"Should I just spam random skills? It sounds like a good idea, now that I think about it."
―Lance, Epic Battle Fantasy 5
EBF5 Status Confuse
Confuse is a negative status effect found in Epic Battle Fantasy 5 that only affects players. Its icon is a white question mark.
  • When Confused, the affected player(s) will become uncontrollable and randomly use one of their learned skills. That said, its in-game description is not completely accurate: the affected players can only use the weakest version of any skill they have learned while Confused.
    • As an example, a Natalie that has already upgraded Fire into Fireball will only be able to use Fire while Confused. The skill will be at the same level as the player has it, and for skills that change on being upgraded, it's their maximum level before changing into a different skill (in this example, Natalie would use a level 2 Fire, since at level 3 it already changes into Fireball).
  • Confuse ignores Syphon and skill cooldowns. Confused players will also ignore Lovable on foes.
  • Confuse's behavior takes priority over Berserk's when both are inflicted at the same time. Do note that only skills that are normally usable when Berserked get the damage boost (ie, if Natalie is both Confused and Berserked and uses Judgement, she won't get the Berserk boost on it because Natalie's usual Berserk skillset doesn't include Judgement).
  • There are 3 skills that cannot be used while Confused, Cherish, Berserk and Medipack. This is entirely for practical reasons, since having Lance or NoLegs use these skills while confused caused infinite-loop bugs.
    • As a sidenote, a confused player will only ever use Purify on allies, they'll never target foes with it.
    • When Dispel is used on the player party while confused, the skill doesn't work properly and debuffs are not removed.



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