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"I hope there's better things to eat around here than bats. But I shouldn't complain, they still taste better than what I usually eat."
―Matt, Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Bats are a group of foes introduced in Epic Battle Fantasy 4.


Bats typically resemble large cartoony bats; while colors vary, they all have the same general body type. They have round bodies, usually covered in fur, with two ears on top, their face on the front, and small, featureless feet on the bottom. Most of them have a pair of leathery wings supported by modified finger bones, with the notable exception of the Electric Bat, which has six bizarre rhombus-shaped wings made of energy.

Bats are generally found in caves or dark areas, such as the Crystal Caverns, the Ice Cave by Hope Harbor, and in the various underground areas beneath towns. One of the main exceptions is the Wild Tropics, which has a small population of Blood and Electric Bats.


In combat, Bats are relatively weak foes; while they are stronger than Idols and small Slimes, they are not much of a threat. They typically have low HP, but compensate for it with above-average Evade, like Birds.

Bats typically use Wind attacks, and are often weak to Wind, Thunder and Bio. As they are flying foes, they are generally immune to Earth. Most Bats are also very vulnerable to Tired, Stun and Weaken as of EBF5.


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