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This page is intended for character and enemy-specific strategies for the Battle Arena; see the main page for general tips and details.

The encounters are listed from left to right, and top to bottom if there are two in a column. Remember that they can be fought in any order, not necessarily the one presented here.

Note that many of these boil down to "Instant Death or Stun/Freeze-based status build to kill everything that's not immune, and then go from there".



Matt's best option for most of the Battle Arena is the Lightning Shard; it has a fair Stun chance that can be amplified by status-boosting gear, and its Slicing Cyclone counter lets him immobilize foes on their turn. If Stun isn't an option, he can use the Ultra Pro 9000X for a third status boost, making skills like Shredder, The Reaper, and Electron Gun (if Lance already completed his solo challenge) more powerful. Alternatively, the Love Blade and the Devil's Fork work with the Flame Suit's buff boost to let Matt max out his defenses with Heavenly Shield; their offenses aren't great, so he may want to use the Tentacle or the Emerald Earrings to help wear down his foes.

Remember that Matt is one of two characters who can't learn Revive, which means that his best option for using the Companion C*be, the Dog Tags, or the Narutomaki is to Defend himself with the Fairy. He also has access to physical skills that let him cover every element in the game, although defense is usually more important than a build tailored to maximize his damage against specific foes.

If Weather Remix is enabled, a Sandstorm will be active for every battle. Increasing Matt's Dry resistance may be helpful to mitigate the effects of this while enabling him to exploit the boost to his Fire and Bomb skills against the relevant foes; alternatively, strong Fire and Bomb resistance can be used to weaken incoming attacks that'd be boosted by Dry.

Battle 1: Bats and a Dragon

Two Blood Bats aren't much of a challenge, but these ones are accompanied by an Earth Dragon. High resistance to Fire, Earth, and Bio are useful, especially since the Blood Bats can inflict Virus; Confuse and Scorch resistance helps deal with the annoying status effects Matt might face as well. The Flame Suit is a good armor to wear; it completely negates the threat of the Earth Dragon's Fire attacks, and its status boost is useful for taking out the Blood Bats with Shredder. Electron Gun is probably the most effective way to incapacitate the Dragon; in absence of that skill, Matt may want to try using Unleash with the Lightning Shard.

Weather Remix especially benefits the Dragon; not only does it have strong Fire attacks to exploit Dry on Matt (in addition to its own means of Drying him), becoming Dry itself reduces its most severe elemental weakness.

Alt Battle 1: Bats and a Dragon mk.3

Foe Remix has the same families, but different representatives; specifically, an Electric Bat duo and a Sea Dragon. The Bats remain distant secondary threats, but their ability to occasionally Confuse Matt may necessitate their quick elimination. If you're using a full status build, the Ultra Pro 9000X can help dampen the Sea Dragon's Water and Ice attacks; pair it with some Thunder-resistant Flairs to help handle its Spark attack and any follow-ups from the Electric Bats. Alternatively, the Lightning Shard's Unleash remains Matt's best option to Stun the Dragon; the Electric Bats are Stun-immune, but a Shredder or two should get rid of them easily enough.

Weather Remix is a double-edged sword in this fight: Sandstorm-induced Dry reduces two of the Sea Dragon's weaknesses, but it also lowers the damage of the Ice and Thunder attacks that may come Matt's way.

Battle 2: Turtle Creeps

A Green Creep, a Red Creep, and a Blue Creep are the opposition here. Their shared Earth weakness will do them no favors - especially if Matt's carrying Giga Drill to exploit their attempts to Defend themselves - while Dispel and Weaken resistance mitigates the threat of their main status effects. They're all pretty resistant to Stun and Death, but Matt's status builds should still have decent success if you opt to take that route.

It's best to kill the Red Creep first, since it's the only one of the trio that can heal its allies (albeit slightly). Remember that the Blue Creep can blow itself up at low HP, which hurts even more if Weather Remix makes Matt Dry; make an effort to finish it off in one powerful strike before it hits that HP threshold.

Alt Battle 2: Skeletal Scourge

Foe Remix ups the stakes considerably by replacing the Creeps with a Zombie Hydra (albeit with only one head and a little more than half its normal HP). Fortunately, Matt is well-equipped to exploit its elemental weaknesses (mind the risk of decapitating it, however), and it being alone means that the Lightning Shard status build can use Unleash to fairly reliably Stun-lock it.

If you're not set on the Stun strategy, Matt can also try to outlast the Zombie Hydra by using the Fairy; automatic skills help here, since he'll spend most of his turns defending himself to maintain Auto-Revive. In this regard, the Spartan Cuirass and Spartan Helmet can be useful; equipping them both provides empowered Fire attacks to exploit one of the Zombie Hydra's weaknesses, occasional Crucified Fallen auto-summons and Morale, strong Fire resistance, complete immunity to Instant Death, great bulk, and on-Defend buffs to HP and Defence to endure the Zombie Hydra's brutal physical attacks. Alternatively, the Officer's Hat can be used for its Fire and Dark resistance (also giving Matt a second auto-skill) and the Priest's Tunic offers another source of Auto-Revive along with further Dark resistance and a Holy boost; if needed, Matt can equip the Bandage to give himself Death immunity.

Battle 3: Boulder Brigade

Three Boulders to deal with here: Sandstone, Coral, and Dirt. They have more than a few ways to lower Matt's stats; between the Sandstone Boulder's Sand Dune and the Dirt Boulder's Tired infliction, his Accuracy will be a particular concern. They're only 50% Stun-proof, so the Lightning Shard status build can immobilize them quite reliably; on the other hand, they're also quite Thunder resistant, so Matt will need other skills to actually kill them. Fortunately, they're all severely weak to Ice or Water, which Matt can easily exploit; if Weather Remix is active, the Sandstorm can Dry them out to amplify their shared Bomb weakness for Big Bullet.

Alt Battle 3: Bugging the Big Guns mk.2

This Foe Remix wave is very similar to one of Lance's battles in the non-Custom Game; all three Turrets backed by a single Worm. However, the latter is a Book Worm this time, allowing it to support the Harpoon Turret's physical attacks by making Matt Enchanted; on the other hand, it can end up hampering the other two's offensive. In either case, the Lightning Shard status build will easily Stun them all in a single Slicing Cyclone; it also makes it easier for Matt to force the Cannon Turret and Laser Turret to Surrender with Bubble Ring.

Battle 4: Not-So-Helping Hands

Three Zombie Hands and two Skeleton Hands aren't here to give you a round of applause. They're immune to Instant Death, but the Lightning Shard status build should keep them quiet more often than not. They're all weak to Earth and Holy, and the Zombie Hands have an additional Fire weakness that can be amplified if Weather Remix is enabled; mind their auto-Virus and ability to inflict Doom, however.

Alt Battle 4: Deep-Fried Skeletons

Foe Remix brings an entirely different wave of undead to this round: three Magma Hands and two Skeleton Cats. The latter have an annoying immunity to Stun and Instant Death, which largely invalidates both of Matt's main status options; regardless, he should start with a full status build and quickly kill off the Magma Hands with Shredder. Once it's just him and the cats, Matt can focus on neutralizing them with Syphon or Freeze (from Bubble Ring and weapon-elemental attacks with the Chrome Earrings, respectively); alternatively, he can switch his gear to something that helps him beat them the old-fashioned way.

The Skeleton Cats don't have much elemental damage, so physical bulk is the best option to endure their attacks. It's best to kill them both at once to prevent the survivor from retaliating with Bone Pillar; try to knock away their shields and hit them with Dispel to remove the risk of them giving themselves Morale (which helps them fulfill the other condition for casting Bone Pillar). Their biggest weakness is Holy, but Matt has options to hit their other weaknesses as well; weather Remix also makes Fire more appealing with its occasional Dry application.

Battle 5: Gems, Stones, and Bone

There's a pair of Gem Idol pests backing up the unique enemy of Matt's Arena Challenge: a Bone Golem! Keep in mind that the latter can also summon Stone Idol reinforcements with some of its attacks, although they're largely inconsequential aside from being extra bodies.

