• Red Clay
  • Blue Clay
  • White Clay
  • Black Clay
  • Green Clay
  • Yellow Clay

Clays are a recurring class of foe in the Epic Battle Fantasy series first appearing in Epic Battle Fantasy 3.


Clays appear as knight-like humanoids made of hardened clay. Some, like the Red Clay, are traditional warriors, while others like the Green Clay have more unusual styles.

None of the Clays have a "face"; instead they have a helmet with a sigil embedded on it.


Clays are usally mid-tier foes, with reasonable power and diverse abilities. They have different traits depending on the individual, with each being dedicated to one element.

Clays are all resistant to Poison, Thunder and Earth-elemental attacks, but they share a weakness to Bomb damage.


Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Epic Battle Fantasy 5

The Clays in Epic Battle Fantasy 5 appear exclusively in the Epic Battle Fantasy 3 simulation in the Data Bunker.


  • The Red Clay and Dark Clay cast spells by stabbing their weapons into the ground, similar to how Matt uses many of his Bushido techniques. Matt comments on this on seeing a Red Clay attack. 
  • The Green Clay is the only Clay to use a ranged weapon; all others use a melee weapon, including the White Clay which uses its staff for striking. 
  • The fact that all Clays have a rune on their face might indicate a connection with the original Golem of Hebrew lore, a creature made of clay animated by putting a note with the Tetragrammaton in his mouth and writing the Hebrew word for truth, "emet". Unlike the Clays in the EBF series, Hebrew Golems can be deactivated by simply removing the "aleph" (א) from the word "emet", thus changing it to "met", which means dead in Hebrew.
  • While Clays didn't appear in Epic Battle Fantasy 5 (until the Data Bunker was introduced), the Fallen have many similarities to them - armored humanoids with a variety of elemental forms that use physical attacks supplemented with magic.
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