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"There exist a huge diversity of slimes in every corner of the world. They come in all shapes and sizes, with varying elemental properties. All species are however pathetic and their deaths by that of your mighty sword shall not be mourned." - Epic Battle Fantasy 3 intro (sic)

Big Slimes (also called Giant Slimes) are a recurring enemy species in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. As the name suggests, they are a subgroup of Slimes.


Big Slimes are physically similar to their smaller brethren, being round gelatinous creatures, but with some differences aside from their size. Their eyes are large enough to be distinctly colored (with visible pupils in EBF5), the objects embedded in their bodies are much larger and more elaborate, and they are surrounded by three smaller blobs of unknown function. These blobs are not attached directly to the Big Slime, but they still seem to lag slightly behind their movements. Prior to EBF5, they also have irregular crinkling mouths; as of EBF5, they simply have bigger versions of the regular Slime's "cat smile."

Big Slimes have many elemental variants and are found all over the world, often accompanied by their smaller counterparts.


Unlike regular Slimes, Big Slimes are an actual threat in battle; their first appearance was actually a full-fledged boss. They have much more durability and attack power, being large enough to create damaging earthquakes by jumping in place; this can also summon regular Slimes as reinforcements. Big Slimes can tackle players like regular Slimes do, but they also know some magic, with most being able to use spells of one or two corresponding elements. In EBF4 specifically, Big Slimes can also inflict the crippling Slimed status with their basic leap attacks, and with a fairly high success rate (especially on higher difficulty levels).

However, Big Slimes are still Slimes at the end of the day; compared to other high-tier foes, they're not particularly threatening. They tend to be weak to critical status effects such as Instant Death and Freeze; aside from that, their individual weaknesses and resistances tend to be the same as their smaller counterparts.

In EBF5, Big Slimes will inflict Berserk on themselves if the party is carrying equipment that scares Slimes.


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In EBF3, there are 3 unused Giant Slime bodies, which are seasonal variations of three existing Slimes for Easter, Halloween and Christmas. The decorations of a season stay identical on all Slimes, the only difference is the color of the Slime itself. The Easter version of Giant Blue Slime and the Halloween version of Giant Green Slime stand out due to unique body colors: the former is white instead of the Slime's normal blue/cyan color, and the latter is orange instead of green.

In EBF4, these two bodies are still present, but only one is used — a distorted version of the pumpkin Slime appears as one of The Glitch's idle sprites. The Christmas Slime's decorations were slightly altered and used for the Big Snow Slime's December version.


  • Although no internal organs can be seen, Big Slimes can clearly be seen exhaling when using some abilities.
  • It is possible that Big Slimes are created through reverse mitosis (multiple small Slimes clumping together and fusing into a single larger entity). This theory is supported by the fact that the more complex Slimes (Furry, Bunny, Mouse/Yellow and Blue/Water to a lesser extent) with their own abilities do not have a giant version.