Bamboo Trap

Bamboo Trap is a Poison-elemental special skill available for Matt and Anna in Epic Battle Fantasy 4. In Epic Battle Fantasy 5, it is available to players only through the special effects of equipment.


When cast, a bunch of sharpened bamboo sticks erupt beneath the target, piercing it multiple times. This skill deals five hits of moderate physical damage with a low chance to Poison the target. It also has higher accuracy than normal skills.

In EBF4 it is recommended to teach Bamboo Trap to Matt; it is considerably stronger than his Nettle, and Anna already has a mid-level Poison skill in Vines.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Found in Ashwood Forest, in the bottom-right chest on the screen with multicolored hair NPCs, blocked by a battle that appears as a Red Wasp.

EBF4 Skill Bamboo Trap
Bamboo Trap
May poison targets. High accuracy. Hits 5 times.
Target Type Element Status Effect Acc Crit RdF
Single Stat Attack 50% Element Poison Status Poison 130% 20% 10%
Level Power Status Chance Status Strength MP AP Cost
1 60/5 2% 1x 10 150
2 90/5 3% 1x 13 300
3 120/5 4% 1x 16 750
4 150/5 5% 1x 20 1500
5 180/5 6% 1x 24 3000

Epic Battle Fantasy 5

It is accessible to players as a bonus spell from the Green Goliath (gun).

Name Target Power Type Element Status Effect Acc Crit RdF
Bamboo Trap Single Variable Stat Attack 50% EBF5 Element Bio 50% 2x EBF5 Status Poison 100% 10% 10%
Notes: Power is 120/5 when initiated by the Green Goliath, or 70/5 otherwise.
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