• Snow pea lover 100

    The following page lists all Skills available at the player's disposal throughout the course of and what happened to them in EBF4.

    Icon Name Description EBF4 availability
    Tremor Basic earth attack. Same
    Quake Advanced earth attack. High accuracy. Same
    Cataclysm Expert earth attack. High critical hit rate. Same
    Fume Advanced fire attack. Same
    Eruption Expert fire attack. Same
    Nettle Basic poison attack. Poisons the target. Same
    Tundra Advanced ice attack. Same
    Iceberg Expert ice attack. Same
    Drain Drain a target's HP. Same but now named "Life Drain"
    Quick Slash Weak attack with high accuracy. Same
    Wind Slash Attack that targets all foes, uses the element and special effects of your weapon. Same but now named "Swift Slash"
    Revenge More powerful when us…

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  • Alpha Sentry

    Well, I was really surprised when I discovered how much this wiki was missing, foes without pages, stub articles and more! But now we are working hard again to improve the quality, and I hope people can recognise that.

    Hmm, I'm not even sure if an editor that's not on the discord chat will see that :S ,  but if you are one, leave a message to Omega Sentinel on the discord server that Matt himself made -> 

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  • Jasza676

    Hello guys!

    I am finally back after over a month of absence and silence. Firstly, I would like to apologize for such event, and for leaving the (although tiny) community without a word. As for explanation and justification, it wasn't my intentional choice. My ISP had technical problems and they took a lot of their sweet time to fix them, which resulted in me simply having no internet for over a month (yup, it actually took them that long...).

    So, to not waste time any more, I shall ask you a question already:

    How do you feel about Blog Posts and Forum? Should we disable Blogs, since Forum can basically serve the same function, yet more effectively? Or should Blogs stay active, and if yes, how should they be handled?

    I am asking, since I am not…

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  • Jesus Beams

    Natalie Used Revive!

    February 11, 2015 by Jesus Beams

    ...Or however the actual game dialogue goes! I can't remember; I haven't been on here or touched Epic Battle Fantasy for at least 15 months (that'll change soon, since I'm in the process of buying EBF4 on Steam as we speak in order to reacclimate myself). Anyway, I only have one announcement to make:

    I am Andyyilong, i.e., the founder of this wiki.

    I feel like that should give me more authority or something, but... founder of a wiki, who's not even the most active contributor, isn't actually all that important a position. I guess I'm just a little indignant that I can't transfer my shiny 100-point Founder / Creator / whatever badge over to this account.

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  • Andyyilong

    Weren't You Like, Dead?

    February 11, 2015 by Andyyilong

    Yeah, pretty much. I mean, I kind of forgot this wiki existed for a little over a year... in my defense, I was busy. Ish. The important thing is that I'm back, though, right? Whatever that accomplishes. It's not like I learned a whole lot; mostly, I just lost self-esteem. Oh well. The important announcements in this post are:

    • I haven't died in some sort of tragic accident
    • I'll probably be using my Jesus Beams account from now on (man, the achievements system is stupidly unnecessary and fun, but I can't transfer my 100-point Founder badge over - damn)

    ...Yeah, that's it. I guess I'll go buy and replay EBF4 on Steam to get myself into the mood for doing things.

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  • Insert Your Name Here

    The completion of the new Template:EquipTable is definitely one of my biggest achievement to date. The template went through multiple ideas, took months to have the final form and has a code twice as long as the others. It is still not perfect, but for now it is stable, and we can now use it to replace the aging Equip stat template.

    Now, with Lunar New Year approaching, I believe I need to take a look at the state of the wiki. In the few months since I started editing this wiki, we have managed to achieve a lot, though there are still even more things that are not okay:

    • The uploading of the game assets has played a large part in improving the wiki's appearance. With my expertise in searching and pirating things off the internet, I have manag…
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  • Flypack

    Epic Cat Fantasy

    September 30, 2014 by Flypack

    If you haven't noticed, I've been filling up the wiki's recent activity list with a bunch of edits named "cat". This actually means categories lol. I noticed all the armors and hats are under the armor category so I'm putting them in a new one. But that means manually changing the categories for each hat article, sigh.

    Also, badge +1 ftw.

    UPDATE: I left a bunch of hats still at the male armor category because I realized that it gives you points to earn a new badge. If someone wants a new badge you can go ahead and finish it.

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  • Insert Your Name Here

    EBF2 assets

    August 13, 2014 by Insert Your Name Here

    Used a decompiler to extract EBF2's resources. This should make it easier to take high quality photos of weapons, drugs, enemies, Lance's upper body...

    If anyone is interested in completing the pages, I could start uploading the photos tomorrow.

    Insert Your Name Here (talk) 13:17, August 13, 2014 (UTC)

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  • SliverEmperor

    Hi all! Got another technicality to work out here.

    You know the bosses of Adventure Story, right? Well, I was wondering if they should get pages of their own on this wiki, or if we should keep them with the closest enemy equivalent. I'm kind of leaning towards the former at the moment, since some of the bosses are pretty involved, but there's already two of them incorporated into their respective enemy pages, so... I dunno.

    Unless anyone has any objections, I'll make a sample page of the first boss, just so you can get an idea of what the rest would look like. Let me know what y'all think!

    SliverEmperor (talk) 02:13, August 13, 2014 (UTC)

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  • SliverEmperor


    August 3, 2014 by SliverEmperor

    Hey all,

    I have an interesting idea for a new page, but I'm looking for some community approval first. Who would approve if I made a glossary of terms used frequently in and in regards to the Epic Battle Fantasy series? It'd be a combination of descriptions for terms used in-game and on this very wiki, and links to pages that describe terms in more detail.

    Any questions or concerns about this should be posted here for discussion. Thanks for your input!

    EDIT: Say hello to your new Glossary! It's still under construction, but I think it looks nice so far - any thoughts?

    00:38, August 4, 2014 (UTC)SliverEmperor (talk)

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  • SliverEmperor

    Page Design

    July 20, 2014 by SliverEmperor

    Okay, I know we've gone over this a few times, but I'm going to try and present some examples on how we can reorganize the pages on this wiki. If you have questions or alternatives, please don't hesitate to put them up here.

    • For armor, I would keep headgear and body armor separate (e.g. Army Jacket and Army Helmet), but make a note in each page of any counterparts they might have (e.g. the Knight Armor has a female counterpart in the Breastplate and a headgear counterpart in the Knight Helmet). That way, we can list their stats, abilities, and locations separately.
    • When it comes to locations and games, we definitely only need one page per...location. If possible, try to find evidence of an official name - I'm still not entirely sure if the EB…
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  • Jasza676

    Free thoughts and ideas

    January 5, 2014 by Jasza676

    After my adoption request I have become an Admin. If anybody requires help or wants to ask about something, whether related to the game or wiki itself just leave me a message.

    Thanks to Insert Your Name Here we got some fancy templates to play with: Infobox for foes (EBF3 and EBF4 variants); Skill/Spell table which looks quite nice, it replaces the default wiki-table we used for that; Loot template to list all items that drop from foes on their defeat; Recommended equipment table, which will be quite useful for strategy against bosses; and new template for Equipment stats, but it is still in development.

    Reminder for myself - add option to collapse to some of the table-like templates

    Current progress in various "areas" of the EBF series in ther…

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