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E5 Ashwood Forest — the Slime Cat screen.

Ashwood Forest is the second area of Epic Battle Fantasy 4. Directly east of Greenwood Village, it initially appears as the standard forest-themed opening level. However, the forest has large sections of burnt and ravaged ground (which an NPC attributes to a catastrophic meteor impact), allowing a number of fire-based enemies to thrive. The only pristine areas of the forest are the outskirts near Greenwood Village and a grove to the north, kept vibrant through the power of the forest's protector, the Mighty Oak.

Anna enters Ashwood Forest in search of the stolen Greenwood Jewel. She finds and recruits Matt and Natalie to her quest after discovering that they are not the thieves she seeks, and subsequently leads them to the Mighty Oak to test their combined strength. After defeating the wooden titan, the party finds Lance and an Axe, which allows them to cut through the bushes blocking their path to the Crystal Caverns.

Ashwood Forest is connected to several other game areas at various points. It harbors the game's largest Lava Cave, which can double as a shortcut to part of the Crystal Caverns when the party finds the Thermal Boots. Its final area - in addition to the main path to the Crystal Caverns - also features routes to Lankyroot Jungle and Goldenbrick Resort, but players will need to return with several new Key Items to open these paths.


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  • In EBF5, Anna mentions that the area of Greenwood Village currently covered with bamboo was once Ashwood Forest. Sometime before the events of EBF5, the forest finished burning down, and the bamboo grew from the ashes. Any correlation between this and the Mystic Woods is unknown.