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Crystals are a small group of foes that appear in Epic Battle Fantasy 4 and 5.


Crystals are large, roughly rhombus-shaped crystals that float in mid-air. Their primary color corresponds to their element, as does the elaborate sigil emitting from their center. Four smaller rhombus-shaped crystals surround the main Crystal.

Crystals have only appeared during the battles against Godcat in EBF4 and the Data Bunker simulations in EBF5.


Crystals are rare foes with strong abilities. They have a decent array of both physical and magical attacks of their element, along with being able to buff several of their stats. Notably, the Blue Crystal specializes in defensive buffs while the Red Crystal specializes in offensive buffs.

Crystals appear as minions of Godcat in her various fights and appear in the Epic Battle Fantasy 4 simulation in the Data Bunker.

The Crystals' resistances vary quite a bit between games, but they always absorb their respective Elements.