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Crabs are a recurring enemy class in the Epic Battle Fantasy series, with members appearing in Epic Battle Fantasy 1, 3 and 4.


Crabs are large invertebrates somewhat resembling hermit crabs, with mismatched, bloodshot eyes on short stalks, a soft blob-like body, and a hard shell protecting their backsides. Except for the Snail, they also have a pair of pincers; the right pincer is many times larger than the left, being larger than the Crab's main body.

Crabs usually appear in caves and near water sources, like rivers or the ocean.


In battle, Crabs attack with their oversized claws, shells, and various Water-based techniques. Many of their attacks involve burrowing underground to strike the players from below, and they can also retract into their shells to enhance their defenses.

All Crabs resist Water, Fire, and Wind while being weak to Earth, Bio, and Ice; in EBF4, they are also weak to Poison status and resistant to Bomb.

In EBF4, Cave Crabs and Beach Crabs are notable for having a 1% chance of dropping Sushi. They are one of the only sources of farming the stat booster, though this is highly impractical.


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  • Despite their name, Epic Battle Fantasy's Crabs have little resemblance to their real-world namesakes; notably, they lack a carapace over their bodies and have no visible limbs aside from their pincers. The Snail is even less of a Crab than the other members of its family; as a mollusc, it's actually more closely related to Squids. However, it is still classified as a Crab in the games' code, shares the same body type (minus the claws and the pointed shell), and appears alongside the Beach Crab and the Cave Crab as the sixteenth wave of the Battle Mountain Monster Marathon in EBF4.
  • The skills and tactics used by Crabs have a slight resemblance to Eaters; in EBF3 and 4, they can be considered a lesser counterpart to the giant turtles. In turn, the Crabs would inspire the Creeps that appeared in EBF5.