The Bone Golem is completely immune to Stun, Freeze, and Death, so the status build will be minimally useful; however, the Lightning Shard's counter remains effective for passively Stunning the Idols. High Defence is vital to survive the Golem's non-elemental moves; Earth resistance is also handy for weakening its Ground Pound and Sand Dune attacks, while Stagger and Weaken resistance handles the worst status effects it can throw at you. Conversely, Wind resistance isn't a priority; Shrouding Breath is more annoying than dangerous as long as you're prepared for the possibility of Shroud hiding Matt's condition.

Outside of Weather Remix, the optimal offense is probably to use Typhoon until you inflict Wet, then smack the Bone Golem with Iceberg for extreme damage; if there's a Sandstorm blowing, consider using Big Bullet to exploit the foes' shared Bomb weakness. For the former strategy, the Scottish Kilt can sometimes call Rain to amplify Ice damage; for the latter strategy, the Camo Jacket, the Officer's Coat, and both pieces of the Santa set provide automatic sources of Bomb damage (with the Camo Jacket in particular also boosting its auto-skill's damage).

Alt Battle 5: Pearls Before Swine...Err, Worms

If you're playing a Foe Remix Custom Game, this fight features a Pearl Golem backed up by two Scaly Worms; the former can also summon certain Ores with some of its attacks. The Lightning Shard status build remains effective, although the Pearl Golem's high Stun resistance will likely necessitate Unleash to reliably circumvent; alternatively, Matt can try the Ultra Pro 9000X and the Chrome Earrings to exploit its complete lack of Freeze resistance while giving himself resistance to most of the foes' attacks. Unless Weather Remix decides to make the enemies Dry, Ice attacks will be most effective against the bulk of the wave.

Battle 6: Solo Squid

The only battle against a single foe for this challenge: a Pink Squid. Most of its attacks are magic-based (and its sole physical attack is lost with its arms) and focused on Water damage and Wet application, so equip Matt accordingly. A Shell Armor build with other on-Defend buffs can help Matt power up while keeping himself relatively safe via Enchanted; alternatively, a full status build can use The Reaper to try and get past the Pink Squid's 50% Death resistance. Since there's only one foe, Matt generally doesn't have to worry about being picked off after being bailed out by Auto-Revive or Morale - mind the Squid's multi-hit attacks if relying on the latter. Lock On or high-Accuracy equipment can be helpful to counteract the severe debuff of its Ink Blob.

If "Weather Remix" is on, the Sandstorm can help Matt by replacing Wet with Dry, thereby reducing the damage of the Pink Squid's Ice Storm; on the other hand, it'll increase the damage of the Sea Bomb the Squid can use on higher difficulty levels while dampening its Ice and Thunder weaknesses.

Alt Battle 6: Shocking Solo Squid

In Foe Remix, Matt will have a Lime Squid to deal with in this round. It's largely vulnerable to the same strategies as its Pink counterpart, but remember to account for its Thunder affinity and ability to inflict Disable. It also has a few more physical skills - one of which it can use even without its arms - so Enchanted may not be as effective. "Weather Remix" hurts it a bit more than the Pink Squid; not only does Dry weaken its Thunder skills, it accentuates its serious Fire weakness. Once again, mind the risk of powered-up Sea Bombs on higher difficulties.

Battle 7: Fallen Fiends

A Drowned Fallen, a Lost Fallen, and a Burned Fallen are looking to make Matt as dead as they are; naturally, he has other plans. All three are weak to Holy, but Matt can exploit their more severe individual weaknesses with Glacier, Eruption, and Typhoon, respectively. More importantly, none of them resist Stun, so the Lightning Shard can easily immobilize them despite doing very little damage (thanks to their shared Thunder immunity). Said sword also has the benefit of preventing the Burned Fallen from Stunning Matt in turn; regardless, you should take it out first to stop it from applying Haste to its allies and Defence debuffs to Matt.

"Weather Remix" adds another reason to aim for the Burned Fallen first; its Fire attacks get a boost if Matt ends up Dry (although the Flame Suit takes care of that problem). The Sandstorm also benefits the Drowned Fallen by reducing the damage it takes from its extreme Ice weakness. On the other hand, the Lost Fallen becomes more manageable in a Sandstorm; Dry dampens its Ice attacks and amplifies its already-serious Fire weakness.

Alt Battle 7: Fiery Fallen Fiends

Foe Remix replaces the Drowned and Lost Fallen with a Beheaded Fallen and a second Burned Fallen, but the core strategy remains the same; immobilize them with the Lightning Shard's Slicing Cyclone and then hit their weaknesses with Matt's Holy and Water attacks. However, Stun resistance becomes more important with twice as many foes able to cast Slow Down, and Reflex becomes an option to exploit the less-than-stellar Accuracy on the Beheaded Fallen's strongest attacks.

Battle 8: Beastly Trio of Burning Ice

This wave pits Matt against a Grolar Bear and a Tanuki Dog duo. Aside from the usual Lightning Shard tactic, a full status build can tear through the Dogs with Shredder, but the Grolar Bear's 70% Death resistance will probably require The Reaper to overcome - luckily, the Target Badge and the Ultra Pro 9000X can offset the skill's poor Accuracy. For added insurance, use Flairs like the Target Badge (for its Accuracy boost) and the Hoop Earrings (for the chance of Good Luck on Matt). If you take this route, consider using The Reaper to kill the Grolar Bear first; the Flame Suit's Fire immunity will keep Matt safe from the Tanuki Dogs' strongest attack.

Alt Battle 8: Beastly Trio of Chilling Fire

There's still two Dogs and a Bear to deal with in the Foe Remix version of this wave, but with opposite elements; a Wolf Dog duo reinforcing a Black Bear. The same strategies apply here, but the Dogs are a bit more dangerous, since they can buff Attack and potentially Freeze Matt without the proper resistance (which, fortunately, the Ultra Pro 9000X also provides in a full status build).

Battle 9: Mud Slimes

A pair of Mud Slimes and a Big Mud Slime aren't especially threatening to begin with, but Matt's status build makes a mockery of them. With their massive weaknesses to Instant Death, Shredder will wipe out all three foes in one turn.

Alt Battle 9: Sand Slimes

Foe Remix replaces the Mud Slimes with Sand Slimes, including a Big Sand Slime. Unfortunately for them, they're just as weak to Instant Death as their muddy counterparts, so Shredder will rip them to pieces just as easily.

Battle 10: Phantoms and a Plant

If you've been following this list, this should be the last fight: two Master Wraiths and a Magma Chomper. They're all weak to Wind and Holy; Power Metal can heal Matt while hitting all three foes, but it's probably better to use something like Tempest or Seiken unless you really need the HP. A full status build can kill the Magma Chomper with The Reaper, but the Death-immune Master Wraiths will have to be beaten the old-fashioned way; on the other hand, the Lightning Shard status build can easily Stun the Wraiths, but it'll need some effort to do the same to the Chomper.

A more niche strategy for a conventional fight is to scare the Magma Chomper with The Chopper, causing it to spam its Burning Root attack. Despite it being only 50% elemental, Matt can still nullify the damage by combining the Flame Suit, the Flame Badge, and a Fire-resistant hat; adding the Agnry Faic even lets him slightly heal off of it while he focuses on the Master Wraiths. Adding the Officer's Hat and the Bandage to this build serves to top off Matt's Fire resistance while protecting him from the Death chance on Ice Needles, which the Wraiths are more likely to use given Matt's resistances to Fire, Bio, and Dark; a similar effect can be achieved with the Spartan Helmet and a Syphon-resistant Flair, although this lets the Wraiths use Dark attacks along with their Ice spells.

Alt Battle 10: Phantoms and a Plant mk.2

In Foe Remix, this wave consists of two Steel Wraiths and a Leafy Chomper. The Lightning Shard status build is probably the safest bet, as their attacks are harder to build resistance to, but Instant Death/Doom resistance remains important for the Wraiths' Sawblade and Dark Swoop attacks. Regardless, you can still scare and neutralize the Leafy Chomper thanks to The Chopper's natural Bio resistance; with the Gas Mask, the Surgical Mask, and a Bio-resistant armor, Matt can heal off of its Berserk-boosted Poison Root spam and still have two free Flair slots. Alternatively, Matt can use the Pumpkin Head and two Bio-resistant Flairs in addition to the Surgical Mask; this prevents him from accidentally healing the Chomper with the Gas Mask's Poison Gas auto-skill. In terms of armor, the Hobo Clothes are preferable to the Explorer's Jacket; aside from Bio resistance, they're immune to Death/Doom and give Matt a second Earth boost to use with The Chopper.


