• Brown Bear
  • Undead Bear
  • Chimera Bear
"You know, I've never tried eating bear before. It's about time I had some!"
―Matt, Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Bears are a new enemy class introduced in Epic Battle Fantasy 4. They are high-tier enemies specializing in strong physical attacks, although later versions gain some magical abilities as well.

There are three species of Bear encountered in EBF4: the Brown Bear, the Undead Bear, and the Chimera Bear.


Brown Bear

The first type of Bear encountered appears similar to a real-life grizzly, having shaggy brown fur, large claws, and angry white eyes. It is mostly found in the later half of Ashwood Forest.

It uses a variety of physical attacks, relying on its high HP to endure the players' attacks. It may go Berserk when hit (especially if it takes a lot of damage in one turn or if its elemental weakness is targeted), boosting its offensive power even further.

Undead Bear

This Dark-based Bear is found in the depths of Graybone Cemetery. It has a heavily decayed appearance, stitches on parts of its body, and a large hole in its back filled with earth and twisted metal stakes.

Like the Brown Bear, it may go Berserk when it takes heavy damage. Unlike the Brown Bear, it also has some magic to back its powerful physical attacks. As an undead creature, it is weak to Holy and resistant to Dark.

Chimera Bear

The final Bear variant is a Holy-based foe found in the upper levels of the Temple of Godcat. It is a white-furred bear with a small horn on its head and small wings on its back.

Unlike the previous Bear species, the Chimera Bear makes extensive use of magic in battle, although it can still deliver heavy physical attacks. It also cannot go Berserk.

The Chimera Bear also appears as a summon. It fires it's massive light beam and may Syphon enemies.


  • The Bear enemy class was designed by Kenj, as part of an enemy design contest for EBF4. Kenj's concept portrayed Bears as being similar to Elementals, with all but the basic Brown Bear (called "Angry Bear" in his concept art) having a small landscape resembling their elemental affinity on their backs.
    • In addition to the enemy concepts used in EBF4, Kenj's contest entry included three other types of Bear: the nature-based Evergreen Bear, the water-based Island Bear, and the rock-based Mountain Bear.
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