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Brawl Royale is a Flash game created by Matt Roszak in 2008. The player takes control of Matt in a quick-draw competition; the player must press the Space Bar to attack and defeat the enemy before they do the same to Matt. With each successive round, the opponents' reaction time becomes quicker, forcing the players to react even more quickly. There is also a two-player mode, where the second player takes control of Lance with the Enter key.


In order from first to last (Note that some opponents have been renamed and recolored in the Epic Battle Fantasy Collection due to copyright reasons):

Relation to the Epic Battle Fantasy series

Round 10! Matt vs. Zombie Goku!

Brawl Royale appears to be partially canon to the Epic Battle Fantasy series, due to several references:

  • The final boss of Brawl Royale - a zombified Goku - returns as the final boss of Epic Battle Fantasy, looking even worse for the wear than before. His new injuries seem to be a result of Matt's strike against him in Brawl Royale.
  • The Red Mage returns as the first shopkeeper in Epic Battle Fantasy 2. He is called a "former rival", referencing to his duel here.
  • NoLegs appears atop the King Slime in EBF - assuming that he survived Matt's blow, his appearance as a boss may be an attempt to avenge his defeat in Brawl Royale.

On the other hand, several details of Brawl Royale conflict with the Epic Battle Fantasy series:

  • In Brawl Royale, Natalie displays no magic abilities, instead using a katana and shuriken to fight.
  • Lance uses swords in Brawl Royale, whereas his EBF incarnation uses guns and a gunblade.
  • At the end of Brawl Royale, Matt slices the entire planet in half. This is not reflected in the EBF series, although the possibility of the world somehow being repaired is not entirely impossible.

Influence on the Epic Battle Fantasy series

Whether or not Brawl Royale is canon to the EBF continuity, it would appear to have inspired the later series in several ways:

  • As mentioned above, Goku, the Red Mage, and NoLegs all return in some fashion during the EBF series. Lance, Yoko, and Canti also appear in the series, albeit in different roles.
  • The unnamed mecha appears to have inspired the design of the Praetorian boss in EBF4.
  • Some of Matt's swords made their first appearance there, most notably the Heaven's Gate, but also Stone Edge, Silver Blade, Devil's Sunrise, Razorback, and G*bson EB0.
  • Black Waltz's staff would reappear in Epic Battle Fantasy 3 as the Sentinel.
  • Several outfits seen in Brawl Royale inspired or reappeared as some of the armors available in EBF3 and EBF4:
  • The attack Matt uses to defeat Natalie may have been downsized and recolored for Matt's recurring Holy Sword/Seiken skill and the one used against Black Waltz for Light Blade.


  • NoLegs' bandaged appearance and choice of weapon in Brawl Royale are likely a reference to The Kitten Game.
  • The Tonberry is a recurring enemy from the Final Fantasy series. This particular Tonberry is wearing the helmet of Pyramid Head, a well-known monster from the Silent Hill series.
  • Black Waltz hails from Final Fantasy IX. He has appeared previously in some of Matt Roszak's animations, including No Name and FF Battle.
  • Yoko Littner is a character from the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann anime. Her appearance in Brawl Royale is mainly based on her combat outfit during the Mugann invasion of Kamina City, but her boots appear inspired by the outfit she wears when the Dai-Gurren Brigade sets off into space to confront the Anti-Spirals.
  • On the 23rd of September 2021, Matt Roszak announced on Discord that updated mobile ports for Android and iOS (basically the same one that will be found in the Epic Battle Fantasy Collection) will be released at an unspecified date.
    • This will make it the third mobile-based game that Matt has made (second, as its was released earlier than EBF5).
    • The Android port was released on the 24th of September.
  • On Newgrounds, this game originally had an M rating, but was later on Re-rated T.


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