"Will revive when killed for x turns."
―Auto-Revive's hover-over tip, Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Auto-Revive, named Autolife prior to EBF4, is a recurring positive status effect in the Epic Battle Fantasy series, introduced in EBF2. Its icons are a white wing (in EBF2) and a golden halo (in other games). Auto-Revive immediately revives the target when they are killed, with all buffs, debuffs and status effects intact (except the latter for players in EBF2), besides Auto-Revive itself. The amount of health restored after revival varies from game to game, usually only a portion of maximum health.

Like most status effects, it also vanishes after the battle (in EBF3 and onwards) / upon reaching a checkpoint (in EBF2), when inflicted by Dispel (except in EBF3), or after a number of turns.

EBF2 Legend VS Auto-Revive

An illustration to the second point.

  • It is absent among foes with the exception of Spirit, whose signature ability is to enter battle with Auto-Revive status on them.
  • If an attack is multi-hit and lasts for long enough, the target may first die, then revive and get hurt by successive hits, possibly dying twice to the same attack. In other words, Auto-Revive doesn't always save from long multi-hit attacks like Legend.
  • Dying with Auto-Revive is still considered as a death for game statistics (in EBF3 and onwards).
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Epic Battle Fantasy 2

  • For players, it heals for this player's current Auto-Revive length * 10 * Natalie's Magic Attack, including any existent boosts and buffs for it, with base Magic Attack specified as displayed in the Help menu. For Spirit, it restores all health. Neither is randomized.
  • For players, the status preserves only stat (de)buffs and not effects like Regen and Blind. It works normally for Spirit.

Auto-Revive is available to players through the following skills and equipment:

  • Revive — Sets target's Auto-Revive length to 5 turns.
  • Mystery Potion's good statuses variant — Same as Revive.

Skill bonuses related to Auto-Revive:

  • Angel for Natalie — Grants 10% chance to set Natalie's Auto-Revive length to 2 turns at the beginning of their side's turn. As it doesn't stack, it can potentially be harmful.

Epic Battle Fantasy 3

  • Auto-Revive heals for 33% of maximum health, not randomized.
  • It isn't capped.
  • It isn't affected by Dispel.

Auto-Revive is available to players only through the following skills:

  • Revive — 100% chance, 5x length.
  • Genesis since upgrade level 3 — 100% chance, 5x length, targets all players.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

  • For players, Auto-Revive heals for 33% of maximum health, ±5%. For Spirits, it heals for 50% of maximum health, ±15%.
  • It is capped at 9x length, like other statuses.
  • Auto-Revive will not work if the attack Dispels the target — due to Dispel's order in statuses-related calculations, presence of Auto-Revive (as well as Morale) will be checked only after Dispel took the effect and erased them. Combined with the fact that most statuses in EBF4 (besides Instant Death) show no pop-up infliction notification if the attack kills the target, it leads to an illusion of Auto-Revive disappearing for no reason.

Auto-Revive is available to players through the following skills and equipment:

  • Revive — 100% chance, 3x length.
  • Genesis — 100% chance, 5x length, targets all players.
  • Equilibrium (sword) may inflict the status on the user — up to 41.(6)% chance and 1x length.
  • Angel Pin (flair) may inflict the status on the user — up to 25% chance and 1x length.

Although Diamond Golem can cast Genesis when low on HP, its variant won't provide Auto-Revive but Defend status instead.


  • In an early build of EBF4, a different Auto-Revive icon can be seen. 6th from the left in the status row, it resembles the icon of the Genesis skill.
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