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Bombs are a family of enemies introduced in Epic Battle Fantasy 5, although one of them technically made its first appearance in Epic Battle Fantasy 2. They are closely related to Turrets and could be considered a subfamily of them.


Bombs are enormous missiles almost as large as an entire human body. They have cylindrical bodies with rocket engines on one end and a high-powered warhead on the other. They are mounted on simple metallic launching frames that emerge from panels hidden in the ground or on top of a tank; as of EBF5, their launching frame also includes a device with three small colored lights (similar to an inverted traffic light).

Bombs are mostly found in the Iron Fortress and the Mineshaft Maze. They are also deployed by the Valkyrie Tank in Epic Battle Fantasy 2, and by the Neon Valkyrie and the Neon Valhalla in Epic Battle Fantasy 5.


While incredibly predictable, Bombs are some of the most dangerous enemies in the series. They spend their turns counting down - usually from 3, although other countdowns are possible - which is accompanied by the lights on their frame sequentially activating in EBF5. On the same turn their countdown reaches 0 (except in EBF2, where it's one turn after), they launch themselves at the party and explode for catastrophic damage - any survivors will usually be saddled with dangerous status effects.

Needless to say, Bombs are first-priority targets in most situations where they appear; fortunately, they have several exploitable weaknesses. Their countdowns leave them completely helpless and pause while they're suffering from Stun or Freeze (mind their resistance to the statuses, however). In EBF5, most Bombs deal pure elemental damage, allowing the party to completely nullify their damage with sufficient resistance. Additionally, if a Bomb tries to launch itself while afflicted with Syphon, it will "fizzle out" and immediately Surrender; keep in mind that this will not stop their countdown, however. Equipment to boost status infliction chances is recommended if you're planning to exploit the Bombs' status weaknesses, especially if they're also Syphon-resistant.

All EBF5 Bombs are weak to Water, Ice, and especially Earth (with the exception of Nuclear Bombs deployed by the Neon Valkyrie), but are immune to Bio, Wind, Poison, Virus, and Stagger. Most of them have an additional weakness to Thunder and a severe weakness to Bomb.

Unlike most foes, Bombs cannot be captured in EBF5; however, Lance has used a Nuclear Bomb for one of his natural Limit Break skills since the third game.


Epic Battle Fantasy 2

Epic Battle Fantasy 5


  • In EBF5, the Turrets and Bombs are grouped together as "Turrets" and "Turrets2" for the Endless Battle mode in the Temple of Trials. These categories are similar to the enemy families, but with the Nuclear Bomb and Giga Harpoon switched; this makes the groups correspond to the enemies found in the "normal" areas of the EBF5 world and the enemies found exclusively in the Mineshaft Maze.