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"I think it's a blueprint for a new skill! A new Limit Break! Oh... but I think only girls can use it... That's super lame."
―Matt, upon receiving Art Attack

Art Attack is a stat-buffing Limit Break available to Natalie, Anna and NoLegs in Epic Battle Fantasy 5. It was introduced in the v2 update of the game.


When used, the entire screen gets covered by a sheet of paper. A large pencil proceeds to draw a caricature of the user with musical notes and pink stars (Natalie) or flowers (Anna) around them, which "dances" for a while before being erased by the pencil. This buffs all players' HP, Accuracy and Evade while also healing them and removing any negative Status Effects they may have.

Art Attack is a powerful support Limit Break that mainly stands out due to its party-wide HP buff; combined with Defence and Magic Defence buffs, it can significantly increase the party's longevity. Although it can be used effectively by any of the three players who can learn it, it may work better on Anna or NoLegs, since Natalie already has 7th Heaven for healing and buffing purposes. Using both Art Attack and 7th Heaven will massively buff all of the party's stats.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5

Art Attack is given by Sage after defeating the Sketch Boss Rush in the back of Greenwood Library.

EBF5 Skill Art Attack.png
Art Attack
Limit Break! Heals all allies' HP and status problems, and buffs their HP, evade and accuracy.
  • Works on backup allies too.
Target Type Element Status Effect Acc Crit RdF
Allies+B Magical ---- Stat HP.png
Stat Accuracy.pngStat Evade.png
-- -- 10%
Level Power Status Chance Status Strength AP Cost
1 30 -- 10% N/A
2 40 -- 20% 300
3 50 -- 30% 1000
4 60 -- 35% 3000
5 70 -- 40% 10000


  • While Natalie and Anna are drawn as chibi-style versions of themselves in their default outfits, NoLegs gets a unique Art Attack image depicting him as an anime-style catgirl (human in appearance save for the ears, paws, and tail). The image also shows NoLegs wearing the Super Crown, an item from New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe which allows Toadette to transform into a form greatly resembling Princess Peach. This item also became a huge internet meme over the internet; with many characters being changed into humanoid females with different styles. presumably, this is how NoLegs gets around the Limit Break's "girls only" restriction.
    • NoLegs's Art Attack appearance could be a reference to Phyrnna, having wings, a white dress, and blue hair in a similar style.
  • Art Attack can be considered a counterpart to 7th Heaven as a support-based Limit Break; both heal and buff the entire party, and both use an animation that causes a temporary departure from the game's usual art style. Interestingly, Art Attack buffs the stats that 7th Heaven does not: HP, Accuracy, and Evade.
  • The Art Attack animations were designed by Epic Battle Fantasy player Urkikk[1][2] and animated by Matt.