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Chompers are a family of enemies introduced in Epic Battle Fantasy 5.


Chompers are large plant monsters vaguely resembling a Venus Flytrap. Their bodies consist of a single stalk emerging from the ground, tipped with a single eye and dotted with small leaves and/or vines, depending on the species. A broad, toothy mouth grows from the middle of the stalk, with a cluster of leaves emerging behind it and an eyeball above it.

Chompers live in a variety of areas, ranging from jungles and rivers to caves and volcanoes. Their overworld sprites only show their eyestalks and a single leaf sticking out of the ground.


Chompers are strong and durable enemies that prefer to wear down the party over time with status effects and self-sufficient healing. Their signature move is Chomp, a huge bite that inflicts heavy physical damage to one player while also healing the Chomper. Keep in mind that the latter effect is a flat heal subject only to Randomness Factor; the damage dealt by the attack will not influence the healing. Chompers also have some magic at their disposal, usually boasting buffs or debuffs, and being able to simulate weather to apply statuses.

Leafy and Seaweed Chompers are affected by equipment that scares trees; both variants will go Berserk. For more information, see here.

All Chompers are vulnerable to Earth, and many are weak to Holy and Wind as well. Most absorb Water, though the Mutant Chomper absorbs Bio instead.

When captured and used as summons, all Chompers invoke a specific weather condition for five turns.


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