The Blue Dragon is a foe introduced in Epic Battle Fantasy 4. It typically appears near rivers and oceans.


The Blue Dragon is a large aquatic dragon with blue scales and a metallic grey underbelly. It has pale blue eyes, and most of its face is covered with small blue imprints. It's also notable for the blue protrusions on its back which resemble seaweed, and an alarmingly sharp and shiny snout that appears to be made of metal.


The Blue Dragon is a high-end foe capable of drenching the party in a deluge of Water damage while potentially buffing the Magic Defence of all foes.

The Blue Dragon possesses several dangerous moves, including several Wetting Water attacks, a random-targeting Ice attack, and a generic non-elemental attack. What makes the Blue Dragon notable among its fellow dragons is that once it loses half of its health, it will shift to a moveset that involves using Tsunami half of the time. Tsunami has twice the power of the average dragon "Megaflare", and can deal blistering damage to the party. Because of this, Water resistance is very useful on harder difficulties, and it is recommended that once the Blue Dragon gets wounded the party finishes it off as soon as they can.

It's worth noting that inflicting Syphon will limit the Blue Dragon to using Bite, though its high resistance makes this a difficult strategy. Attempting to Berserk it will lead to the Blue Dragon spamming Tsunami at low health.

Blue Dragons absorb Water and resist Bomb, Wind and Fire. However, they are weak to Poison, as well as both Thunder and Ice.


Icon bestiary ebf4 blue dragon Blue Dragon EBF4
A mighty sea dragon which uses powerful water and ice attacks. Can buff the magic defence of other foes.
Stat HP Stat Attack Stat Defence Stat Magic Stat Mdef Stat Accuracy Stat Evade Exp AP SP Gold Hit2HP
899 6 4 6 4 4 4 277 22 22 260 20
Element Fire Element Thunder Element Ice Element Earth Element Poison Element Bomb Element Wind Element Water Element Holy Element Dark
50% -80% -80% - -50% 50% 50% 200% - -
Status Burn Status Stun Status Freeze Status Tired Status Poison Status Dispel Status Stagger Status Syphon Status Wet Status Weaken Status Curse Status Death
- 70% 70% - - - - 70% - - - 100%
StatDown Attack StatDown Magic StatDown Defence StatDown Mdef StatDown Accuracy StatDown Evade
- - 50% 50% - -
Item Drop Rate
Icon Item Solid Water Item Steel Plate Item Dragon Scales Item Mythril Shards Item Titanium - -
Name Solid Water Steel Plate Dragon Scales Mythril Shards Titanium - -
Chance 100% 100% 100% 5% 10% - -
Status Damage
Damage taken from status effects, in % of maximum health (per turn), including elemental resistances:
Status Burn Burn Status Poison Poison Status Doom Doom
(if Death fails)
Status Regen Regen
1.4% 1.8% per stack,
up to 16.2%
Immune -13.(3)%
Final damage is randomized by ±5% (except for Doom) and rounded down.

Attacks and Abilities

Attack List
Attack Target Power Type Element Status Effect Acc Crit RdF
Bite Single 65 Stat Attack ---- -- -- -- 100% 10% 10%
Bubble Spray All 25 Stat Magic 100% Element Water 100% 1x Status Wet 100% 10% 10%
Iceshard Volley Random 135/3 Stat Magic 100% Element Ice -- -- -- 85% 10% 10%
Flood Single 60 Stat Attack 80% Element Water 100% 3x Status Wet 100% 10% 10%
Tsunami All 100 Stat Magic 100% Element Water 300% 9x Status Wet 200% 10% 10%
Roar Allies -- -- ---- -- 50% Stat Mdef -- -- --

Battle Logic

The following describes general logic of the enemy and attack patterns, with chances of each attack to be used. Conditions are listed from highest to lowest priority unless specified otherwise.

  • Syphoned → Bite;
  • Berserked AND HP ≥49% → Flood (1/2), Roar (1/2);
  • Berserked AND HP <49% → Tsunami;
  • ≥49% HP → Bite (1/5), Bubble Spray (1/5), Iceshard Volley (1/5), Flood (1/5), Roar (1/5);
  • <49% HP → Bubble Spray (1/4), Iceshard Volley (1/4), Tsunami (2/4).

(Exact health requirement shown is technically inaccurate in some cases, but it allows for simpler explanation with little to no sacrifice, as the difference is less than a percent.)


  • According to Matt Roszak, the Blue Dragon (and presumably its EBF5 successor/equivalent, the Sea Dragon) is partially based on a seahorse.
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