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"Deals more critical hits, and cannot be hit by any critical hits."
―Brave's hover-over tip, Epic Battle Fantasy 4
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Brave is a positive status effect in Epic Battle Fantasy 4. Its icon is a red axe. Brave greatly increases the odds of the affected landing a critical hit (calculated by: base% * 2 + 20; most attacks are at 10%, which becomes 40%), as well as prevents the affected from having any critical hits used against them. Neither drain Brave's length. Additional application of Brave will increase the duration of the bonus, but doesn't boost crit chance any further.

Like most status effects, it vanishes after the battle, when inflicted by Dispel, upon death (except if with Auto-Revive), or after a number of turns.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

In EBF4, Stagger has priority over Brave, allowing criticals if both statuses are on the same target at once.

Stats before the Battle Mountain update are listed in brackets.

Brave is available to the players through the following skills and equipment:

Enemy abilities that utilize Brave:

  • Big Green Bush's rally — 100% chance, 2x length, targets all foes.
  • Dark Matt's self-heal — 100% chance, 5x length.
  • Horse Fort's rally — 100% chance, 2x length, targets all foes.
  • Jack's reinforcement call — 100% chance, 3x length, targets all foes.
  • Mighty Oak's self-buff on Hard/Epic — 100% chance, 5x length.
  • Praetorian's offensive buff — 100% chance, 3x length, targets all foes.
  • Razor Claw's buff — 100% chance, 3x length, targets all foes.
  • Red Dragon's roar — 100% chance, 3x length, targets all foes.
  • On Hard/Epic, Black Clay comes into the battle with 5x Brave on self.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5

Unlike in EBF4, Brave now has priority over Stagger. Not only does it prevent critical hits, but it'll also prevent Stagger stacks from being consumed by attacks. Otherwise, it is largely the same with the formula still being base% * 2 + 20 . Brave critical bonus stacks multiplicatively with both Good Luck and Bad Luck's bonuses.

After the v2 update, Brave also negates Attack and Magic Attack debuffs caused by direct attacks (ie, it does not cancel Weaken's passive debuffs). Blocking debuffs does not consume Brave stacks.

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Brave is available to players through the following skills and equipment:


Enemy attacks that can cause Brave:

  • Syphoning Signal (Red Flybot) x2 — Allies: Only on Hard & Epic.
  • Ragnarok (Matteus) x3 — Allies
  • Equip & Defend (Annabelle) x3 — Allies: Only on Hard & Epic.

Enemy attacks that self-inflict Brave: