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"Accuracy cut in half, heal with Antidote or Purify"
―Blind's description in the tutorial, Epic Battle Fantasy 2
Status Blind.png

Blind is a negative status effect found in Epic Battle Fantasy 2. It is represented by pricked out eyes. It simply halves the accuracy of victim's attacks. Additional application of Blind will increase the duration of the ailment, but does not affect the strength of accuracy reduction. The status is replaced in next installments by the ability to debuff Accuracy like other stats.

Blind can be cured with Antidote (despite Antidote's description not mentioning Blind in the list of statuses affected), Purify and Kyun (Natalie's ultimate). Like most EBF2 status effects, it vanishes when a checkpoint is reached, when the player dies (even with Auto-Revive), or after a number of turns.

Blind is available to the players through the following skills:

Skill bonuses providing resistance against Blind:

  • Immunity for Natalie — Grants 50% chance to dodge any bad status effect or stat debuff, independent of their infliction chance.
  • Immunity x2 for Natalie — Grants actual immunity to all bad statuses and debuffs.

Enemy attacks that can cause Blind:

  • Red Bee's toxic powder — 20% chance, 3x length, targets both players.
  • Sandworm's sand spray — 50% chance, 3x length, targets both players.

Blind is also partially present in Epic Battle Fantasy 3. Green Bush and Red Bush have 50% resistance against it, mentioned by the in-game Bestiary, and a few more foes are neutral to it. Yet there is no way to inflict the status, and no code for its effects. The final version of the game doesn't even include an icon for Blind, though it can be found in the files of early demos.