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The Adventure Story Equips menu with all equipment available.

This page lists the equipment available in Adventure Story, the spinoff game of the Epic Battle Fantasy series. It will detail their locations, stats, optimal uses, and (where applicable) visual inspiration.


Pirate Hat

The Pirate Hat is a simplified version of the Captain's Hat from the main games, a black hat with white trim, a white feather on the back, and a white skull image on the side. It is Matt's default hat, and is thus available from the beginning of the game.

The Pirate Hat has a small boost to HP and a decent boost to both Attack and Magic.

Ninja Hood

The Ninja Hood is a black bandana wrapped over Matt's hair. It is found in a chest in [LOCATION PENDING].

Much like the EBF version of the Ninja Hood, this hat has no bulk whatsoever; however, it offers large boosts to both Attack and Magic. This makes it effective for cautious players who focus on dodging attacks first and foremost, allowing them to heal and buff themselves more effectively while doing more damage when their foes are vulnerable.

Knight Helm

The Knight Helm is a metal helmet almost identical to the Knight's Helmet from the main EBF series. It is found in a chest in [LOCATION PENDING].

The Knight Helm is effectively the opposite of the Ninja Hood; it has no offensive bonuses, but its HP boost is the highest of all hats.

Viking Helm

The Viking Helm is a metal helmet with a pointed top and protruding ear flaps. It is decorated a pair of long bone horns and a small skull. It is found in a chest in [LOCATION PENDING].

While it can't make Matt go Berserk like the Horned Helmet in the main series, the Viking Helm remains the optimal hat for a pure physical playstyle. It has a HP boost second only to the Knight Helm and an utterly monstrous Attack bonus; the highest boost of any equipment, including Matt's weapons. However, this comes at the cost of magic power; while the Viking Helmet is worn, Matt cannot cast any magic whatsoever.

Wearing the Viking Helm in a stage for the first time earns the "Master Warrior" Medal.

Mage Hat

The Mage Hat is a large brown hat with a wide brim and a brown belt with a golden buckle wrapped around the middle. It strongly resembles the EBF hat of the same name, but without horns. It is found in a chest in [LOCATION PENDING].

True to its name and appearance, the Mage Hat focuses on empowering Matt's magic at the expense of his physical skills. It has no HP and moderately reduces Attack, but it has the strongest Magic boost of any equipment in the game.


Pirate Jacket

Based on the pre-EBF5 version of the Captain's Coat, the Pirate Jacket includes red pants, black shoes, and a black jacket with two brown belts. It is Matt's default armor, and is thus available from the beginning of the game.

The Pirate Jacket is identical to the Pirate Hat, modestly boosting HP, Attack, and Magic.

Ninja Gear

The Ninja Gear is an all-black ensemble with a pair of silver Shuriken strapped to its belt. It is found in a chest in [LOCATION PENDING].

As with its main series counterpart, the Ninja Gear's main advantage is mobility. Its stats are among the worst of any armor, with only minor boosts to Attack and Magic, but it also increases Matt's jumping height, which can be an important asset in a platformer like Adventure Story. It can also be used with the Umbrella to cover immense swathes of some levels, which can be helpful for speedruns.

Knight Armor

The Knight Armor is a suit of heavy silver plate armor with a brown scarf around the neck and a brown belt across the cuirass. It is found in a chest in [LOCATION PENDING].

Much like the Knight Helm, the Knight Armor's only bonus is to HP; however, it is tied with its associated hat for the best HP of any equipment.

Viking Armor

The Viking Armor is a long brown robe with tan fur trim along the hem. It also has a silver chestplate with long bone horns on the shoulders, along with two brown belts to secure it. It is found in a chest in [LOCATION PENDING].

The Viking Armor has a good HP bonus and a great Attack boost, making it useful for combative players who prefer to use melee attacks over magic. While it doesn't offer as much Attack power as the Viking Helm or the Claymore, it lacks the former's magic-sealing penalty and opens the possibility of using other weapons, such as the Katana or the Umbrella.

Mage Robe

The Mage Robe is a long brown robe with gold trim around the hem and cuffs. It also has a flared collar with gold trim and a golden ribbon tied at the front. It is found in a chest in [LOCATION PENDING].

As with the rest of the mage-themed equipment, the Mage Robe emphasizes Matt's spellcasting at the expense of his other stats; in this case, it slightly lowers HP while strongly increasing Magic. However, it also gives Matt an extra point of MP, allowing him to use more magic before he needs to recharge via MP pickups.



The Cutlass is a basic single-edged sword with a red hilt, a golden cross guard, and a silver blade that curves at the tip. It is Matt's default weapon, and is thus available from the beginning of the game.

Like the rest of Matt's default gear, the Cutlass grants a small HP bonus and decent Attack and Magic.


The Katana is a thin Asian-style sword with a red hilt, a black cross guard, and a long, thin, silver blade with a small curve at the tip. It is found in a chest in [LOCATION PENDING].

The Katana's stats are unimpressive, with only decent Attack and weak Magic, but it also increases the speed of Matt's sword attacks. This makes it useful for keeping smaller foes at bay by allowing Matt to repeatedly knock them back.

Mana Staff

The Mana Staff is a long, slightly crooked staff made of brown wood; it has a few small protrusions and a green orb at the head. It is found in a chest in [LOCATION PENDING].

The Mana Staff horribly weakens Matt's Attack while greatly enhancing his Magic, encouraging him to rely on his spells in battle. To further facilitate this, it allows Matt to restore his MP by hitting foes; this also works on solid projectiles like ice spikes and bullets.


The Claymore is a bulky sword with a dark red hilt and a massive silver blade with a jagged cutting edge. It is found in a chest in [LOCATION PENDING].

If the Mana Staff is Matt's best magic-focused weapon, the Claymore is the supreme choice for physical damage. It has the best Attack of any weapon, along with a good HP bonus; however, it also weakens Magic by a decent amount.


The Umbrella should normally be used for keeping you dry in the rain, but Matt prefers to wield it as a weapon. It is light blue with darker blue trim around the edge, mounted on a light brown handle. It is found in a chest in [LOCATION PENDING].

The Umbrella moderately increases Attack and Magic, but it's most notable for its floating ability. By holding Jump while airborne, Matt can open the Umbrella to reduce his falling speed, allowing him to control his descent and make long jumps that he wouldn't otherwise be able to. Keep in mind that you can't attack with an open Umbrella, so watch out for nearby foes while you're gliding.