Natalie has the questionable distinction of being the player with the least viable status build for a solo challenge. Although she has good status effect options (such as a Plasma Cage unleash from the Wrath of Zeus or on-hit Instant Death from The Knife), they're generally single-target; her multi-target weapon-elemental skill (Rainbow Blast) has an impractical quirk of halving status chance. She does have access to Syphon, which can disable some of her foes' more annoying and dangerous skills; focusing it on one foe greatly extends its duration. However, keep in mind that Syphoned foes tend to spam physical attacks, which can be problematic considering Natalie's lacking physical bulk.

Instead, Natalie can try using a hybrid buff/debuff build with the Rubber Duck and the Beholding Eye; 7th Heaven is a great way to buff her offenses and defenses simultaneously (on top of healing her if necessary), and she has access to the most important debuff skills. Screamer and Flare are especially useful for reducing enemy damage output, while Enfeeble can leave them more vulnerable to Natalie's magic attacks (although casting Star Power is probably a little more efficient in a solo challenge). If the Greenwood Library Sketch Boss Rush has been cleared, Art Attack can be substituted for 7th Heaven as a Limit Break; while it won't make Natalie's attacks any stronger, the Evade buff works well with Flare to make her more difficult to hit. Depending on the player's preference, Natalie's armor can further amplify buffs or debuffs; the latter is usually more efficient, since a double buff boost will give Heavenly Shield the maximum buff power. Regardless the Sami Dress and Cow Costume are probably the best options for buffs and debuffs, respectively, due to their durability.

Like Matt, Natalie has reliable options for every single element in the game, so tailoring her build to maximize elemental damage against each wave is an option for all-out offense. Using a powerful generalist staff like the Shooting Star or the Obsidian is an option to hit everything hard, but the lack of resistances or defensive assets can complicate matters.

If "Weather Remix" is enabled, you'll have to deal with Electric weather in every battle. Raising Natalie's Stun resistance is advised; the last thing she needs is to lose a turn in her solo challenge. Any Stun-resistant Flair will do (even at Level 1), but the Pocket Watch is notable for its chance to bestow Haste between turns.

Battle 1: Wooden Servants of Darkness

A Beheaded Fallen is backed by four Gloops in this wave: two Stumpy and two Roasted. Natalie can scare off the Gloops with the Oak Staff; she should use her first turn to cast Revive on herself. Once the Gloops are gone, she can switch her loadout to something that gives her the maximum advantage over the Beheaded Fallen; debuff builds will get a lot of mileage out of Flare, since its main attacks have below-average Accuracy. Natalie can also equip the Pope Hat or the Celtic Cross to scare the Beheaded Fallen; however, remember that it'll go Berserk (and spam its strong physical attacks) unless it's been reduced to less than 49% of its HP.

Alternatively, Natalie can use an all-out offensive build and start the battle with Genesis to hit the foes' shared Holy weakness. Even if something survives the Limit Break, Natalie will receive several stacks of Auto-Revive as a safety net; this works especially well with the "revival buff" Flairs (i.e. the Companion C*be, the Dog Tags, and the Narutomaki).

Alt Battle 1: Rocky Servants of Light

The Foe Remix version of this wave has two Hardy Gloops and two Chunky Gloops assisting a Crucified Fallen. The biggest difference here is that the Fallen absorbs Holy and none of the Gloops can be scared off with Natalie's equipment, forcing her to take them down conventionally. Fortunately, she can take advantage of the Gloops' ability to cast Invisibility; between her naturally high Magic Defence and gear like the Pope Hat or the Red Dress, Natalie can largely benefit from the frequent bouts of invulnerability to the predominantly physical attacks of her enemies. On the other hand, the Crucified Fallen's ability to use Enchantment will be an issue, but Natalie can keep it stun-locked with the Plasma Cage unleash from the Wrath of Zeus while she deals with the Gloops or kills the Fallen outright with her Dark spells.

Battle 2: Gem Idols

A Gem Idol quintet doesn't sound especially dangerous, but it's not to be underestimated when Natalie's all by her lonesome. If you're feeling risky, you can outfit Natalie with the Dark Gown, the Dark Bobble, the Obsidian Staff, the Gold Star, The One R*ng, and the Hoop Earrings; between a double Dark boost and massive Magic Attack, Pulsar should pulverise the Idols, especially if Natalie boosts herself with 7th Heaven beforehand. Similar results can be achieved via Black Hole, although Natalie will want to give herself Auto-Revive to ensure that the backlash doesn't kill her too.

Alt Battle 2: Idols and a Glitch

The wave diversifies a bit in Foe Remix, with three Wooden Idols, a Stone Idol, and (most concerningly) a Small Glitch. Pay attention to the latter's appearance; it'll change what types of attacks work on it.

Battle 3: Ghostbusting 101

Four Wraiths to deal with here: two each of the Leaf and Steel variants. The easiest way to win this battle is to equip the Celtic Cross or the Pope Hat along with gear that maximizes Natalie's Bomb resistance. The Ghost-scaring equipment will scare the Leaf Wraiths into immediate Surrender while the Steel Wraiths go Berserk and spam their Triple Shot attack; with Bomb immunity/absorption, Natalie won't even be scratched as she picks off the Steel Wraiths with anything besides Dark skills.

Alt Battle 3: Ghostbusting 201

Foe Remix still has four Wraiths, but two are Flame Wraiths and two are Master Wraiths. This is a little tougher than the normal version, mainly because it's impossible to fully negate the Master Wraiths' Double Stab, but combining the Celtic Cross, the Drill Bits, the Obsidian Armor, and the Shield Medal (if available) with Heavenly Shield and Flare will maximize Natalie's chances of survival while she whittles them down with Judgement and her other Holy spells. Using the Celtic Cross (or the Pope Hat) will also scare off the Flame Wraiths without a fight.

Battle 4: Deconstructed Topaz Golem (not really)

While they might not be able to form a Topaz Golem, two Fire Sprites, two Rock Sprites, and a Topaz Ore should be dealt with just as carefully. Syphon will cripple most of their skills, and a buff/debuff build can use a combination of Heavenly Shield and Screamer to dampen their physical attacks. If you don't mind risking a bit of Thunder damage, you can even ignore the Topaz Ore completely; its Electric Blast isn't too bad outside of possible Stagger, and Protect is little hindrance to the magic-focused Natalie.

Alt Battle 4: Deconstructed Viking Monolith (not really)

We may never know if two Ice Sprites, two Wind Sprites, and a Sapphire Ore can combine into a Viking Monolith, but Foe Remix will pit them against Natalie for this phase of her solo challenge. The strategy is largely the same as the regular version; seal their skills with Syphon and use a high-Defence build to better survive their physical attacks. Leaving the Sapphire Ore alone is a bit riskier than its Topaz counterpart; both of its suicide attacks can Wet Natalie and increase the Ice Sprites' damage output. Freeze and Dispel resistance are also helpful to nullify the Sprites' annoying status effects.

Battle 5: Pretty But Powerful

Here's some new faces (figuratively): a trio of Fabulous Gloops. A full status build is effective here; despite a 50% resistance, the Gloops are severely crippled by Syphon. With the Nano Machines Flair to reduce the skill's cooldown to 1 turn, Natalie can keep her foes consistently locked down with a bit of luck; she can then alternate between casting Syphon and Judgement to pick them off one at a time. Fairy Bombs is a useful backup spell in case the Gloops manage to make themselves Lovable.

An alternative strategy is to go in with the Oak Staff to make the Fabulous Gloops go Berserk, limiting them to their basic physical attacks. Dark resistance can slightly blunt the blows, but it's probably better to use high-Defence equipment (e.g. the Obsidian Armor and the Drill Bits), Heavenly Shield, and Screamer to weather the assault; on higher difficulty levels, Natalie can also benefit from the occasional Invisible status inflicted by Hit and Arm Flail. To actually kill the Gloops in this build, Natalie can equip the Tentacle Flair to spread Virus and Poison among them; if Virus spreads back to her, she can cure herself with Cleanse.

This battle becomes easier in Weather Remix, since Electric weather exploits the Fabulous Gloop's hideous Stun vulnerability.

Alt Battle 5: Sword Versus Sorcery, Girl Power Edition

If you're playing Foe Remix, prepare for a surprise; instead of Fabulous Gloops, Natalie will face Super Chibi Knight! She's quite threatening, but she can't summon backup here; as such, maintaining Auto-Revive on Natalie will go a long way to helping her outlast the little warrior. In between Revive casts, Natalie can opt for an offensive or defensive build to defeat her foe.

The defensive approach uses the Obsidian Armor, the Ice Shards, the Lightning Badge, the Frost Badge, the Shield Medal, and the Wrecking Rod to nullify all of Super Chibi Knight's magic attacks while giving Natalie good physical bulk against her sword strikes. It doesn't give Natalie as much power to retaliate, so she should focus on maintaining Poison with Toxic before hitting Super Chibi Knight's serious Dark weakness with Dark Pulse.

For a more offensive angle, Natalie can opt for the Dark Gown, the Dark Bobble, the Obsidian Staff, the Gold Star, The One R*ng, and the Hoop Earrings, giving her double-boosted Dark spells and the Magic Attack to really make them hurt; however, finding time to attack in between maintaining Auto-Revive may be difficult. If so, safer options include replacing the Obsidian Staff with the Dark Tooth or switching some of the Flairs for the likes of the Fairy, the Narutomaki, or the Pocket Watch.

Battle 6: Bad Reflections

Five Mirrors to shatter here (two Haunted Mirrors, two Angel Mirrors, and a Wise Mirror), and wouldn't you know it - they all reflect magical damage! You could bypass the Haunted Mirrors' reflection with Natalie's Normal Attack, but it's probably easier to just pick them off one at a time or force them to use Glass Shards.

One option to battle the Mirrors is to exploit the fact that Reflection's "counter attack" retains the elemental properties of the original attack. By equipping the Amber Bobble, the Sami Dress, the Nimbus Rod, and the Flame Badge, Natalie's Holy and Fire resistance will be high enough to heal off of her reflected attacks while hitting the Haunted and Wise Mirrors' weaknesses; as a bonus, she'll also greatly reduce the damage of the Angel Mirrors' attacks. Alternatively, Natalie can fire off Genesis or Supernova from an elemental attack build in order to quickly wipe out three foes; afterwards, she can tailor her build to take out the Angel Mirrors.

Alt Battle 6: Flybot Fleet

Foe Remix replaces the Mirrors with a trio of Flybots; Red, Blue, and Yellow. A full status build is recommended to let Syphon get past the robots' high Syphon resistance and lock them out of their incredibly annoying support skills; on higher difficulty levels, the Big Eyebrows will negate the risk of Stun and Confuse from their remaining attacks. As long as you maintain Syphon status (the Nano Machines help immensely) and give Natalie periodic heals or Auto-Revive, the Flybots will be left all but helpless as you whittle them down with the skills of choice.

Battle 7: Cat-astrophe

Three Cat Warriors and two Cat Wizards might look cute, but they'll turn Natalie into a scratching post if she's not careful. Syphon can trivialize the Wizards, and Brave-granting equipment like the Obsidian Armor or the Battle Paint can counteract the Warriors' own use of the status. On the offensive side of things, Natalie can use Acid Blast and Fire Storm to whittle the cats down while exploiting their main elemental weaknesses; she can focus Acid Blast on one cat at a time to get a stronger Magic Defence debuff before following up with Fireball.

Alt Battle 7: Purrfect Assassins

In Foe Remix, Natalie will have to take on the other members of the Kitten Army: two Cat Snipers, two Cat Ninjas, and a Cat Bomber. They mainly use Bio and Bomb attacks, so raising those resistances will greatly reduce their damage output; their shared Bio weakness also makes a Virus strategy viable. Even one buff boost from the Beholding Eye will let Natalie massively buff her defenses with Heavenly Shield, allowing her to use the likes of the Mecha Suit and the Blue Elephant to further increase her defenses and the healing she gets from Virus spreading back to her; this specific combination also makes her immune to Bomb and adds a status boost that can help her start the epidemic. The Bandage is also recommended for preventing the Cat Snipers from killing Natalie with a lucky headshot; as a bonus, it reduces the damage of the Cat Ninjas' Log attack.

Battle 8: Slimes on Ice

Two Icecream Slimes and a Big Icecream Slime to deal with here. The easiest way to handle them is to use a status build and The Knife; with their -100% Death resistance, Rainbow Blast should take all three foes out despite its halved status infliction rate. Alternatively, Natalie can use a high-Accuracy status build with the Slime Staff to kill the Big Slime with The Reaper while scaring off the smaller Slimes; if you're using a different staff for the first turn (such as the Beholding Eye for its high Accuracy), Confuse resistance can mitigate the main risk the latter pose on their own while Natalie switches to the Slime Staff.

Alt Battle 8: Slimes on...Mud?

The Foe Remix version of this wave has two Mud Slimes and a Big Mud Slime, but the same strategies apply; fire a Rainbow Blast off of The Knife or hit the Big Slime with The Reaper and equip the Slime Staff to scare off the smaller Mud Slimes.

Battle 9: Poisonous Pests

A pair of Putrid Worms back up a lone Leafy Chomper for this wave. There's no shortage of healing in this round; the Chomper can cast Refresh and heal itself with a bite, while the Worms have automatic Poison and the ability to inflict Virus that can easily spread back to them and the Chomper. Fortunately, they share a Fire weakness that Natalie can use to her advantage; if all else fails, Supernova will burst them down or at least leave them much less capable of keeping up with Natalie's attacks. Once the Worms are dealt with, Natalie can even switch to the Oak Staff to force the Chomper into Berserk Poison Root spam, which she can mitigate with strong Bio resistance while she slowly wears it down.

Alt Battle 9: Hitting the Books

Straight from Greenwood Library (and the normal version of NoLegs's Arena challenge), Foe Remix brings two Book Worms and an Origami Dragon in to battle Natalie. The Book Worms can be easily dealt with (as long as you hit them before they have a chance to Enchant themselves), allowing Natalie to make the fight a one-on-one affair and stall out the Dragon with Revive; Syphon and Dispel resistance are advisable to negate its most annoying status effects in the process.

Battle 10: Doggone Batty

This wave has two Wolf Dogs, a Zap Dog, and two Bone Bats for variety. They can combine their skills to set up a surprising amount of pain; the Wolf Dogs can buff the wave's Attack and inflict Freeze, the Zap Dog's charged attack can rarely Stagger Natalie, and the Bone Bats can debuff Defence with their screeches. On the other hand, they're all weak to Holy, so a combination of Holy Light, Judgement, and Fairy Bombs will do serious damage; the Wolf Dogs are also quite vulnerable to Natalie's Fire attacks. Weather Remix can help Natalie as well; none of these foes resist Stun, and the Bone Bats are actually vulnerable to the status.

Alt Battle 10: Doggone Batty, with Extra Magic

The Bone Bats stick around for the Foe Remix version of this wave, but the Wolf Dogs and Zap Dog are replaced by Tanuki Dogs and a Mage Dog, respectively. The Mage Dog should be taken out immediately, or at least Syphoned into uselessness; as a bonus, you can afford to hit it with Mute for even longer Syphoning, since the other foes don't have especially notable abilities to seal. The Dogs are all weak to Bio, and the Bats are neutral to it, so a Virus-based status/buff build becomes an option for taking them down with minimal risk to Natalie; remember that the Tanuki Dogs can heal themselves and the Mage Dog uses Heal More when not Syphoned.


Lance has an especially dangerous status build for the Battle Arena: the "Death Laser." By equipping the Flame Suit, the Captain's Hat, and the Spine Snapper, his Weapon-elemental skills have a good chance to inflict Instant Death, and he's got some great skills to take advantage of that. Hyper Beam hits all foes at once with boosted status chance (pair it with the Pocket Watch to mitigate the Charge turn), but Double Shot and Unload are useful alternatives, especially against smaller groups of foes. Lance can also learn Shredder for another source of multi-target Death; unfortunately, his solo challenge has quite a few foes immune to Instant Death, requiring more diverse tactics.

The status build also makes Ion Cannon a viable Limit Break for Stun purposes; it also gives Lance a free Charge for Hyper Beam, allowing him to spread Instant Death to anything that survived the Limit Break (and isn't Death-immune).

Lance is one of two characters who can't learn Revive, which means that his best option for using the Companion C*be, the Dog Tags, or the Narutomaki is to Defend himself with the Fairy. He's also the only character who can't learn Heal More or Purify, though he can use Power Metal and Health Strike to remedy this - of course, there's rarely time to heal in the Battle Arena to begin with. He also can't learn Heavenly Shield, depriving him of an efficient defensive buff; watch out for physically-inclined foes, since Lance can learn Barrier, but not Protect or Reflex.

With "Weather Remix" enabled, you'll also have to worry about random Airstrikes. On one hand, quite a few of the enemies in Lance's solo challenge are weak to Bomb damage, and he can equip Bomb-resistant gear to reduce the risk of being blown up in turn. On the other, you'll have to weigh the chance of getting a Medipack against the risk of the foes getting one.

Battle 1: Weeding Out the Gluttons

Three Chompers to take care of: two Seaweed, one Leafy. They're highly Death-resistant, so the "Death Laser" might have some trouble; throw out Firecrackers to increase the odds in your favor. Their Freeze and Stun resistance is slightly lower, so using the Sub Zero or the Thunder Core is a possibility (especially since both have an auto-Charge effect); the former is recommended over the latter, since Ice works much better than Thunder against these foes.

The Biohazard Blaster's Bio absorption can greatly hamper the Leafy Chomper's damage output and slightly weaken all three enemies' Chomp attack (although this won't affect the amount of HP they heal), but make sure to pair it with a status-changing Flair or take out the Leafy Chomper immediately; Virus will just give it a strong Regen effect.

Alt Battle 1: Weeding Out the Other Gluttons

In Foe Remix, the opposition consists of two Magma Chompers and a Mutant Chomper.

Battle 2: Fire and Thunder Friends

An interesting combination of Dogs (Tanuki, Rescue, and Zap) and Sprites (Fire and Thunder) await Lance in this wave. None of them resist Instant Death, so the "Death Laser" build should make short work of them.

Alt Battle 2: Freezeflame Slime Friends

Foe Remix completely overhauls this wave to feature a Big Lava Slime and a Big Icecream Slime. Unfortunately, they won't last long against Lance's Death Laser build; one shot of Shredder should end the battle before the Big Slimes even get a chance to act.

Battle 3: Burning Bonehead

No, your eyes do not deceive you; there is, in fact, a Blaze Hydra in this challenge. The good news is that it only has one head (so no revival shenanigans) and its base HP is halved; the bad news is that its attacks are as strong as ever, it's immune to Instant Death, and Lance is poorly equipped to exploit its elemental weaknesses.

With this in mind, Lance may want to consider a Virus strategy; the Hydra is neutral to Bio, and Lance's Biohazard Blaster can both inflict and heal off of the status if it spreads back to him (the gun must be at Level 4 or 5 for the latter). Additionally, the Biohazard Blaster works with the Flame Suit and the Captain's Hat to greatly weaken all of the Blaze Hydra's elemental attacks; the Flame Suit also prevents it from inflicting Scorch on Lance. Adding the Pearl Necklace, the Silver Cross, and the Iron Cross Flairs will make Lance immune to all of the foe's elements, but this does little against its (Triple) Bite and nothing whatsoever against its Tail Crush. As such, utility Flairs like the Green Cross or the Fairy may be more important, especially since Auto-Revive strategies work a lot better when there's only one foe to worry about.

Be ready to re-apply Virus if "Weather Remix" is enabled, since the random Medipacks can clear the status off of Lance and the Hydra.

Alt Battle 3: Crystal Carnage

If you thought Foe Remix's version of this fight would be any easier, think again; the game uses the opportunity to sic a Crystal Hydra on Lance instead! Luckily, it still has the same restrictions as the Blaze Hydra in the normal version of this round; only one head and significantly reduced HP.

Battle 4: Dark Defender

You've seen a Red Flybot plenty of times, but not its robotic companion: the Prototype 9X, a nasty new version of the Defenders. Keep in mind that both of these foes resist Instant Death - and the Prototype 9X is straight-up immune - so the "Death Laser" build will be minimally useful.

Both of these foes have ways to lock down Lance's skills and dish out critical hits - the Flybot can do both at once with its Syphoning Signal, while the Prototype 9X's wave gun attacks have a naturally high crit rate and a chance to inflict Disable. Automatic skills can help work around the former - especially Bomb-based ones that can hit the robots' shared weakness - and gear that can apply Brave will keep the damage flow down. The Red Flybot should be taken down first to stop its annoying status shenanigans - the fact that it's also much frailer than the Prototype 9X helps too.

Amusingly, the Red Flybot will occasionally use Set Target against Lance, despite it being completely redundant in the Battle Arena.

Alt Battle 4: Dual Defenders

Foe Remix removes the Flybot from this wave, but at the cost of doubling Lance's Defender woes; specifically, he'll be faced with a Bubbler MX-01 and a Defender Mk III.

Battle 5: Flybot Fleet

Here's another Red Flybot to trash, but this one has backup from a Blue Flybot and a Yellow Flybot. All three of them have 50% Death resistance and the ability to reverse buffs and inflict annoying status effects; as with the previous fight, automatic skills are useful to keep up the offensive when Lance is Syphoned, Stunned, and/or Confused. Bomb attacks are the most efficient way to wreck them; the Blue Flybot is weaker to Thunder and the Yellow Flybot is weaker to Water, but they absorb the opposite elements. One option is a magic-based offensive with the Nitro Bomber XL; not only does it have several automatic Bomb skills, it gives Lance some extra punch with Hand Bombs if he's Syphoned.

Alt Battle 5: Bad Reflections

Looks like Foe Remix switched a wave between Natalie and Lance's solo challenges; instead of Flybots, the gunner will confront a quintet of Mirrors (two Haunted Mirrors, two Angel Mirrors, and a Wise Mirror) this time.

Battle 6: Cats and a Creep

The Kitten Army seems to be diversifying its ranks; two Cat Snipers and two Cat Bombers are backing up a Thorny Creep here. The "Death Laser" build should easily slaughter the cats, but the Creep is 50% Death-resistant and weak to elements that Lance doesn't have much proficiency in. Giga Drill is probably his best bet (especially if the Creep Defends itself), but Sand Dune is a fine alternative; just mind you don't get Stunned while you wear it down.

Alt Battle 6: Ninjas and Turtles (But No Teenage Mutants)

The Foe Remix version of this wave has three Cat Ninjas and two Red Creeps.

Battle 7: Size Matters

A War Mammoth and a Slime Bunny seems like an odd combination, but it can be quite a headache to overcome, depending on whether the Slime Bunny decides to help Lance or the Mammoth. Consider forgoing the Captain's Hat and Flame Suit in favor of debuff-boosting gear like the Cardboard Box and the Coat of Teeth; the Slime Bunny's negative Death resistance will let Lance pick it off with the Spine Snapper alone before stacking debuffs and status effects on the War Mammoth. Sand Dune is particularly useful; it hits the Mammoth's Earth weakness and the Accuracy debuff will improve Lance's longevity (especially with a double or triple debuff boost). Using the Tentacle Flair is another option to exploit the Mammoth's weaknesses to Bio, Poison, and Virus; in this case, Lance should lead off with Shredder to remove the Slime Bunny and stop it from casting Cleanse on its ally.

On higher difficulty levels, Lance will also have to worry about the War Mammoth's self-revive ability. Capturing it in a solo challenge may be easier said than done, but his main options for inflicting Weaken and Tired are the weapon-elemental attacks of the Soul Pistol and the Green Goliath, respectively. The Peace Badge or the Bitey Badge serve as alternative sources of the critical statuses; as with the Tentacle Flair, Shredder should be used to deal with the Slime Bunny before it can Cleanse the War Mammoth. Between Weaken and Tired, the latter may be slightly more efficient; it works well with Sand Dune's debuff and amplifies the Mammoth's Bio weakness.

Weather Remix becomes especially annoying in this battle; if the War Mammoth gets a Medipack, it'll heal a decent chunk of HP and remove any status effects it may be suffering from.

Alt Battle 7: Big and Small Beast Besties

If Foe Remix is active, this wave features a Camel Mammoth backed by a Rescue Dog.

Battle 8: Bugging the Big Guns

This battle pits Lance against a full array of Turrets...and a Fuzzy Worm, for some reason. The "Death Laser" works fine, but Lance can also immediately neutralize the Laser Turret and the Cannon Turret by using Bubble Ring to Syphon them; unfortunately, the Harpoon Turret and the Fuzzy Worm won't give up so easily. Try not to leave the Fuzzy Worm alone in the wave, lest it call for reinforcements; if it does get more Worms into the battle, Double Shot or Unload can pick them off quickly.

Alt Battle 8: Boulder Brigade mk.2

Foe Remix gives Lance a trio of Boulders to smash in this round; Marble, Obsidian, and Dirt.

Battle 9: Mechaniquarium

Three Fishes are ready for battle in this wave: a Steam Fish, a Jet Fish, and a Gold Fish. Lance will need shared skills to exploit their common Wind weakness; for maximum effect, use Shockwave and Power Metal (or even Death Metal, if you want to use a Limit Break) with the Vortex Cannon. The "Death Laser" build can also kill them efficiently, since none of them are Death-resistant; equipping Bomb-resistant Flairs along with the Captain's Hat should keep Lance safe from their final attacks.

Alt Battle 9: Playing With Dolls

Looks like Foe Remix is at it again; the trio of a NoLegs Doll, a Matt Doll, and a Lance Doll has moved from NoLegs's solo challenge to Lance's. Thankfully, Matt and NoLegs are unharmed during this fight, but Lance himself must be careful if he doesn't face getting KO'd by his counterpart. Bubble Ring is a requirement due to the doll's weakness towards water and Syphon preventing Lance from taking reflected damage.

Battle 10: Booming Business

To round out the mess of mechanical menaces in Lance's Arena Challenge, the gunner will face the daunting task of taking on all four Bombs (Nuclear, Earthquake, Acid, and Shockwave) at once! Syphon off of a full status build would trivialize these rogue weapons, but since that skill's locked to Natalie, Lance is going to have to get creative.

Despite their resistances to the most debilitating statuses, none of the Bombs are outright immune to Freeze, Stun, Syphon, or Instant Death (unless "More Foe Resistance" is on), which Lance can exploit with a full status build. Using Hyper Beam with the "Death Laser" build can work, since the Bombs are completely harmless until their Launch turn, but there's a more reliable strategy (although it requires several maxed pieces of equipment).

Equip Lance with the Biohazard Blaster, the Flame Suit, the Scottish Cap, the Angel Pin, the Fairy, and either the Pixel Glasses or The Tr*force. As long as the Flame Suit, Scottish Cap and Angel Pin are maxed and the Biohazard Blaster is at least Level 4, Lance will be completely immune to Bio, Fire and Wind; then, all he has to do is Defend himself on the turn the Bombs go off. The Pixel Glasses or the Tr*force-granted Morale will let Lance survive the Earthquake Bomb's fall, the Fairy-granted Auto-Revive lets him endure its subsequent detonation, and his elemental resistances will nullify the other three Bombs' attacks. The Dispel inflicted by the Shockwave Bomb's explosion will not be an issue, since the Earthquake Bomb launches first.

Additionally, Lance can use Bubble Ring to try and disable a Bomb; since the skill inflicts two stacks of Syphon, he can force up to two Bombs to Surrender on their Launch turn. This can supplement the above strategy if Lance can't get one of his elemental resistances high enough to negate a Bomb's explosion; one turn before they Launch, he can hit the offending Bomb with Bubble Ring and render it harmless before Defending himself against the rest on the final turn. Alternatively, Bubble Ring can disarm the Earthquake Bomb, freeing up the "Fairy + Pixel Glasses/Morale" combo to let Lance survive two Bomb explosions without the proper elemental immunity.

Alt Battle 10: Bats and a Dragon mk.4

The Battle Arena's penchant for pairing Bats and Dragons continues in the Foe Remix version of Lance's (possibly) final wave; this time, it's two Snow Bats and a fearsome Omega Dragon.


Anna has one of the most potent status builds available for a solo challenge; not only can she equip the Red Dress, the Blue Elephant, and the Alchemist's Bow for maximum infliction chance, she has an array of reliable status-inflicting skills in her natural move set on top of being able to learn Shredder and The Reaper. Since her multi-target arrow attacks (aside from Arrow Rain) have reduced status chances and aren't guaranteed to hit every foe, she may want to equip the Pocket Watch and play defensively until it gives her Haste - and with it, the opportunity to drop two statuses in a row. Another option is to replace the Alchemist's Bow with the Thor's Hammer; even with the loss of a status boost, it'll give Arrow Rain a very good Stun chance without the random-targeting nature of Spark Shower.

Anna's best option for a Limit Break is probably Absolute Zero; unless the foes are completely Freeze-proof, a full status build can leave the whole wave immobilized for five turns, giving her plenty of time to set up and start picking them off one by one.

"Weather Remix" will make Anna's status spamming strategies a lot harder, courtesy of Breezy weather for every fight. Since there's a chance of Breezy activating at the very start of the battle, it may be a good idea to flee and try again immediately afterwards if a particularly problematic foe gets Blessed right out of the gate.

Battle 1: Big Slimes, Little Problems(?)

Big Chocolate Slime and a Big Sand Slime make an interesting pair...but they won't live long if Anna drops Shredder with (or even without) a full status build.

Alt Battle 1: Freezeflame Dog and Magic Show

This Foe Remix wave has shades of one of Lance's normal solo challenges; three Dogs (Tanuki, Wolf, and Mage,) and two Sprites (Fire and Ice). They're not even slightly Death-resistant, so a status build can take them out with a Shredder or two.

Battle 2: Coral, Ice, and Mice

A pair of Slime Mice and Icicle Creeps back up a Coral Boulder for this round. The Creeps and Boulder are 50% Death-resistant, so it might take a few tries for Shredder to kill them all; fortunately, the former are weak to Earth and the latter is weak to Ice, giving Anna some good options for taking them in a straight fight.

Alt Battle 2: Turtle Creeps

Foe Remix apes Matt's normal solo challenge this time by pitting Anna against a Green Creep, a Red Creep, and a Blue Creep.

Battle 3: Killer Papercraft

Two each of the Origami Wraith and the Master Wraith are here to make life difficult for Anna, especially since they're completely Death-immune. On the other hand, they're all weak to Wind, so Anna can use Hurricane or Whirlwind to make them Light before going for the kill with Tempest; this works especially well on the Origami Wraiths, since they're very vulnerable to Light.

Using Arrow Rain with Heaven's Voice is an option to seal away the Wraiths' magic via Syphon, but it won't do any damage to the Origami Wraiths, thanks to their Holy absorption. Another option is to equip the Pope Hat; it'll make all four Wraiths go Berserk and spam an effect-less physical attack instead of their annoying spells. Make sure to keep Anna's Defence high in order to better survive the assault.

Alt Battle 3: Kill You to Death (Possibly Repeatedly)

Here's another Foe Remix Anna wave that echoes one of Lance's normal trials; a Wooly Mammoth backed up by a Slime Bunny.

Battle 4: Bats and a...Lasagna Seahorse? (a.k.a. Bats and a Dragon mk.2)

This battle is similar to one of Matt's Arena Challenge waves; two Bats backing up a Dragon. However, Anna has to deal with Snow Bats instead of Blood Bats, and a Sea Dragon replaces the Earth Dragon. A full status build can pick off the Bats with Shredder before stun-locking the Sea Dragon with Spark Shower; the triple status boost should be enough to let Anna circumvent its 70% Stun resistance and keep it immobilized until death. If you want some extra insurance, Firecrackers and the Hoop Earrings can get luck on Anna's side.

Alt Battle 4: Booming Business

At this point, the player might be wondering if any of Anna's Foe Remix Arena battles will be purely original, because this quartet of Bombs (Earthquake, Acid, Shockwave, and Nuclear) is taken straight from Lance's solo challenge. As with Lance, Anna can either try to cripple the Bombs with her status build or tailor her equipment to negate their explosions entirely.

If Anna has fully upgraded all of her equipment, Earth's Whisper, the Flame Badge, the Angel Pin, and any combination of hat and armor with 50% resistance to Fire and Wind will let her nullify everything but the Earthquake Bomb's initial impact (including its follow-up explosion), and that can be safely endured by Defending with The Tr*force or just casting Revive on Anna before the Bombs launch. She can also use Bubble Ring to try and Syphon the Earthquake Bomb before it launches; conveniently, the Red Dress gives her a status boost and enough Fire resistance to negate the Nuclear Bomb's explosion, so she only needs a Wind-resistant hat to maintain her immunity to the rest of the Bombs' attacks. Alternatively, she can Stun-lock the Earthquake Bomb to death with a single-target Spark Shower; even without a status boost, it should keep the foe immobilized even as the other three Bombs futilely explode in Anna's face to absolutely no effect.

Battle 5: Bats N' Bears

The unique foes of Anna's Arena Challenge are a pair of Black Bears, with two Blood Bats for backup. They're all weak to Ice, but mind how hard you hit the Bears, lest they go Berserk in response.

Alt Battle 5: Bats N' Bears mk.2

The Foe Remix equivalent of this wave has a similar composition, but with Bone Bats and Grolar Bears.

Battle 6: Zen Garden Gone Wrong

Four Bushes (two each of the Red and Sandy variants) and an Ancient Monolith would've made a nice outdoors display...but they had to go and try to kill Anna instead. Although the status build works great to wipe out the Bushes with Shredder, Anna may want to switch to something else against the Monolith - it's immune to most of the debilitating effects, so she'll probably have to beat it down the hard way. Maximizing her Thunder resistance is the obvious route, but the risk of Falling Star may necessitate focusing on Magic Defence backed by positive status effects. Alternatively, Anna can use Bubble Ring to Syphon the Monolith; a high-Defence build is recommended to deal with the Slam it'll resort to on higher difficulty levels.

Alt Battle 6: Space Invader

The good news is that Foe Remix only put one foe in this wave; the bad news is that it's a Cosmic Monolith.

Battle 7: Metal and a Monolith

As if the Ancient Monolith wasn't bad enough, now there's a Viking Monolith to contend with, backed by two Steel Wraiths. Instant Death won't do a thing to these foes, but the Wraiths' lack of Stun and Freeze resistance gives Anna some options to keep them quiet while she deals with the Monolith. Frost Flurry is an option to either Freeze the Wraiths or hit the Monolith's Ice weakness, depending on who the arrows hit; alternatively, Absolute Zero can reliably Freeze the Wraiths for several turns while taking a good chunk of the Monolith's HP.

In terms of equipment, Anna can try the Pope Hat to both dampen the Viking Monolith's powerful magic attacks and force the Steel Wraiths to spam a Berserk-boosted Triple Shot attack. Since Triple Shot is 100% Bomb-based, Anna can tailor the rest of her gear to maximize her Bomb resistance and get some free healing while she works on the Monolith - consider adding some Chill/Freeze resistance for its laser attack. Since the Wraiths are essentially neutralized, Anna can and should maintain Revive on herself, giving her extra insurance against the Monolith's attacks.

EXAMPLE: Combining the Pope Hat with the Chieftain's Horns, the Camo Skirt, the Iron Cross, the Dog Tags, and the Frost Badge gives Anna 180% Bomb resistance to exploit the Berserk Wraiths, 50% Ice resistance, complete Freeze/Chill immunity, two healing auto-skills, a boost to her Bomb skills to hit the Monolith's worst weakness, and a free buff to her offenses if she triggers Auto-Revive. Alternatively, she can use the Mecha Suit for the potential Cat Bomber support, the Iron Tusk for more offensive output, or the Regal Turtle for even more defense. If you don't mind dropping some Bomb resistance, the Fur Dress can be substituted for Ice immunity, Water resistance, and a small chance of Haste from its auto-summon.

Alt Battle 7: Hitting the Books (Again)

No, you're not experiencing deja vu; this is the exact same formation of Book Worms and an Origami Dragon that Natalie faced in her Foe Remix solo challenge (and that NoLegs fought in his non-Custom Game solo challenge).

Battle 8: Ninja House of Mirrors

This wave has a pair of Cat Ninjas, two Wise Mirrors, and a Demon Mirror. The Mirrors look intimidating, since they all reflect physical damage, but their complete lack of Death resistance makes them and their feline pals easy pickings for Anna's status build. Shredder should destroy all five foes at once, also breaking the Mirrors and preventing them from reflecting the damage on Anna in turn.

Alt Battle 8: Bad to the Bone (Monsters)

Foe Remix brings plenty of skeletal targets to this round: three Skeleton Cats and two Skeleton Hands.

Battle 9: Fury of the Fallen

Five fearsome undead warriors are out for Anna's blood: two Burned Fallen, two Drowned Fallen, and a Beheaded Fallen. They're immune to Instant Death, but not Freeze or Stun, so Anna has plenty of options to shut them down before exploiting their shared Holy weakness. If she wants to pick them off individually, Aqua Arrow and Frost Arrow will do more damage to the Burned and Drowned Fallen, respectively. Reflex is also useful, especially against the Beheaded Fallen's inaccurate axe attacks.

Alt Battle 9: Reflect Upon the Dead

If you're playing Foe Remix, this wave has two Crucified Fallen, two Lost Fallen, and an Angel Mirror to deal with.

Battle 10: Dolls amid the Bushes

Three Bushes (Green, Red, and Dark) assist a pair of Dolls for this wave. The Natalie Doll can be attacked without fear - since Natalie's not part of the party right now - but the Anna Doll should be dealt with carefully, lest Anna kill herself in the process. Heaven's Voice works well for both exploiting the Dolls' Holy weakness and afflicting them with Syphon to negate their Sympathy ability (along with most of their skills); they'll go Berserk in response, but that's still quite preferable to their annoying disruptive skills.

Alt Battle 10: Wrath of the Forest

The Foe Remix version of this battle has Anna face off with a pair of Leafy Chompers and a lone Brown Bear.


NoLegs has some difficulty tanking by himself, but he's gifted with two great weapons for a solo challenge: the Book of Spells and the Neon Lightbulb. By equipping the Captain's Hat and Flame Suit to boost these cat toys' status infliction chance, NoLegs can reliably Freeze or Stun entire waves with Swift Slash; thanks to the latter's quick cooldown, he can leave his enemies helpless nigh-indefinitely. Which cat toy is better is up to the player; the Book of Spells has a superior infliction chance (75% Freeze vs 50% Stun), but the Neon Lightbulb's Stun allows NoLegs to pummel the afflicted foes without having to worry about thawing them out. Either way, halving enemy turn counts while laying on free damage is great, especially since NoLegs can use the free turn to cast Revive on himself for insurance. Make sure to check which foes are Freeze and Stun-resistant, however; they'll obviously need different tactics.

If you want to use a Limit Break, NoLegs has no shortage of options to choose from; he can learn every single shared Limit Break in the game. Absolute Zero, Ion Cannon, and Annihilate are all effective options with the status build (even more so when paired with the Human Skull), Art Attack is a fine healing/buffing option, Death Metal can provide a bit of a safety net with its heal and Morale (especially since it can be boosted with the Honjo Masamune), and the other Limit Breaks are generally effective for massive elemental damage if the need arises.

If you've got "Weather Remix" enabled, Low Gravity will be present for each battle. This has little effect compared to other players' challenges, but pay attention to which foes can use (and are weak to) Wind and Earth.

Battle 1: Burning Blobs

In what seems to be a bit of a trend for the Battle Arena, there's two small Slimes and a Big Slime to take care of; these ones are of the fiery variety, making them immune to Freeze. Unfortunately for them, they don't have any Stun resistance, so the Neon Lightbulb status build can stop them in their tracks - to add insult to injury, the Flame Suit also cripples the bulk of their offensive skills.

As usual, the Lava Slimes are a distant secondary threat to the Big Lava Slime; fortunately, NoLegs can easily pick it off with The Reaper if he's not just beating it to death while it's Stunned.

Alt Battle 1: Slimes on...Mud (Again)?

Much like Natalie, NoLegs will find himself beset by two Mud Slimes and a Big Mud Slime in one of his Foe Remix challenges. The strategy remains the same, with the added bonus of regaining the Book of Spells as a viable option to leave the Slimes helpless while NoLegs pulverizes them.

Battle 2: Cats and Caterpillars

A pair of Cutie Worms and a trio of Cat Wizards works better than you think when the former can buff the latter's Magic Attack, but their complete lack of Stun or Freeze resistance makes them easy pickings for the status build. The Cutie Worms will enter battle with Lovable, so NoLegs will probably need to pick off the Wizards first unless he lucks out with the retargeting on his physical skills; he's also poorly equipped to hit their shared Bio weakness, but Water Whirl and Twilight Tango should be sufficient for the Wizards and the Worms, respectively.

Alt Battle 2: Cats and Caterpillars mk.2

While thematically similar to its normal counterpart, the Foe Remix version of this wave almost completely changes the foe composition; a single Cutie Worm backed by three Cat Warriors and a Book Worm. The same strategies apply; exploit their lack of status resistance and Freeze/Stun-lock them to death. If you get a chance to focus on one foe, consider aiming for the Book Worm; should it somehow manage to make NoLegs Enchanted, both it and the Cat Warriors can easily exploit the status.

Battle 3: Playing with Dolls

This battle puts NoLegs against a NoLegs Doll, a Matt Doll, and a Lance Doll. Fortunately for Matt and Lance, they're in no danger of being harmed when NoLegs shreds their Doll counterparts; the same can't be said of the cat himself if he recklessly attacks his crude cloth doppelganger. Divine Divide can Syphon the NoLegs Doll while simultaneously hitting its Holy weakness, but Bubble Ring is an even more reliable means of inflicting the status; either way, the Book of Spells status build will Freeze all three Dolls in their tracks.

Alt Battle 3: Mechaniquarium

Foe Remix saw fit to give NoLegs three big Fishes to sink his teeth into...or maybe not, since they're all robots. The Steam Fish, Jet Fish, and Gold Fish have few weaknesses in common, but they're all weak to Wind and vulnerable to Stun; the Book of Spells is a little riskier than usual, since the Jet and Gold Fish both resist Freeze. Weather Remix will do them no favors, especially if NoLegs uses the Honjo Masamune and the Ninja Gear for a double Wind boost on Tornado Tantrum.

Battle 4: Bat Battalion

There's a whole flock of Bats in this wave; two Snow Bats, two Bone Bats, and an Electric Bat. It's your call on which status build to use; the Book of Spells will immobilize them all, but the Neon Lightbulb can exploit the Snow and Bone Bats' Stun weakness while NoLegs takes out the Stun-immune Electric Bat. In any case, Tempest and Tornado Tantrum will clip their wings in short order, especially if Weather Remix's Low Gravity makes them Light.

Alt Battle 4: Buggy Bat Battalion

The Bone Bats are back for Foe Remix, but they're accompanied by a trio of Dead Pixels this time around.

Battle 5: Spooky, Scary Skeleton Cats

Remember how Epic Battle Fantasy 2 mentioned NoLegs being cursed by the Kitten Kingdom after he betrayed them to help Matt and Natalie? No? Well, Matt Roszak remembered in time for NoLegs's solo challenge, because this match pits him against five Skeleton Cats!

The most concerning part about this battle is that the Skeleton Cats can drastically buff their Accuracy, allowing them to circumvent NoLegs's high Evade. Fortunately, they have no Freeze resistance, so the Book of Spells status build can leave them helpless; don't try the Neon Lightbulb, because they're completely immune to Stun.

Alt Battle 5: Picking on Someone Your Own Size

Foe Remix throws a particularly unexpected challenge at NoLegs for this wave: the intrepid heroine, Chibi Knight! Unfortunately for her, she's in her basic form, which leaves her completely open to being Frozen or Stunned by NoLegs's status build. The latter may be more effective here, since it'll let him wail on Chibi Knight without having to worry about giving her a chance to retaliate; since there's only one foe, he can use his Normal Attack or Blade Blitz to unleash Plasma Cage for even more Stun time. Either way, maintaining Auto-Revive on NoLegs will ensure that his victory is a foregone conclusion.

Battle 6: Fallen Among the Foliage

A pair of Dark Bushes assists a Crucified Fallen and two Lost Fallen in this round. They might look intimidating, but none of them have Freeze or Stun resistance, leaving them open for Swift Slash status spam. Most of them are weak to Holy, save for the Crucified Fallen, which is weak to Dark; either way, NoLegs has a skill to exploit them in between Swift Slashes.

Alt Battle 6: Felines Among the Fallen

The Foe Remix version of this round replaces the Lost Fallen and Dark Bushes with a Drowned Fallen, a Burned Fallen, and two Cat Wizards.

Battle 7: Earth, Wind, and a Bush

Two Sprites (Rock and Wind), two Boulders (Marble and Dirt), and a lone Dark Bush present themselves for NoLegs's sword. The Book of Spells status build is the way to go - the Boulders are 50% Stun-resistant, but none of the foes resist Freeze. When it comes to picking them off, consider taking out the Dark Bush and Dirt Boulder first; the other three are all Dark-weak, so a single Twilight Tango can take them all down once they've been softened up sufficiently.

Alt Battle 7: Sprites , Boulders, and a Glitch

In Foe Remix, there's two each of Fire Sprites and Obsidian Boulders, along with a Small Glitch (remember that its resistances change depending on whether it's green or gray).

Battle 8: Hitting the Books

Here's a wave straight from Greenwood Library; an Origami Dragon backed by two Book Worms. If you're using the Book of Spells, you can consider forgoing the status-boosting equipment; the Dragon is Freeze-immune, and the Worms are so vulnerable to the status that even the unboosted Book of Spells is liable to consistently immobilize them. The Neon Lightbulb status build could work as well, but the Origami Dragon has a 70% Stun resistance that'll probably necessitate a double status boost and the Plasma Cage unleash to overcome.

Alt Battle 8: Dark Defender Duel

The Foe Remix version of this fight sends NoLegs to battle a single Prototype 9X.

Battle 9: Forest Mirrors

A pair of Red Bushes and three Mirrors (two Wise, one Angel) stand in NoLegs's way...and given their complete lack of Stun and Freeze resistance, standing is about all they'll be able to do in the face of a status build. Alternatively, the Mirrors can be quickly shattered with Raging Force - thereby removing their Reflection gimmick and most of their abilities - but mind their Berserk-boosted physical attacks if they're not immobilized.

Alt Battle 9: Dark Mirrors and Retro Bushes

Foe Remix overhauls the wave to feature two Haunted Mirrors, a Demon Mirror, and two Red Pixels.

Battle 10: Idol Smackdown

For the last test of NoLegs's Arena Challenge (or not, depending on how you tackled it), here's five Idols to deal with: two Metal Idols, two Wooden Idols, and a Gem Idol. They might have you outnumbered, but their lack of status resistances will bite them in the collective behind; the status build strategy will leave them all but helpless. The only real threat they pose comes from the Metal Idols' ability to potentially lock down NoLegs's skills; Disable resistance (such as from the Nano Machines or The Tr*force) is advisable to prevent them from sealing away Swift Slash while NoLegs cuts them down.

Alt Battle 10: Impromptu Debugging Session

Apparently, Foe Remix really wants NoLegs to fight Pixels, because here's an entire wave of them! The trio of Gray Pixels can be immobilized by the Book of Spells status build, but the two Green Pixels are immune to both Freeze and Stun; luckily, they're incredibly vulnerable to Instant Death, so NoLegs can take at least one of them out in short order with The Reaper.