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"If you leave a mark on my pretty face, you'll regret it!"
―Anna, Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Anna is a playable character in the Epic Battle Fantasy series who hails from Greenwood Village. She made her first appearance in Bullet Heaven as a playable character before becoming the protagonist of Epic Battle Fantasy 4.


Anna is depicted as a youthful girl with green eyes and green hair. Her bangs cover part of her face, but the offending hair is partially transparent so her eye remains visible. She arms herself with a large bow that fires equally huge arrows, with the Fairy Bow appearing to be her weapon of choice; strangely, she doesn't have a quiver, instead appearing to pull arrows from thin air when she needs them.

Anna can wear a variety of outfits during her adventures, but her default look is the Ranger Skirt and the Amber Bobble.


Anna is a cheerful girl who enjoys nature and is a hunter by trade. She tends to be largely carefree and childish, though she is very dedicated to her goals. While not particularly vain, she is quite proud of her looks, frequently alluding to her cuteness and being upset if something threatens to ruin her face.

Having grown up in the forest and closely affiliated with nature, Anna has very limited knowledge on technology and machinery, sometimes hating them for causing pollution. This often causes her and Lance to not get along with each other when they're travelling together.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Anna is the driving force of the plot in her debut game, dragging Matt, Natalie and Lance along on her quest to recover the Sacred Jewels before they can be used for evil. She is easily the most moralistic character, and while her righteous nature puts her at odds with the rest of the party's less-than-noble tendencies, she generally cannot do much to stop them.

Unlike Natalie, she is not depicted as a fanservice character and her breasts are relatively small. She often makes references to Natz's large breasts, asking her what she eats or whether she can see them. Anna sometimes reacting spitefully to Natalie, saying that unlike Natalie she earns respect without needing a well-endowed chest to do so. She is often jealous of Natalie because the latter always steals the boys' attentions without even trying.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5

In EBF5, Anna's personality undergoes relatively few changes; however, her initial motive has changed. Instead of wanting to retrieve her village's stolen jewel, Anna aims to stop Lance, whose army and global domination plans are an immediate threat to her hometown. As the plot progresses, she lessens her rage towards Lance, focusing more on the task at hand. She strongly dislikes the monoliths that have landed across the world. She gets along better with all of her party members outside of Lance than in EBF4, especially Natalie (though she is still initially jealous). She also repeatedly refers to herself as cute.

Anna is also the top hunter in Greenwood Village and seems to have taken the role of a vigilante. She lives with her parents, who are shown to be kind and loving albeit not wholly approving of her allies (when first meeting them, her father asks "So who's the boyfriend, the homeless tramp or the school shooter?").


Anna is the "Ranger" of the group, with good Accuracy and Evade. Her skills include multiple types of arrow shots (many of which are empowered by elements) that rely on her Attack stat and a few nature-themed spells that mostly run off of her Magic Attack. She also packs a few unique healing spells and can learn most shared healing skills. Her base kit gives her access to Bio, Earth, Ice, Thunder, Wind, and Water, but lacks options for Fire and Dark; in EBF4, she also has trouble inflicting Bomb and Holy damage.

Anna is the physical counterpart to Lance; she relies mostly on physical attacks, but has some magical attacks available if needed. While she can be built as a pure damage-dealer, she can learn Revive as a shared skill and naturally learns a healing skill which simultaneously applies Bless. This allows her to back up Natalie as a secondary healer for the group or even replace her entirely, leaving Natalie to focus on magical damage or buff/debuff support.

In both of her appearances so far, Anna's main strength is her ability to reliably inflict status effects with her arrows, usually guaranteed to succeed unless her foes have strong resistances. Her two signature Limit Breaks are Mother Earth, which deals magic Bio damage to all enemies while Blessing the party at the same time, and Mighty Oak, which summons the Mighty Oak himself to lay down a physical beating on all foes.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5

In EBF5, Anna can no longer learn Cleanse, but the presence of debuff-removing Food means that losing access to Cleanse is not a serious issue. Her offenses have also been diversified to include area-of-effect Bio attacks, a more reliable Holy attack, a natural Bomb skill, and multi-target options for her elemental arrows. However, the latter skills are not guaranteed to hit all enemies; instead, Anna fires one arrow for each active foe, which fall on random targets. This can make her all-target skills somewhat unreliable and even detrimental if the enemy wave has a diverse array of resistances.

Anna's status infliction abilities are even more potent than before; her natural skills alone can deliver Stun, Freeze, Wet, Stagger, Light, Weaken, and Dispel, and between shared skills, specific bows, and status-changing Flairs, she can inflict almost any ailment in the game. Moreover, she can use equipment with status boosts to drastically amplify her infliction abilities; after the v2 update, she can also learn Sharpen to prolong existing effects on the foes or her allies. On the other hand, she doesn't have much in the way of buffs or debuffs; she can learn a fair few skills to these ends, but other party members tend to outperform her. Oddly enough, she can learn Protect and Enfeeble, but not Barrier or Debilitate.


Epic Battle Fantasy 5 Emotes


The Anna-like shopkeeper in EBF1

  • When Anna falls in battle, her ghost does not hover above her body, unlike with the other characters. Instead, a small wooden idol appears, possibly suggesting that the idol may be or contain her spirit.
    • Furthermore, Anna is the only character whose 'Protect' animation does not result in some sort of apparent magic, but rather a wooden idol.
  • In her idle animations, she can be seen carrying a Bush, or playing a Flute or Ocarina. This is a reference to Saria from Ocarina of Time.
    • In EBF4, the bush to pet is picked at random between Dark, Green, Muddy and Red Bushes; the Snow Bush is not an option, possibly due to the wide branch sticking out of its head that would fully cover Anna's face. In EBF5, it is always a Green Bush with a random skin.
  • Anna bears a strong resemblance to the owner of the first shop in first Epic Battle Fantasy. However, as the shopkeeper has larger breasts and appears to be a mage instead of a ranger, it is unclear if the resemblance is coincidental or not.
  • According to Matt Roszak, the first drawing of the character who would become Anna was simply "an excuse for crazy hair." He was still looking for names when the official artwork of EBF4's archer character was revealed.
    • While it was perhaps unintentional (or not, given The Dev's history of making slightly obscure references), Anna does bear a resemblance to the titular protagonist from the manga Yotsuba&!, right down to the hairstyle and bubbly personality (though Anna's personality is toned down compared to Yotsuba and is nowhere near as naïve as the latter, as well as being clearly older).
    • Again, a similar hairstyle can be found in the MMORPG MapleStory (also a reference to the manga), as there had been other similar references in this series.
  • Unlike Natalie, clicking on Anna's breasts won't make them jiggle, even with the Cow Costume equipped (which makes her breasts as large as Natalie's).
    • However, EBF5 allows players to move Anna's bangs by passing the cursor over them. They can move in two directions, depending on the cursor's movements.
  • Upon learning Anna lives with her parents, the party asks about her age; her reply is "I'm a cartoon, I'm as old as you want me to be!" However, she does appear to be the youngest of the party members aside from NoLegs (who is a cat and therefore probably well under 20). This is further reinforced by Lance's tendency to call her a child, a comment from Matt in EBF4 that Anna is 'too young' for Lance, and the description of the "Child Minder" Medal in EBF5.


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