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Boulders are a family of enemies introduced in Epic Battle Fantasy 5.


Boulders are stout beings with wide, blocky bodies and short limbs. They are mostly smooth except for the top of their heads, which is covered in objects corresponding to their element. The front of their body has embedded gemstones for a face, with two diamond-like crystals as eyes and three rectangular stones for a mouth. Despite being set in rock, these gems can move slightly for different expressions; they also briefly pop out of the Boulder's face when it takes a strong blow.

Boulders appear throughout the game, generally favoring environments that befit their element.


Boulders are low to mid-tier foes with decent power and solid durability. They can use some basic physical attacks (such as arm flailing and headbutts) which deal moderate amounts of damage, but they are mostly known for hurling and riding giant stones at the party. These attacks hit multiple players and may even hit players in backup; the stones' appearance and properties depend on the species, but they are all capable of inflicting a stat debuff or status effect. Boulders also know a magical skill or two corresponding to their element, but these are rarely used in favor of their stones and physical attacks.

All Boulders share a weakness to Bomb and resistance to Bio. Nearly all Boulders resist Fire, Thunder, and Wind, and most of them have a weakness to Water.


Epic Battle Fantasy 5


  • If a Boulder is allowed to Surrender and retreat, it will wave at the party as it backs offscreen.