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Arcade foes are a family of foes introduced in the v2 update of Epic Battle Fantasy 5. They are typically found in small, single-room areas squirreled away in obscure parts of the map that contain a single Arcade Machine. Activating the machine transports the party into the game itself, where they must fight for their lives against the entities within.

Like the bonus dungeons, finding and completing the Arcade battles is not mandatory for the main story; however, doing so grants access to treasure and equipment.


Arcade foes are all radically different in appearance, but they all have an 8-bit pixel aesthetic to emphasize their nature as living video games. They are generally fought against an 8-bit background that also reappears when they are called upon as summons.

Every arcade room where the foes are located in places with aesthetics related to the foe. For example; ANGRY CHAIR is located in a basement underneath a Cafe kitchen, and GUOYE's location resembles a more purple-tinted version of The Beyond due to its alien-like nature.


Arcade foes are just as diverse in combat as they are in aesthetics. Each is intended to be akin to a miniboss, frequently with an unusual mechanic in play. For instance, ROBO and THE MAW uses immense critical hit rates to deal damage, while PUMPKUS becomes angry when hurt, allowing it to deal immense damage unless it is "watered" (healed with Water or Bio attacks). The player must figure out the appropriate countermeasures to defeat each foe.

There is no common thread in terms of weaknesses for Arcade foes, but they're usually only vulnerable to one or two elements. While all of them use elemental attacks, they are only 25% elemental, making resistance mostly useless.

Arcade foes gain an additional boost based on their level: 5% boost to Attack and Magic Attack, and a 2.5% boost to HP and Accuracy on every level-up (these boosts are additive, acting as a multiplier) after a certain level based on the foe, until Level 36. Like many optional bosses, their Attack, Magic Attack, HP and Accuracy increases by up to 24%, depending on the player's progress on optional objectives (defeating optional bosses, acquiring Medals, and obtaining Monster Cards).

After all of the individual Arcade foes have been defeated, a final "game" will become available by accessing the computer in Matt's house. This one pits the players against all of the Arcade foes one after the other; to compensate for the marathon brawl, all of the foes will have their base HP halved.

Arcade Members

Other Enemies

Enemies that are found inside arcade rooms or hidden passages here that are not members of the Arcade family:

Arcade Rooms

(These areas are not connected.)

C2ArcadeRoom.png B3ArcadeRoom.png H5ArcadeRoom.png K2ArcadeRoom.png
K0ArcadeRoom.png F1ArcadeRoom.png K5ArcadeRoom.png A8ArcadeRoom.png
D14ArcadeRoom.png F9ArcadeRoom.png A090MedalsRoom.png I7ArcadeRoom.png

Hidden Passages

Connects the Arcade rooms for F1 and A8 respectively to the outer world.

F1HiddenPassage.png A8HiddenPassage.png

Shared Quotes

Each Arcade foe is accompanied by second-person narration, similar to an old-school text RPG. While each foe has different quotes specific to their battle, they have shared quotes for certain battle situations:

  • You decide to fight defensively. (Party used a defensive buff)
  • You decide that the best defense is a good offense. (Party used an offensive buff)
  • You defend yourself, but it probably won't help much. (Party member Defends)
  • You decide to have lunch in the middle of a battle. (Used Food Item)
  • You decide to play dress-up games in the middle of battle. (Changed equipment)
  • You might need a bigger box. (Failed Capture attempt)
  • You almost destroy the whole planet with a reckless attack. (Used certain Limit Breaks)
  • You use a super cool attack, hoping to finish off your enemies. (Used certain Limit Breaks)
  • You panic as your party begins to fall apart. (Party member killed)
  • You decide to flee. (Party flees the battle)


  • While BOSH, ROBO, GLOB and SNEK were designed by Matt Roszak, the other Arcade foes were made by fans of the Epic Battle Fantasy series as part of a foe competition. The foes are grouped accordingly in the bestiary.
  • As seen earlier, GLOB and GUOYE's arcade rooms are the only ones that are connected to the main map via a secret passage.