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The Battle Arena is an optional area in Epic Battle Fantasy 5 that was introduced in the v2 update. It is a stadium where warriors can battle against a selection of monsters; for players, this translates to a solo challenge for each character, pitting them against various foes including some not found anywhere else.

The Battle Arena can be accessed as soon as the player defeats Poseidon.


The Battle Arena is a giant building that is built like a fortress. The outside has a blue tile roof, massive wooden spikes acting as fencing and parapets, a drawbridge, and a gate. The exterior is littered with spears and some skulls.

The building itself is made out of stone, and has a set of five doors, each with a sign showing a party member's face. On the left and right side of the "lobby" are two fenced-off cages with foes in them; the left cage contains Dark Bushes, a War Mammoth and a Black Bear while the right cage contains Skeleton Cats and a Skeleton Hand.

The Battle Arena is off the world map, past The Great Sea and somewhere south of Redpine Town. It is directly east of the Data Bunker.

Rules and Conditions

The Battle Arena is an optional challenge that will test the player's ability to use each party member's skills and equipment to the fullest extent. When they walk through one of the five doors in the northern wall of the lobby, they will only be able to use whichever character was depicted on the door they entered. The ring in the center of the next room will have ten groups of enemies; the player must defeat all of the groups in order to complete the challenge and earn a reward (the first time).

In addition to the stipulation of only using one character, the Battle Arena has several other rules and unique conditions:

  • Summons cannot be used, unless they are part of an equipment effect.
  • Equipment and shared skills can be freely switched around between battles; however, they cannot be used if they're being worn/learned by another character when the challenge begins.
  • Each enemy group has only one wave; however, enemy skills that summon reinforcements will function normally.
  • If the player dies during the challenge, they will not receive a Game Over; instead, they will be returned to the overworld with 1 HP (however, the death is still added to the Records). The only way to end the challenge is to leave the room; however, any defeated enemies will respawn.
  • Enemies can be captured as normal, even those exclusive to the Battle Arena.


Summons will not be usable unless they are based on passive equipment effects, so they should not be relied upon to supplement gaps in a player's elemental coverage. Furthermore, any relevant flairs or bonus skills on players not participating in a challenge should be removed so the player being used can equip them as needed.

Equipment that can provide automatic buffs and status effects (e.g. Auto-Revive, Morale, or Haste) will be invaluable for ensuring survival; similarly, equipment that has a chance to passively trigger powerful skills or summons can enhance damage output without using up an action. That being said, it's entirely possible to deliberately get KO'd just to build up Limit Break for the next attempt at defeating an enemy set.

The easiest way to deal with much of the Arena is to make use of Freeze, Stun, and Instant Death. By using Shredder or a multi-target weapon-elemental attack and two to three pieces of status-boosting gear, the player can secure easy rounds of Instant Death and Stun/Freeze, allowing them to trivialize large swaths of the Arena. Do note that each Arena does have foes that resist or are outright immune to the relevant statuses, forcing the player to try other tactics.

For more specific strategies, see here.

Useful Shared Skills

  • Shredder: Multi-target Instant Death; works great for a status build for the characters who can learn it.
  • The Reaper: Similar to Shredder, but single-target and less accurate; however, it has an even better Death chance.
  • Revive: Gives the characters a safety net via Auto-Revive without having to defend themselves with the Fairy. Works well with the Companion C*be, Dog Tags, and/or Narutomaki Flairs.
  • Heavenly Shield: An efficient buff to both defenses at once.
  • Flare: Multi-target Accuracy debuff can help the player's longevity, especially with debuff boosts.
  • Screamer: Mitigates the threat of physically-inclined foes. Use in a debuff build for maximum effect.
  • Electron Gun: Reliable, long-lasting Stun option for Matt or Lance. However, it's only unlocked by completing Lance's solo challenge.
  • Phyrnna's Blessing: Grants Regen and a Magic Attack buff. However, all of the solo challenges will need to be completed before it becomes available.


There is a different set of foes present for each player's challenge. They can be fought in any order, but all of them must be defeated in order to complete the challenge.

The encounters are listed from left to right, and top to bottom if there are two in a column. Bold-texted foes are new in V2.

Matt's Challenge

If Weather Remix is enabled, each fight will have Sandstorm in effect.

Wave Default Foe Remix
1 Blood Bat (x2), Earth Dragon Electric Bat (x2), Sea Dragon
2 Red Creep, Green Creep, Blue Creep Zombie Hydra (one head)
3 Sandstone Boulder, Coral Boulder, Dirt Boulder Cannon Turret, Harpoon Turret, Laser Turret, Book Worm
4 Zombie Hand (x3), Skeleton Hand (x2) Magma Hand (x3), Skeleton Cat (x2)
5 Gem Idol (x2), Bone Golem Scaly Worm (x2), Pearl Golem
6 Pink Squid Lime Squid
7 Drowned Fallen, Lost Fallen, Burned Fallen Burned Fallen (x2), Beheaded Fallen
8 Tanuki Dog (x2), Grolar Bear Wolf Dog (x2), Black Bear
9 Mud Slime (x2), Big Mud Slime Sand Slime (x2), Big Sand Slime
10 Master Wraith (x2), Magma Chomper Steel Wraith (x2), Leafy Chomper

Natalie's Challenge

If Weather Remix is enabled, each fight will have Electric in effect.

