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Creeps are a family of enemies introduced in Epic Battle Fantasy 5.


Creeps are insectoid creatures with fleshy bodies, six flipper-like limbs, four eyes, and a small pair of mandibles. They have a hard shell on their backs, with the color and shape varying dramatically between species; a subgroup of Creeps has a distinctly turtle-like shell. Despite appearances, Creeps can crawl and burrow at surprisingly high speeds; some can even perform quick jumps and flips to attack. Creeps are found in a wide variety of environments throughout the game, from Hope Harbor to the Iron Fortress to The Rapture.


Creeps are durable foes who can retract into their shells for protection. This gives them Defend status, along with other defensively beneficial stat buffs that vary between species.

In terms of offense, Creeps can be categorized into two different groups.

  • Thorny, Hermit, and Icicle Creeps mainly use a combination of physical and magical single-target attacks, often burrowing towards their targets to catch them by surprise. Some of their attacks can inflict a status effect on players, like Wet or Stun.
  • On the other hand, Green, Red, and Blue Creeps will usually retract into their shells and spin around like a top, careening all over the battlefield. This chaotic fighting style causes them to not only hit the players but also fellow enemies; note that the Red Creep heals its allies trivially instead of hurting them.

Most Creeps are weak to Thunder and Earth, but resist Water. They are also resistant to Stun and Death.


Epic Battle Fantasy 5


  • The Green, Red, and Blue Creep's appearances are references to the Koopas as they appear in Super Mario Bros., specifically the Mario Kart series.
  • The Creep family seems to be the spiritual successor of the Crabs from past games; they also resemble Eaters to a lesser extent.