• Green Bush
  • Green Bush with a pink flower
  • Green Bush with a blue flower
  • Green Bush with a sunflower
  • Red Bush
  • Dark Bush
  • Dark Bush with two horns
  • White Bush with a dead branch
  • White Bush with a baby bush
"Bushes can be kept as pets if they're bred in captivity, but wild ones are pretty vicious!"
―Anna, Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Bushes are a type of foes appearing in Epic Battle Fantasy 3 and 4, and a few spinoff games. They appear as small, round-bodied creatures with long arms that connect directly to their "head". Their bodies are mostly obscured by thick fur and leaves (exactly which is unclear, but their EBF4 drops seem to suggest the former).

Bushes are generally described as timid creatures that can still prove dangerous to unprepared travellers. According to Anna, it is also possible to tame Bushes and keep them as pets.

Based on a piece of dialogue in the Epic Battle Fantasy 5 Demo, Bushes apparently reproduce by spreading their seeds into the winds, and being broken apart or exploded helps with this process.

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Bushes are generally one of the weakest foes in the game, but they often appear in large groups or accompanied by other, stronger foes. They attack by striking a player with their long arms and by biting them with their fanged mouths. They can also scream to lower the party's Defence, and howl to raise the Attack of themselves or their allies.

However, Big Bushes are significantly more dangerous. Ridden by cats, they have a wide variety of techniques: they can use the Horn of G*ndor, throw bombs, and perform a strong multi-hit party wide attack.


Green Bush

Green Bushes are the garden variety bush. They are weak, and will die if someone lights a fire within 5 meters.

Big Green Bush

With a Cat Soldier riding atop of it, Big Green Bushes are actually dangerous. However, they can be easily worn down by poison and fire. Just be wary that you don't get hit by poison in the process.

Red Bush

Usually with slightly more defence, Red Bushes are still weaklings. Flame Burst will take of them with ease.

Dark Bush

Dark Bushes are unique among bushes; they do not have a weakness to fire and are resistant to dark. These are one of the more dangerous types of Bushes, though still easily dealt with.

Snow Bush

A Snowy bush that is a slightly less pathetic bush than the green variety. Capable of ice elemental attacks and wield debuffs.

Muddy Bush

A bush that has built up a layer of mud, and has less trouble with fire. Fire still destroys them, but a heavily buffed one will be trickier than a normal Green Bush.

Big Muddy Bush

A Cat Soldier rides these alpha bushes. Though fire and poison can cripple them, these bushes are not to be trifled with on harder difficulties and can take some serious hits.

Other Bushes

A Big Bush appeared in Bullet Heaven 2 as a boss.

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