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Big Bushes are a species of foes that appear in Epic Battle Fantasy 4, Adventure Story, and Bullet Heaven 2. They are a subgroup of the Bushes and may also be considered a part of the Kitten Army.


Big Bushes are massive bushes with the same foilage as the relevant kind of bush. They have a pair of eyes and a mouth, but unlike regular Bushes, they seem to lack arms. A Cat Soldier sits atop the bush in an open wooden box.

Big Bushes can be seen with different patterns of flowers, with each Big Bush's flower arrangement being random. They seem to have spacious bodies, or at least enough so that baby Bushes can live inside a Big Bush.

Big Bushes are mainly found in forested areas, like Lankyroot Jungle.


Unlike regular Bushes, Big Bushes are high-tier foes that have substantial bulk and solid offense. They usually use Earth and Poison attacks, and typically have an attack involving baby Bushes popping out of the Big Bush and tackle players at random. Their riders can blow a horn to summon foes such as Cat Soldiers and other Bushes while buffing their side with stat buffs and positive status effects.

That being said, Big Bushes are fairly weak, being almost on par with Big Slimes. They have a poor variety of attacks and the backup foes they summon are largely negligible.

All Big Bushes are weak to Fire, Earth, and Poison, but absorb Water. They are also weak to Stagger, with the Big Green Bush also being weak to Burn.


Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Adventure Story

Bullet Heaven 2


  • Big Bushes could be considered a counterpart to the Forts also used by the Kitten Army, as well as the Big Slimes.
  • The horn used by Big Bushes during battle is apparently the Horn of Gondor from The Lord of the Rings, as stated by Matt.