"Immune to being inflicted with bad status effects, including death and dispel."
―Bless' hover-over tip, Epic Battle Fantasy 4
Status Bless
EBF5 Status Bless
Bless is a positive status effect introduced in Epic Battle Fantasy 4. Its icon is a four-leaf clover. It serves as an "anti-status ailment" effect: a Blessed character is immune to be inflicted with most negative status effects, including (but not limited to) Dispel, Doom and Instant Death.
  • Bless does not clear already inflicted status effects, nor does it shield from their effects.
    • As an exception, Bless can negate Doom's Death effect.
  • It also doesn't protect against self-inflicted statuses from equipment or skills (except for the statuses attached to recoil damage, from skills like Supernova or Black Hole).
  • It won't prevent stat debuffs.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

  • Regarding neutral/multi-purpose statuses, Bless can block Wet and most instances of Berserk. The latter has two exceptions: the Berserk skill, which bypasses any resistances when used on a playable character, and all enemy skills that apply Berserk on the user, such as Tanuki Dog's alcoheal, for similar reasons.
  • Blocking status infliction doesn't drain Bless' length.

Like most status effects, it vanishes after the battle, upon death (except if with Auto-Revive), or after a number of turns. As it cannot be Dispelled, the only way to get rid of it on a foe is to wait for it to wear off with time.

Stats before the Battle Mountain update are listed in brackets.

Bless is available to the players through the following skills and equipment:

  • Oak Staff (staff, BM Premium only) may inflict the status on the user — up to 50% chance and 2x length.
  • Pink Flower (female hat) may inflict the status on the user — up to 50% chance and 1x length.
  • Clover Pin (flair) may inflict the status on the user — up to 40% chance and 1x length.

Enemy abilities that utilize Bless:

Epic Battle Fantasy 5

  • Bless can block all statuses, including neutral statuses and even positive ones (though attacks that inflict those are extremely rare). Statuses voluntarily given to the party with skills, summons or food ignore Bless.
    • Forcibly swapping players is actually considered a status effect, and thus will be prevented if Bless is on the intended target.
    • Bless also prevents Virus from spreading to the target.
  • EBF5 has quite a few instances of attacks that can bypass Bless, such as the Hungry inflicted by Mammoths on death, the Stuffed inflicted by Squids on death, or the Invisibility and Enchantment spells.
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