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Big Spark electrocuting a Swordslinger

Big Spark is a Thunder-elemental special skill available to Matt, Lance, and Anna in Epic Battle Fantasy 4, as well as a bonus skill present in Epic Battle Fantasy 5.


When used, a large ball of yellow energy bursts out of the ground and arcs into the air before smashing into the target for physical Thunder damage. As the name implies, its animation resembles a larger version of Spark.

In EBF4, Big Spark is 80% elemental. It is best given to Matt, since Anna and Lance already have solid Thunder attacks in their base kits (Spark Arrow and Plasma Field, respectively).

In EBF5, Big Spark can no longer be learned by players (with Surge filling its former niche); instead, it is a bonus skill from specific weapons. It otherwise behaves similarly to its EBF4 incarnation, but as a pure elemental attack.

Foe Users

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Epic Battle Fantasy 5

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Big Spark is unlocked when Matt joins the party in Ashwood Forest.

EBF4 Skill Big Spark.png
Big Spark
Expert thunder attack.
Target Type Element Status Effect Acc Crit RdF
Single Physical 80% Element Thunder.png -- 100% 10% 10%
Level Power Status Chance Status Strength MP AP Cost
1 100 -- -- 14 1000
2 145 -- -- 20 2500
3 190 -- -- 26 6000
EBF4 Skill Spark.png

Epic Battle Fantasy 5

Big Spark is available to players as a bonus skill from the Golden Axe (sword), the Alt Lightning Shard, and the Alt Neon Lightbulb.

Name Target Power Type Element Status Effect Acc Crit RdF
Big Spark Single Variable Physical 100% EBF5 Element Thunder.png -- -- -- 100% 10% 10%
Notes: Power is 80 when unleashed as a bonus spell or 105 when cast by foes.