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"Should I just spam random skills? It sounds like a good idea, now that I think about it."
―Lance, Epic Battle Fantasy 5
EBF5 Status Confuse.png
Confuse is a negative status effect found in Epic Battle Fantasy 5 that only affects players. Its icon is a white question mark.
  • When Confused, the affected player(s) will become uncontrollable and randomly use one of their learned skills. That said, its in-game description is not completely accurate: the affected players can only use the weakest version of any skill they have learned while Confused. The skill will retain its upgrade level unless it's a skill that changes upon being upgraded; in this case, it will be at the maximum level before changing into a different skill.
    • As an example, if a Confused Natalie has already upgraded Fire into Fireball, she will only be able to use Fire at Level 2 (the highest level of the skill before it becomes Fireball).
  • Confuse ignores Syphon and skill cooldowns, and won't put the used skills in cooldown, either. Confused players will also ignore Lovable on foes.
  • Confuse's behavior takes priority over Berserk when both are inflicted at the same time. If Hungry is inflicted, its behavior takes priority over both.
  • There are 3 skills that cannot be used while Confused: Cherish, Berserk and Medipack. This is entirely for practical reasons, since having Lance or NoLegs use these skills while Confused caused infinite-loop bugs.
    • As a side note, a Confused player will only ever use Purify, Dispel and Sharpen on allies, never foes.
      • Before the v2 update, if Dispel was used on the player party while Confused, the skill didn't work properly and debuffs were not removed.