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NoLegs has some difficulty tanking by himself, but he's gifted with two great weapons for a solo challenge: the Book of Spells and the Neon Lightbulb. By equipping the Captain's Hat and a status-boosting armor, NoLegs can reliably Freeze or Stun entire waves with Swift Slash; thanks to the latter's quick cooldown, he can leave his enemies helpless nigh-indefinitely. Which cat toy is better is up to the player; the Book of Spells has a superior infliction chance (75% Freeze vs 50% Stun), but the Neon Lightbulb's Stun allows NoLegs to pummel the afflicted foes without having to worry about thawing them out. Either way, halving enemy turn counts while laying on free damage is great, especially since NoLegs can use the free turn to cast Revive on himself for insurance. Make sure to check which foes are Freeze and Stun-resistant, however; they'll obviously need different tactics.

In terms of status-boosting armor, NoLegs can make equally effective use of the Flame Suit or the Captain's Coat; the former has a handy buff boost, while the latter offers a little extra Evade and a powerful (if unreliable) auto-summon that can cripple a foe's Accuracy. Both armors also provide a useful Water boost, but their resistances are entirely different; keep that in mind when choosing the best option for any given fight. If status infliction isn't a priority, NoLegs can use the Ninja Gear for its unmatched Evade or the Turtle Gi to both mitigate and exploit his natural frailty.

If you want to use a Limit Break, NoLegs has no shortage of options to choose from; he can learn every single shared Limit Break in the game. Absolute Zero, Ion Cannon, and Annihilate are all effective options with the status build (even more so when paired with the Human Skull), Art Attack is a fine healing/buffing option, Death Metal can provide a bit of a safety net with its heal and Morale (especially since it can be boosted with the Honjo Masamune), and the other Limit Breaks are generally effective for massive elemental damage if the need arises.

If you've got "Weather Remix" enabled, Low Gravity will be present for each battle. This has little effect compared to other players' challenges, but pay attention to which foes can use (and are weak to) Wind and Earth.

Battle 1: Burning Blobs

In what seems to be a bit of a trend for the Battle Arena, there's two small Slimes and a Big Slime to take care of; these ones are of the fiery variety, making them immune to Freeze. Unfortunately for them, they don't have any Stun resistance, so the Neon Lightbulb status build can stop them in their tracks - to add insult to injury, the Flame Suit also cripples the bulk of their offensive skills.

As usual, the Lava Slimes are a distant secondary threat to the Big Lava Slime; fortunately, NoLegs can easily pick it off with The Reaper if he's not just beating it to death while it's Stunned.

Alt Battle 1: Slimes on...Mud (Again)?

Much like Natalie, NoLegs will find himself beset by two Mud Slimes and a Big Mud Slime in one of his Foe Remix challenges. The strategy remains the same, with the added bonus of regaining the Book of Spells as a viable option to leave the Slimes helpless while NoLegs pulverizes them.

Battle 2: Cats and Caterpillars

A pair of Cutie Worms and a trio of Cat Wizards works better than you think when the former can buff the latter's Magic Attack, but their complete lack of Stun or Freeze resistance makes them easy pickings for the status build. The Cutie Worms will enter battle with Lovable, so NoLegs will probably need to pick off the Wizards first unless he lucks out with the retargeting on his physical skills; he's also poorly equipped to hit their shared Bio weakness, but Water Whirl and Twilight Tango should be sufficient for the Wizards and the Worms, respectively.

Alt Battle 2: Cats and Caterpillars mk.2

While thematically similar to its normal counterpart, the Foe Remix version of this wave almost completely changes the foe composition; a single Cutie Worm backed by three Cat Warriors and a Book Worm. The same strategies apply; exploit their lack of status resistance and Freeze/Stun-lock them to death. If you get a chance to focus on one foe, consider aiming for the Book Worm; should it somehow manage to make NoLegs Enchanted, both it and the Cat Warriors can easily exploit the status.

Battle 3: Playing with Dolls

This battle puts NoLegs against a NoLegs Doll, a Matt Doll, and a Lance Doll. Fortunately for Matt and Lance, they're in no danger of being harmed when NoLegs shreds their Doll counterparts (we hope); the same can't be said of the cat himself if he recklessly attacks his crude cloth doppelganger. Divine Divide can Syphon the NoLegs Doll while simultaneously hitting its Holy weakness, but Bubble Ring is an even more reliable means of inflicting the status; either way, the Book of Spells status build will Freeze all three Dolls in their tracks.

