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Bullet Heaven 2 (full title Epic Battle Fantasy 4.4: Bullet Heaven 2) is a spin-off of the Epic Battle Fantasy series. As a sequel to Bullet Heaven, it is a top-down shooter/bullet hell as well, instead of a JPRG.

The game has been released both on web (Kongregate, Newgrounds, and Armor Games) and on Steam platform.


  • Characters - The game features 8 characters. In addition to five returning characters from Bullet Heaven (Matt, Natalie, Lance, Anna, and NoLegs), it features three newcomers exclusive to the Steam version:
    • Dry NoLegs, a skeletal version of NoLegs, similar to skeletons encountered in minigames in EBF2 and EBF3.
    • Slime Bunny, known for its role as a regenerative summon.
    • Phyrnna (Also known as HalcyonicFalconX), the music composer for the Epic Battle Fantasy series.
  • Weapon customization - Each character has three alternative sub weapons, enabling players to adjust their playing style. Two of the three can be bought in the shop.
  • Costume customization - Each character has four alternative costumes, enabling players to change their appearance and gain passive game bonuses. Three of the four can be bought in the shop.
  • Controller Support - The game supports console controllers.
  • Multiplayer - Bullet Heaven 2 features 4-player local multiplayer that makes use of multiple controller support.
  • Levels - The game features 10 worlds, with 5 levels and a boss in each. The Premium Pack gives an extra 20 levels, with 9 optional bosses and 11 never-ending survival levels, which speed up as the levels progress.


Similar to its predecessor, Bullet Heaven is played from a top-down perspective. Players must maneuver their character through each level, shooting enemies and dodging bullets. Each character has an extremely small hitbox (of only one pixel, marked by a white dot) to make this more feasible. Unlike the previous game, there is no "focus" command to slow down gameplay, but players have a button to move slower, allowing them to move through large bullet patterns more easily. Additionally, there is a new mechanic, called "grazing", which allows players to gain more points for getting dangerously close to bullets. There are three difficulties, Normal, Hard, and Heavenly; harder difficulties feature more bullets and certain mechanics adjusted to be more difficult.

Each level contains 10 waves of enemies (or 1 wave of enemies and 9 waves of a boss). Each wave the player clears without taking damage, using a bomb or letting the timer run out is considered "Perfect", and awards them a Diamond, which adds to the player's score multiplier and increases their rank for the level. If they do so without full heath, however, the wave is considered "Good" and the player is awarded a Heart instead. Otherwise, there are no additional rewards for the wave. If the player has reached a high enough rank, the player can play up to 3 bonus waves for the level as well, which are harder than the other waves and allow them to obtain more rewards and reach even higher ranks. Once the player has cleared a level, they will receive a certain rank for it, based on the number of Diamonds they collected. Ranks are only for the difficulty level the player selected, but will also be applied to easier difficulties if they haven't gotten a higher rank in it yet.

The player has three Hearts by default in each level, and if all are lost by hitting bullets or enemies, their character dies and the level is failed. In Multiplayer, each player can instead only be hit one time, but will revive over time, and the level is failed if all players are dead at once. Failing a level gives the player an automatic "F" rank, and does not allow progression. Dying in a bonus wave, however, simply ends the bonus and clears the level as usual.

As with the previous game, players can attack with three different weapons, but each character's weapons have different effects. The main weapon is a rapid-fire projectile that charges up when not used (indicated by the meter to the left of the character); when charged enough, it has different effects based on the character, such as spreading slightly or piercing enemies.

The sub weapon is a secondary, more powerful weapon that varies greatly; each character has three, and all of them are unique, though some have similar effects. Some of them are rapid-fire, similar to the main weapon, while others release a set number of projectiles for a certain amount of charge. Depending on the sub weapon used, when its charge (indicated by the meter to the right) is depleted, it will either fire slower, or not be able to be used at all.

Lastly, Bombs return, with three available by default in each level. Using them clears all bullets on the screen and does large damage to enemies, but prevents the wave from being considered Perfect or Good, preventing the player from receiving a Heart or Diamond. Bombs can also be used when the player is hit to prevent damage, with the timing window for this shrinking the more Hearts and the less Bombs the player has, as well as on harder difficulties.

Defeated enemies release treasure, which increases the player's Gold stock. Gold can be used to purchase new characters, sub weapons, costumes, cheats, and handicaps in the Item Shop. Enemies in this game do not drop any other items unless the player uses Cheats.

Cheats and Handicaps purchased in the Item Shop make the game easier or harder. Cheats offer benefits such as making enemies drop Hearts, Bombs or other power-ups, decreasing enemy bullet speed or increasing player attack. However, using Cheats causes the score multiplier and rank to decrease. Handicaps limit the player, such as by increasing enemy bullet speed, decreasing player attack, or preventing bullets from clearing after a wave or when a bomb is used. Handicaps increase the score multiplier, making it easier to obtain higher ranks. All Cheats and Handicaps can be combined, with the score multiplier adjusting appropriately.

Survival levels work differently from others. The player only has one Heart and one Bomb, and the waves continue on endlessly, with enemies and bullets speeding up for every new wave. Cheats and Handicaps are all disabled, but enemies drop power-ups by default. The goal is to survive as many waves as possible while getting Diamonds to increase the player's rank. As the level is endless, dying in a survival level clears it and gives the player a rank.

Boss Battles

Beta teaser

The game features 10 main bosses, one at the end of each world, and with the Premium Pack, additional 9 bonus bosses, one for each world except the last one.

Area Main Boss Bonus Boss
1-Greenwood Forest Big Bush Knight of Flowers
2-Bubbleblue Beach Titanic Turtle Ironclad Hovercraft
3-Goldenbrick Desert Prehistoric Protector Wasteland Wanderer
4-Whitefall Glacier Golem Gladiator Guardian of Frost
5-Jaderoot Jungle Whopping Wasp Queen of Nightmares
6-Redroast Volcano Enormous Eyeball Scorching Snapper
7-Irongray Armory Bombarding Behemoth Bionic Bee
8-Browngrave Necropolis Wicked Weaver Treehouse of Horrors
9-Silvermist Sky Divine Destroyer Eye of Judgment
10-Darkvoid Galaxy Akron None


See also: Bullet Heaven 2/Synopsis.


The game allows the player to change between mouse and keyboard controls, as well as use console controllers (which may be necessary if one wants to play with friends). In single-player, when using mouse controls, all keyboard bindings may still be used, except for arrow-keys. Auto-fire and inverted slow movement also return in the Options menu. Unlike the previous game, individual keys cannot be customized.

Controller: Mouse Keyboard Xbox PlayStation
Movement Mouse Movement Arrow-keys Analog Stick / D-Pad
Move Slow Shift Top L / Top R
Main Weapon Left-click Z (or Y / W)* A X
Sub Weapon Double Left-click X X Square
Bomb Right-click C / Space Bottom L / Bottom R (or B / Circle)
Pause P Start
  • "Y" and "W" are used as alternatives to enable convenient play on QWERTZ and AZERTY keyboards (where they take up the "Z" spot).


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See: Bullet Heaven 2/Characters

Bullet Heaven features a total of eight playable characters. Each one has three alternative sub weapons to choose from, as well as four cosmetic costumes that change their appearance (useful in Multiplayer mode to distinguish the players) and boost certain abilities.

Initially only Matt and NoLegs, with their default sub weapon and costume, are available. Remaining characters and equipment are bought in the item shop: characters for 5,000 coins (premium characters for 10,000 coins), which come with their default sub weapon and costume, sub weapons for 3,000 coins, and costumes for 500 to 1,500 coins.

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