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A cat made in Cat Maker

Cat Cafe is a mobile game created by Matt Roszak. It has been released on Android and iOS since 17th October 2013)

This game is not a part of the Epic Battle Fantasy series, but a stand-alone spin-off game. The only thing close to main series is the appearance of cats being nearly the same, but that is, of course, because they are drawn by the same artist.

On July 4th, 2016, Matt Roszak said that the game was removed on Android due to having not updated (the app) for a while. This had been mentioned again in 2020 during a live-stream. As of July 2021, it has been re-instated on Google Play, but is currently only suited for older Android models. A second version suited for newer Android models was released on the third of October 2021.

How to Play

In Cat Cafe, you work at a cat bar, and must give the drinks that your customers want as fast as you can. There are style and gameplay upgrades that can be purchased for in-game money.


Cosmetic upgrades will have a chance of spawning a cat with the same cosmetic, which are required to complete certain medals.

Upgrades Description Cost
Blue Scarf A fluffy scarf that will keep cats warm in Winter. $1000
Cap A pretty cool cap that doesn't really fit cats $2000
Edgy Sunglasses Dark color. Real plastic. So wow. Amaze. $5500
Smooth Sunglasses A best value. Appreciate the ease of use. Made in China. $6500
Green Scarf A cheap scarf that hipster cats will love. $2500
Lucky Clover These things are supposed to be pretty rare, but they're not really, $3000
Pretty Flower The prettiest of flowers for the prettiest of cats $5000
Money Clip Some cat owners like to tape tips to their cat's faces $8000
Red Scarf No better than the other scarves, but I guess you pay more for the best color. $2500
Top Hat Dress like a gentlecat. Gentlecats tip very generously. $12000
Royal Crown The crown of the king of the Kitten Kingdom. Any cat wearing this will tip a lot! $20000
Complaint Shield (+1/2/3) Increase the number of complaints your cafe can receive before shutting down (game over), for a total of 4/5/6. $2000/$3000/$4000
Max Multiplier (+1/2/3) Increase your maximum score multiplier by two, putting your maximum at 4/6/8. $6000/$12000/$18000
Happy Hour Power (+1/2/3) Make happy hour last a bit longer, and increase the cost of the discounted drinks. $5000/$10000/$15000
Fat Cats (+1/2/3) Increase the chance of rich cats with accessories showing up. $6000/$12000/$18000
Positive Energy (+1/2/3) Make cats friendlier, so they wait a bit longer before complaining. $6000/$12000/$18000


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