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This article is about the EBF5 location. For the EBF4 area of the same name, see here.

The Crystal Caverns are a bonus dungeon available in the Steam release of Epic Battle Fantasy 5. Accessible from a cave near the southeastern edge of Redpine Town, they are one of the keys to opening the Temple of Trials.


The Crystal Caverns are a network of subterranean environments essentially split into 3 distinct sections.

The entrance is a large cavern structure filled with green crystals. It is blocked by a gate that only opens if the Spiked Boots are placed on a pedestal to the right. There are a few puzzles that involve sliding green crystal blocks onto X-marked spots on the floor (much to Matt's frustration); if completed, they allow access to treasure chests.

Travelling west in the Crystal Caverns leads to a volcanic area; by going down from a higher point, the party can reach an island of rock amid of a sea of magma, where Vulcan lurks. The Thermal Boots are needed to reach some of the secrets in this area.

The eastern side of the Crystal Caverns is a blue temple laden with ice. Much of the floor is an elaborate ice puzzle, with various movable blocks to allow the party to maneuver in the absence of the Spiked Boots; reaching the other side of the rooms is easy enough, but reaching the treasure chests scattered around the temple is much more difficult. There are also several green crystals hovering over pedestals and blocking the party's way; the latter require the Big Hammer to break. At the end of this area is a massive white crystal hovering over a small pedestal and guarded by the Crystal Hydra - after the battle, Natalie notes that the crystal is far too large for the party to take with them.

The Crystal Caverns have many secrets hidden in plain sight, as well as a number of hidden passages leading to treasure chests. The latter are blocked by a number of dirt piles and boulders that are hidden by the angle of the map, requiring careful exploration to remove them and reach the riches beyond.


As a bonus dungeon, the enemies in the Crystal Caverns scale to the players' level. There are no enemies in the entrance of the caverns.

West Side (Volcanic Tunnels)

Most of the foes in this part of the Crystal Caverns are Earth or Fire-based.

East Side (Ice Temple)

Most of the foes in this part of the Crystal Caverns are Ice or Water-based.


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