"My neck is going to get sore from wearing an animal on my head, isn't it? Oh well, worth it!"
―Natalie, Epic Battle Fantasy 5
EBF5 Casual Skirt and Blue Elephant

Blue Elephant in EBF5.

The Blue Elephant is a female hat found in Epic Battle Fantasy 5. It doesn't have an armor counterpart.


The Blue Elephant is a small blue elephant, who is the mascot for Armor Games. Its design is directly based on the style by Joey Betz, AKA Jimp.

It gives a massive bonus to HP, as well as minor bonuses to Attack and Magic Attack at max level. At level five, it can also randomly fire off War Mammoth, sharply improving the party's defenses and dishing out some good Bomb damage, although the odds of it doing so are low. The combination of its 3 resistances and its large HP boost (along with the occasional defense buff from War Mammoth) greatly increases the wearer's survivability. However, the Blue Elephant's main asset is not from its unusual defenses; it is the only female headgear that increases the chances of inflicting status effects, making it wonderful for related strategies. As such, it works well with Gaia's Gift, the Angel Wing, and The Knife.

The Blue Elephant provides resistances to Water, Bio and Bomb, none of which become immunities at level 5.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5

Found inside a chest in the Frozen Valley after defeating Poseidon.

EBF5 Hat Blue Elephant Blue Elephant
An elephant that's been on a lot of adventures.
  • Level 3: Increases the chance of inflicting status effects.
  • Level 5: Randomly casts War Mammoth between turns.
Stat Bonus Resistance
Stat HP 10% 15% 20% 25% 35% - - - - - - EBF5 Element Water 10% 20% 30% 40% 50%
Stat Attack - - - - 5% Stat Defence - - - - - EBF5 Element Bio 10% 20% 30% 40% 50%
Stat Magic - - - - 5% Stat Mdef - - - - - EBF5 Element Bomb 10% 20% 30% 40% 50%
Stat Accuracy - - - - - Stat Evade - - - - -
Spells & Statuses
Power Chance Modifier
Auto Skill -- (15%)
Bonus Skill -- --
Auto Status -- --
Defend Status -- --
Forging Information
Lvl Requirements Lvl Requirements
2 EBF5 Item Super Tape
x 2
-- -- 3 EBF5 Item Pretzel
x 2
-- --
4 EBF5 Item Hamburger
x 1
-- -- 5 EBF5 Item Game Child
x 1
-- --


  • As mentioned in the description, this hat is a shout-out to Armor Games. The elephant is the star of many games, such as Achievement Unlocked, This is the Only Level, and Elephant Quest.
  • Clicking on the elephant repeatedly when equipped is one way to get the Squishy medal.
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