Chests are bonuses found in Epic Battle Fantasy 3 and 4 that can be found hidden around the map. They can be unlocked by pressing the space button whilst facing towards them or by left-clicking them.

Most of the chests contain miscellaneous items that may be used to forge player's equipment, but some also feature stat-increasing food, key items, various weapons, armors, and flairs, or sometimes even new skills and spells.

​Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Chests are scattered in many places and can also be hidden. Introduced in EBF3,

Chests can be found in many places throughout the levels, being concealed by walls, trees, or blocked by a foe.

Adventure Story

Scattered all around the game. Some can be found in bonus and hard-to-reach areas.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

In this game, some chests require solving a puzzle in order to get them.

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