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"Poison spells work well against most beasts, especially big ones!"
―Anna, Epic Battle Fantasy 4
  • In EBF3-4.
  • In EBF5.

Bio, called Poison prior to EBF5, is an element in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. It represents a variety of toxic substances, ranging from venomous wildlife to hazardous chemical waste. Some of its skills are also associated with plants, a characteristic shared with Earth.

Bio is closely related to the Poison and Virus status effects, and their mechanics make both of them rather unique in comparison to the other elements and statuses.


Bio is fairly common, as all characters but NoLegs have access to at least one skill of that element in their inherent skillset. It is usually effective against Sprites and animal-based foes such as Dogs, Bears and Giant Insects. However, it is resisted by inorganic foes (such as Golems or Flybots), and is often absorbed by undead foes.

Though most characters have access to a Bio-elemental attack, most of them are focused on inflicting the Poison status instead of Bio damage. In Epic Battle Fantasy 5, Bio damage can be increased if the target has Tired and reduced if the target has Chill.






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Epic Battle Fantasy 4


Epic Battle Fantasy 4


  • Green Potion: Casts The Dead and hits all foes with poison damage.

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