Wave Default Foe Remix
1 Stumpy Gloop (x2), Roasted Gloop (x2), Beheaded Fallen Hardy Gloop (x2), Chunky Gloop (x2), Crucified Fallen
2 Gem Idol (x5) Wooden Idol (x3), Stone Idol, Small Glitch
3 Leaf Wraith (x2), Steel Wraith (x2) Flame Wraith (x2), Master Wraith (x2)
4 Fire Sprite (x2), Rock Sprite (x2), Topaz Ore Ice Sprite (x2), Wind Sprite (x2), Sapphire Ore
5 Fabulous Gloop (x3) Super Chibi Knight
6 Haunted Mirror (x2), Angel Mirror (x2), Wise Mirror Yellow Flybot, Red Flybot, Blue Flybot
7 Cat Wizard (x3), Cat Warrior (x2) Cat Ninja (x2), Cat Sniper (x2), Cat Bomber
8 Icecream Slime (x2), Big Icecream Slime Mud Slime (x2), Big Mud Slime
9 Putrid Worm (x2), Mutant Chomper Book Worm (x2), Origami Dragon
10 Wolf Dog (x2), Bone Bat (x2), Zap Dog Tanuki Dog (x2), Bone Bat (x2), Mage Dog

Lance's Challenge

If Weather Remix is enabled, each fight will have Airstrike in effect.

Wave Default Foe Remix
1 Seaweed Chomper (x2), Leafy Chomper Magma Chomper (x2), Mutant Chomper
2 Tanuki Dog, Fire Sprite, Rescue Dog, Thunder Sprite, Zap Dog Big Lava Slime, Big Icecream Slime
3 Blaze Hydra (one head) Crystal Hydra (one head)
4 Red Flybot, Prototype 9X Bubbler MX-01, Defender Mk III
5 Yellow Flybot, Red Flybot, Blue Flybot Haunted Mirror (x2), Angel Mirror (x2), Wise Mirror
6 Cat Sniper (x2), Thorny Creep (x2), Cat Bomber Cat Ninja (x3), Red Creep (x2)
7 War Mammoth, Slime Bunny Camel Mammoth, Rescue Dog
8 Cannon Turret, Harpoon Turret, Laser Turret, Fuzzy Worm Marble Boulder, Obsidian Boulder, Dirt Boulder
9 Steam Fish, Jet Fish, Gold Fish Matt Doll, NoLegs Doll, Lance Doll
10 Earthquake Bomb, Acid Bomb, Shockwave Bomb, Nuclear Bomb Snow Bat (x2), Omega Dragon

Anna's Challenge

If Weather Remix is enabled, each fight will have Breezy in effect.

Wave Default Foe Remix
1 Big Chocolate Slime, Big Sand Slime Tanuki Dog, Fire Sprite, Mage Dog, Ice Sprite, Wolf Dog
2 Slime Mouse (x2), Icicle Creep (x2), Coral Boulder Green Creep, Blue Creep, Red Creep
3 Origami Wraith (x2), Master Wraith (x2) Wooly Mammoth, Slime Bunny
4 Snow Bat (x2), Sea Dragon Earthquake Bomb, Acid Bomb, Shockwave Bomb, Nuclear Bomb
5 Blood Bat (x2), Black Bear (x2) Bone Bat (x2), Grolar Bear (x2)
6 Red Bush (x2), Sandy Bush (x2), Ancient Monolith Cosmic Monolith
7 Steel Wraith (x2), Viking Monolith Origami Dragon, Book Worm (x2)
8 Cat Ninja (x2), Wise Mirror (x2), Demon Mirror Skeleton Cat (x3), Skeleton Hand (x2)
9 Burned Fallen, Drowned Fallen, Beheaded Fallen Lost Fallen (x2), Crucified Fallen (x2), Angel Mirror
10 Green Bush, Anna Doll, Dark Bush, Natalie Doll, Red Bush Leafy Chomper (x2), Brown Bear

NoLegs's Challenge

If Weather Remix is enabled, each fight will have Low Gravity in effect.

Wave Default Foe Remix
1 Lava Slime (x2), Big Lava Slime Mud Slime (x2), Big Mud Slime
2 Cat Wizard (x3), Cutie Worm (x2) Cat Warrior (x3), Cutie Worm, Book Worm
3 Matt Doll, NoLegs Doll, Lance Doll Steam Fish, Jet Fish, Gold Fish
4 Snow Bat (x2), Bone Bat (x2), Electric Bat Dead Pixel (x3), Bone Bat (x2)
5 Skeleton Cat (x5) Chibi Knight
6 Dark Bush (x2), Lost Fallen (x2), Crucified Fallen Cat Wizard (x2), Drowned Fallen, Crucified Fallen, Burned Fallen
7 Rock Sprite, Dirt Boulder, Dark Bush, Marble Boulder, Wind Sprite Fire Sprite (x2), Obsidian Boulder (x2) Small Glitch
8 Origami Dragon, Book Worm (x2) Prototype 9X
9 Wise Mirror (x2), Red Bush (x2), Angel Mirror Haunted Mirror (x2), Red Pixel (x2), Demon Mirror
10 Wooden Idol (x2), Metal Idol (x2), Gem Idol Gray Pixel (x3), Green Pixel (x2)


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