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"Woah, these rocks detonate themselves! We can either spend a turn killing them, or take the damage instead. Hmmm."
―Anna / Natalie, Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Bits are a recurring enemy class in the Epic Battle Fantasy series, making their first appearance in Epic Battle Fantasy 2.


Bits appear as floating rocks with crystal protrusions present all over their body surface. The colors of the crystals vary depending on what element they are based off of.

Bits are often found in caves and mountainous areas, such as Glacier Valley, the Kitten Ruins, Volcano Peak, or the Crystal Caverns. They are also associated with the Giga Golem and the Crystal Golem.


Bits are generally weak enemies, serving as annoyances and support for more dangerous foes. Their primary method of attack is to sacrifice themselves by self-destructing to inflict moderately high damage on the players. In EBF4, they're also able to cast basic to mid-level elemental magic.

All Bits are resistant to Bio and weak to Bomb attacks. They are also immune to Poison. In EBF4, Bits gain weaknesses to Water and Wind. Bits always absorb the element they are based off of.


Epic Battle Fantasy 2

Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Epic Battle Fantasy 4


  • The Giga Golem from Epic Battle Fantasy 2 seems to be some sort of a fusion of Ice and Fire Bits. Fittingly, it can summon both types at will.
  • In Epic Battle Fantasy 4, Bits are said to be pieces of the Crystal Golem that can move and act independently from the main body.
  • While Bits do not appear in Epic Battle Fantasy 5, the Ores which debut in that game take many cues from them.