The Blue Flybot is a foe and a summon in Epic Battle Fantasy 5. Blue Flybots are typically found in the Iron Fortress but go on to appear in several other locations. It is a member of the Flybots enemy group.


The Blue Flybot is reminiscent of the Drill Bot from the previous games. The main body of the Blue Flybot is a roughly spherical blue robot with various markings on it which keeps itself aloft with a propeller. It has a central sky blue orb for its "eye", and has a pair of pumps (presumably for water and coolant) extending out from the back of it. It has two arms which resemble radiators, allowing it to release blasts of ice, wind, or water.


Blue Flybots are the water-elemental member of the Flybot family, and as such are low level foes capable of some very annoying tactics.

Unlike the other Flybots, the Blue Flybot uses multiple elements in its attacks, but keeping in line with the rest of its family it still uses a wealth of status effects. They can inflict Syphon, Wet and Chill, with the latter two being used for some interesting and annoying combos. Like the other members of the Flybot family, the Blue Flybot is capable of inverting buffs. If the player attempts to buff themselves or debuff the foes, the Blue Flybot may invert them. The Blue Flybot in itself is not a foe that requires buffs, but if paired with stronger foes it may become problematic.

In terms of resistances, the Blue Flybot resists Bio, is immune to Earth, and absorbs Water. It is weak to Bomb and especially Thunder. It resists the Stun, Syphon, Death, and Doom statuses, and due to being a robot is completely immune to Virus and Poison.


EBF5 Foe Icon Blue Flybot
Blue Flybot EBF5
A robot which combines water, wind, and ice attacks, and exploits the elemental weaknesses of players.
Stat HP Stat Attack Stat Defence Stat Magic Stat Mdef Stat Accuracy Stat Evade Exp AP SP Gold Hit2HP Catch
201 4 4 4 4 4 4.1 37 2.8 2.8 16 40 16
EBF5 Element Fire EBF5 Element Thunder EBF5 Element Ice EBF5 Element Earth EBF5 Element Bio EBF5 Element Bomb EBF5 Element Water EBF5 Element Wind EBF5 Element Holy EBF5 Element Dark
- -80% - 100% 50% -50% 200% - - -
EBF5 Status Burn+Scorch EBF5 Status Stun EBF5 Status Chill+Freeze EBF5 Status Poison+Virus EBF5 Status Syphon EBF5 Status Curse+Bad Luck EBF5 Status Stagger+Confuse EBF5 Status Wet+Dry EBF5 Status Heavy+Light EBF5 Status Weak+Tired EBF5 Status Dispel EBF5 Status Death
- 50% - 100% 50% - - - - - - 50%
EBF5 StatDown Attack EBF5 StatDown Magic EBF5 StatDown Defence EBF5 StatDown Mdef EBF5 StatDown Accuracy EBF5 StatDown Evade
- - - - - -
Item Drop Rate
Icon EBF5 Item Metal Gear EBF5 Item Plastic EBF5 Item Liquid Ice EBF5 Item Floppy EBF5 Item P2 Processor
Name Metal Gear Plastic Liquid Ice Floppy P2 Processor
Chance 50% 50% 50% 50% 5%
Status Damage
Damage taken from status effects, in % of maximum health (per turn), including elemental resistances:
EBF5 Status Burn Burn EBF5 Status Poison Poison EBF5 Status Virus Virus EBF5 Status Doom Doom
(if Death fails)
EBF5 Status Regenerate Regen
2.8% per stack,
up to 25.2%
Immune Immune 20% -26.(6)%
Damage taken from first three is decreased by 30% on Easy and 65% on Zero difficulties.
Final damage is randomized by ±5% (except for Doom) and rounded down.

Attacks and Abilities

Attack List
Attack Target Power Type Element Status Effect Acc Crit RdF
Windy Blast Single 30 Stat Magic 100% EBF5 Element Wind -- -- -- 100% 10% 10%
Watery Blast Single 33 Stat Magic 100% EBF5 Element Water 100% 3x EBF5 Status Wet 100% 10% 10%
Icy Blast Single 28 Stat Magic 100% EBF5 Element Ice 100% 3x EBF5 Status Chill 100% 10% 10%
Recycle Anyone -- -- ---- -- -- -- -- -- --
Notes: Inverts the target's buffs/debuffs, turning negatives into positives, and vice versa.
Cannot miss and ignores EBF5 Status Lovable Lovable.
Bubble Ring Single 46 Stat Magic 100% EBF5 Element Water 100% 1x EBF5 Status Syphon 100% 10% 10%

Battle logic

The following describes general logic of the enemy and attack patterns, with chances of each attack to be used. Conditions are listed from highest to lowest priority unless specified otherwise.

  • If Syphoned, catch score >55 and all players are Lovable → Surrender;
  • If catch score >55 and all players are Lovable → Bubble Ring;
  • If Syphoned → Wind Blast;
  • If Berserked → Windy Blast (1/3), Watery Blast (1/3), Icy Blast (1/3);
  • If the sum of a player's buffs is ≥100%, or the sum of a foe's debuffs is ≥100% → Recycle (1/5), Windy Blast (1/5), Watery Blast (1/5), Icy Blast (1/5), Bubble Ring (1/5);
  • Otherwise → Windy Blast (1/4), Watery Blast (1/4), Icy Blast (1/4), Bubble Ring (1/4).

* Watery Blast and Icy Blast will prioritize targets that aren't resistant to their elements.

Due to an oversight, the Blue Flybot may use Recycle's targeting AI to select a target only to switch to a different attack afterwards, leading to situations where it'll attack its own allies or itself with its Windy Blast attack.


The foe can be captured to be used as a summon. When used, the Blue Flybot casts Recycle on all frontline players. Though not as versatile as the Red Flybot, the Blue Flybot is perfect for when the party has just been slammed by several heavy debuffs.

EBF5 Foe Icon Blue Flybot
Blue Flybot SP EBF5 Status Freeze
Inverts the buffs of all allies, turning negatives into positives, and vice versa. 21 Kept
Target Power Type Element Status Effect Acc Crit RdF
Allies -- -- ---- -- -- -- -- -- --
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