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This page is about the relevant character's appearance in Bullet Heaven 2. See their main page for information on their appearance in the main games.

Akron returns in Bullet Heaven 2, once again as the main antagonist and final boss of the game. After his defeat in Epic Battle Fantasy 3, half of his body apparently vanished into nothing instead of creating an explosion of darkness. He appears at the end of Darkvoid Galaxy, in its central supermassive black hole.

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Akron appears similar to his EBF3 form; an armless, demonic humanoid torso protruding from a monstrous mass of flesh and teeth. However, the bandages that once covered his head are completely gone, and his black horns are more curved than before. His lower body is now covered in reddish, irregularly-placed eyes and supported by numerous fleshy tendrils; in contrast, the warts and the large color-changing gem have disappeared. He can also summon large tentacles tipped with bone spikes for some of his attacks.


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