlass Katana Mana Staff Claymore Umbrella
Stats +10% HP
+20% Attack
+20% Magic
+20% Attack
+10% Magic
Faster slashes
-50% Attack
+40% Magic
Absorbs MP
from foes
+20% HP
+40% Attack
-20% Magic
+20% Attack
+20% Magic
Hold Jump to float

Level Features

In addition to the above-mentioned enemies, Adventure Story's levels feature a number of unique elements that can help or hinder Matt's progress.

  • Portal: A white pillar of light that transports Matt between parts of the level. The end-of-level portal is identified by NoLegs sitting in it, and optional portals are marked with a skull sign nearby.
  • Target: A harmless object used as attack practice or as an object to bounce off of. Mainly found in the tutorial level, but also appears in a few optional parts of the Volcano. Some Targets are indestructible, although they register damage when struck.
  • Clouds: Fluffy white clouds that act as temporary platforms. If Matt stands on them for too long, they disappear, only to regenerate a moment later. First seen in the Forest.
  • Mushroom: A large red mushroom that acts as a spring, bouncing Matt off of its cap. Holding the jump button as Matt lands on a mushroom will bounce him higher. First seen in the Forest.
  • Crumbling Board: A small brown plank that falls apart after Matt passes over it (i.e. when he lands on it and then moves away). Regenerates if Matt uses a portal to leave the area and return. First seen in the Forest.
  • Bomb: A large grey explosive resembling a skull-marked naval mine. Mainly thrown by Lance in the first and final boss fights, but occasionally found lying around the levels. Explodes when touched by Matt or an enemy, or after being attacked a few times - can be knocked around to hit things. First seen in the Forest.
  • Falling Block: A large grey block that falls and vanishes after Matt lands on it. Regenerates shortly after disappearing. First seen in the Desert.
  • Spikes: Pointed objects that damage Matt and enemies that come into contact with them. Do not affect flying enemies. First seen in the Desert.
  • Retractable Spikes: Spikes that can withdraw into the ground for a time. Usually found on platforms to force Matt to time his jumps. First seen in the Desert.
  • Ice Blocks: Blue blocks made of ice. Matt has less traction on them, causing him to slip and slide. First seen in the Snowy Mountains.
  • Ice Shard: A pointed piece of ice that damages Matt on contact. Can be knocked away with his sword, damaging enemies they hit. Usually seen hanging from platforms like icicles, but also summoned by Viking Monoliths and the Golem boss as projectiles. First seen in the Snowy Mountains.
  • Boulder: A grey rock that damages Matt on contact. More damaging and durable than the Ice Shard, it is used as a projectile by Rock Sprites, Black Clays, and the Golem boss. First seen in the Snowy Mountains.
  • Lava Blocks: Black blocks with glowing orange cracks. Matt takes damage from them if he stands on them for more than a few seconds. First seen in the Volcano.

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