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"Luck is decreased in status effects, critical hits, accuracy, and foe catching. Speeds up doom."
―Bad Luck's unspecific hover-over tip, Epic Battle Fantasy 5

EBF5 Status Bad Luck.png Bad Luck is a negative status effect in Epic Battle Fantasy 5, and the opposite of the Good Luck status. It is associated with the Dark element, and its icon is a black and red horseshoe pointing down. It affects many aspects (and always multiplicatively), but none drain the status' length.

Random status has a 5% chance to become 9 stacks of Bad Luck.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5

Bad Luck makes its first appearance in EBF5.

  • Cancels out Good Luck.
  • The afflicted's attacks have 20% less accuracy.
  • The afflicted's attacks have 20% less critical hit chance, calculated after Brave's bonus but prior to Stagger's.
  • The afflicted's attacks have 20% less chance to cause status effects and debuffs.
  • Incoming attacks have 10% more accuracy.
  • Incoming attacks have 30% more critical hit chance, calculated prior to Stagger's bonus.
  • Incoming attacks have 25% more chance to cause status effects (debuff chances are unaffected).
  • When inflicted on somebody who already had Doom, its timer jumps to 1, killing them after their turn.
  • Incoming Doom becomes Instant Death; infliction chance stays the same.
  • For its effects on foe catching/capturing, see the capture formula.

Sources of Bad Luck

Player Skills and Equipment

Foe Skills

Resisting/Curing Bad Luck


Inflicting Good Luck will remove the status, and the status can also be removed through standard means (Garlic, Purify, Cleanse, etc.).


The following equipment offers resistance to the Bad Luck status: