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Bears are a family of enemies introduced in Epic Battle Fantasy 4.


Bears appear similar to their real-world counterparts, being large predatory mammals covered in shaggy fur. They usually have a particularly thick tuft of fur on their backs, with several variants also sporting protrusions related to their elemental affinity. They have small, round ears and eyes and a calm, neutral expression unless angered - in EBF4, most Bears had large eyes set in a permanent glare instead. They walk on four stout legs tipped with small claws, and they have a round nub for a tail.

Aside from areas matching their element, Bears are usually found in and around forests.


Bears are high-tier enemies specializing in strong physical attacks, although later versions gain some magical abilities as well. They have high HP and are often found in pairs. While many of them can inflict status effects, their main strategy is to overwhelm the party with brute force. All Bears can use a Body Slam ability which deals high physical damage and may inflict Stun.

Aside from the Chimera Bear in EBF4, Bears are able to automatically go Berserk if they take a powerful hit, drastically increasing their damage output and enabling them to use new skills. If this happens, the status can be cleared with Water or Ice attacks.

In EBF5, Bears usually focus their attacks on the player who damaged them last. Notably, they have also gained a rolling attack that allows them to attack backup players along with the front line.

Most Bears resist Wind and Water while being vulnerable to Fire, Bio, and Dark. Bears usually have high resistance to Stun, Freeze, and Death.


Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Epic Battle Fantasy 5


  • The Bear enemy class was designed by Kenj, as part of an enemy design contest for EBF4. Kenj's concept portrayed Bears as being similar to Elementals, with all but the basic Brown Bear (called "Angry Bear" in his concept art) having a small landscape resembling their elemental affinity on their backs.
    • In addition to the enemy concepts used in EBF4, Kenj's contest entry included three other types of Bear: the nature-based Evergreen Bear, the water-based Island Bear, and the rock-based Mountain Bear.
  • In EBF5, all members of the Bear family are named after types of bears in the real world.