"Will take fire damage every turn. Effect removed by water or ice damage."
―Burn's mostly accurate hover-over tip, Epic Battle Fantasy 4
Status Burn
Burn is a negative status effect introduced in Epic Battle Fantasy 4. Its icon is, unsurprisingly, an assortment of small red flames each with an orange-yellow center. It deals Fire-elemental damage every turn to the victim. If the afflicted target absorbs the element, it will heal them instead. Additional application of Burn will increase the duration of the ailment, but does not affect damage per turn.

Burn takes the effect at the end of the afflicted's side's turn, inflicting MaxHP * Hit2HP * 0.0014 damage per turn, 100% Fire-elemental, independent of Defence, Magic Defence and Defend. Most entities (including the players) have Hit2HP at 50, getting hurt for 7% of maximum health (assuming no resistance or weakness); several foes, usually bosses and massive enemies, have a lower Hit2HP value and thus will be hurt less. See the Hit2HP article for a list of everyone's Hit2HP and resulting damage.

Burn can be cured with Garlic (consumable item), Purify, Medipack, Cleanse (ordinary skills) and Kyun (Natalie's Limit Break), as well as by getting hit by Water- or Ice-elemental attacks (even those without direct damage, namely Cloudburst). Like most status effects, Burn also vanishes after the battle, when the victim dies (except if with Auto-Revive), or after a number of turns.


  • Burn is usually less potent than the similar Poison status effect. Poison's damage also scales with the # of Poison inflicted, quickly outpacing Burn's consistent damage.
  • Burn can score a critical hit (for 1.5x damage), but only with help of the Stagger status effect.
  • When afflicted with both Burn and Poison at the same time, Burn's damage is applied first.
  • Like Poison, Burn will not cause any damage when the victim is Frozen, but will tick down anyway.
  • As with all EBF4 status effects, if the last foe in a wave dies to Burn, the next wave of foes (if any) will come in immediately and have the first turn.
  • As with Doom and Poison, Burn's "attack" has permanent 999.99 accuracy, not affected by anything. Thus, there is a chance to dodge it if victim's Evade is above that value.
Stats before the Battle Mountain update are listed in brackets.

Burn is available to players through the following skills and equipment:

  • Bullet Hell — up to 12% chance and 1x length, 4 hits, centers on one foe.
  • Eruption — 30% chance, 2x length.
  • Fireball — up to 50% chance and 2x length.
  • Fire Spin (Premium only) — up to 100% chance and 4x [5x] length, targets all foes.
  • Firestorm — up to 16% chance and 2x length, 3 hits, targets all foes.
  • Flame Burst — up to 20% chance and 1x length, targets all foes.
  • Flame Shot — up to 40% chance and 1x length.
  • Red Dragon (summon) — 30% chance, 2x length, targets all foes.
  • Sludge Slime (summon, Premium only) — 100% chance, 2x length.
  • Nuke (Limit Break) — up to 100% chance and 5x length, targets everyone.

Equipment providing resistance against Burn:

Enemy attacks that can cause Burn:

  • Flame Sprite enters the battle with 3x (9x on Hard/Epic) Burn on self, effectively regenerating for several turns.
  • Red Jelly burns itself (100% chance, 2x length) when casting any magic.
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