Alt Battle 3: Mechaniquarium

Foe Remix saw fit to give NoLegs three big Fishes to sink his teeth into...or maybe not, since they're all robots. The Steam Fish, Jet Fish, and Gold Fish have few weaknesses in common, but they're all weak to Wind and vulnerable to Stun; the Book of Spells is a little riskier than usual, since the Jet and Gold Fish both resist Freeze. Weather Remix will do them no favors, especially if NoLegs uses the Honjo Masamune and the Ninja Gear for a double Wind boost on Tornado Tantrum.

Battle 4: Bat Battalion

There's a whole flock of Bats in this wave; two Snow Bats, two Bone Bats, and an Electric Bat. It's your call on which status build to use; the Book of Spells will immobilize them all, but the Neon Lightbulb can exploit the Snow and Bone Bats' Stun weakness while NoLegs takes out the Stun-immune Electric Bat. In any case, Tempest and Tornado Tantrum will clip their wings in short order, especially if Weather Remix's Low Gravity makes them Light.

Alt Battle 4: Buggy Bat Battalion

The Bone Bats are back for Foe Remix, but they're accompanied by a trio of Dead Pixels this time around. Despite being a lot tougher than their non-pixelated compatriots, the Pixels retain the horrible Stun weakness, allowing NoLegs to trivialize them with the Neon Lightbulb. Weather Remix will make the fight even simpler, as Light boosts the power of NoLegs's Wind attacks against the foes' shared weakness.

Battle 5: Spooky, Scary Skeleton Cats

Remember how Epic Battle Fantasy 2 mentioned NoLegs being cursed by the Kitten Kingdom after he betrayed them to help Matt and Natalie? No? Well, Matt Roszak remembered in time for NoLegs's solo challenge, because this match pits him against five Skeleton Cats!

The most concerning part about this battle is that the Skeleton Cats can drastically buff their Accuracy, allowing them to circumvent NoLegs's high Evade. Fortunately, they have no Freeze resistance, so the Book of Spells status build can leave them helpless; don't try the Neon Lightbulb, because they're completely immune to Stun.

Alt Battle 5: Picking on Someone Your Own Size

Foe Remix throws a particularly unexpected challenge at NoLegs for this wave: the intrepid heroine, Chibi Knight! Unfortunately for her, she's in her basic form, which leaves her completely open to being Frozen or Stunned by NoLegs's status build. The latter may be more effective here, since it'll let him wail on Chibi Knight without having to worry about giving her a chance to retaliate; since there's only one foe, he can use his Normal Attack or Blade Blitz to unleash Plasma Cage for even more Stun time. Either way, maintaining Auto-Revive on NoLegs will ensure that his victory is a foregone conclusion.

Battle 6: Fallen Among the Foliage

A pair of Dark Bushes assists a Crucified Fallen and two Lost Fallen in this round. They might look intimidating, but none of them have Freeze or Stun resistance, leaving them open for Swift Slash status spam. Most of them are weak to Holy, save for the Crucified Fallen, which is weak to Dark; either way, NoLegs has a skill to exploit them in between Swift Slashes.

Alt Battle 6: Felines Among the Fallen

The Foe Remix version of this round replaces the Lost Fallen and Dark Bushes with a Drowned Fallen, a Burned Fallen, and two Cat Wizards. They make a potentially dangerous combination, but they're still lacking any resistance to NoLegs's immobilizing status spam. Their weaknesses are a bit more diverse this time, but a combination of Divine Divide, Water Whirl, and Twilight Tango will let NoLegs take them down efficiently.

Battle 7: Earth, Wind, and a Bush

Two Sprites (Rock and Wind), two Boulders (Marble and Dirt), and a lone Dark Bush present themselves for NoLegs's sword. The Book of Spells status build is the way to go - the Boulders are 50% Stun-resistant, but none of the foes resist Freeze. When it comes to picking them off, consider taking out the Dark Bush and Dirt Boulder first; the other three are all Dark-weak, so a single Twilight Tango can take them all down once they've been softened up sufficiently.

Alt Battle 7: Sprites, Boulders, and a Glitch

In Foe Remix, there's two each of Fire Sprites and Obsidian Boulders, along with a Small Glitch (remember that its resistances change depending on whether it's green or gray). The Sprites are immune to Freeze, the Boulders resist Stun, and the Small Glitch is immune to all status effects on top of having an instant-kill attack; needless to say, you'll want to kill the latter immediately. Once it's out of the picture, the Neon Lightbulb status build is probably NoLegs's best option for immobilizing the remaining foes; use the Flame Suit for the status boost and Fire immunity.

Battle 8: Hitting the Books

Here's a wave straight from Greenwood Library; an Origami Dragon backed by two Book Worms. If you're using the Book of Spells, you can consider forgoing the status-boosting equipment; the Dragon is Freeze-immune, and the Worms are so vulnerable to the status that the Book of Spells is liable to consistently immobilize them even without a status boost. The Neon Lightbulb status build could work as well, but the Origami Dragon has a 70% Stun resistance that'll probably necessitate a double status boost and the Plasma Cage unleash to overcome. Either way, NoLegs should focus on exploiting the Dragon's Wind weakness, especially with Weather Remix active.

Alt Battle 8: Dark Defender Duel

The Foe Remix version of this fight sends NoLegs to battle a single Prototype 9X. It's immune to Freeze, Stun, and Death, so NoLegs can forgo a status build in favor of taking it on the hard way; remember to cast Revive frequently in order to give him a safety net against the monstrous machine.

The biggest priority for NoLegs's build should be to maximize his Dark resistance and/or have a reliable source of Brave to reduce the threat of Prototype 9X's wave guns. The King's Guard is a good starting point, since it has Dark immunity and two ways to gain Brave status (via Defend or randomly between turns); adding the Captain's Hat raises NoLegs's Dark resistance to 150% while also halving the effectiveness of his enemy's Bomb skills. From there, NoLegs can use the Iron Cross and the Silver Cross to top off his resistances; alternatively, he can replace one Flair with an armor with the appropriate resistance. Notable options in this regard include the Camo Jacket and the Officer's Coat (automatic Bomb skills), the Priest's Tunic (occasional Auto-Revive between turns), and the Spartan Cuirass (on-Defend Defence buff).

If NoLegs has the space, he can even pair the Silver Cross with a Dark-resistant armor to slightly heal off of Prototype 9X's Dark attacks; this can help mitigate the damage of its sole non-elemental attack. However, this is more difficult on Hard or Epic difficulty, since he'll also want to increase his Disable resistance to negate the other effect of Prototype 9X's wave guns. Dry resistance isn't important as long as NoLegs has Bomb immunity.

Offensively, NoLegs can use Water Whirl and Bolt Boogie to exploit Prototype 9X's Water and Thunder weaknesses; he can also use Bubble Blast to Wet it and increase the latter's power further. He might also want to carry Lock On in case his Accuracy gets crippled by Flare. If you want to use a Limit Break, Ion Cannon or Tsunami work well for offense and Art Attack remains an effective buff/healing option.

Battle 9: Forest Mirrors

A pair of Red Bushes and three Mirrors (two Wise, one Angel) stand in NoLegs's way...and given their complete lack of Stun and Freeze resistance, standing is about all they'll be able to do in the face of a status build. The Reflected damage won't be too serious, especially since NoLegs will have plenty of free turns to heal and buff himself if needed. Alternatively, the Mirrors can be quickly shattered with Raging Force - thereby removing their Reflection gimmick and most of their abilities - but mind their Berserk-boosted physical attacks if they're not immobilized.

Alt Battle 9: Dark Mirrors and Retro Bushes

Foe Remix overhauls the wave to feature two Haunted Mirrors, a Demon Mirror, and two Red Pixels. The same strategies apply for the most part, but mind the Pixels' above-average Evade when you're trying to immobilize them with the status build.

Battle 10: Idol Smackdown

For the last test of NoLegs's Arena Challenge (or not, depending on how you tackled it), here's five Idols to deal with: two Metal Idols, two Wooden Idols, and a Gem Idol. They might have you outnumbered, but their lack of status resistances will bite them in the collective behind; the status build strategy will leave them all but helpless. The only real threat they pose comes from the Metal Idols' ability to potentially lock down NoLegs's skills; Disable resistance (such as from the Nano Machines or The Tr*force) is advisable to prevent them from sealing away Swift Slash while NoLegs cuts them down.

Alt Battle 10: Impromptu Debugging Session

Apparently, Foe Remix really wants NoLegs to fight Pixels, because here's an entire wave of them! The trio of Gray Pixels can be immobilized by the Book of Spells status build, but the two Green Pixels are immune to both Freeze and Stun; luckily, they're incredibly vulnerable to Instant Death, so NoLegs can take at least one of them out in short order with The Reaper.