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"I've heard some very troubling rumors - this monster invasion is not our only worry. No, there's something even more sinister going on behind the scenes. Some folk from town have ran off to join cults - what good could that possibly lead to?"
―Vivy, an NPC in Redpine Town's Material Shop

The Cultists in this article refer to at least two cults in Epic Battle Fantasy 5, one of which is referred to as The Nameless Ones. They are ordinary people who have gone mad or fallen to despair as a result of the Great Impact and the resulting chaos across the world, causing them to put their faith in strange legends and bizarre conspiracies.

There are two major groups of Cultists encountered throughout the game. They appear to have originated in Redpine Town, but have since spread across the world. Their interactions with each other remain unknown.

Sacred Jewel Cultists

"There's two competing cults - one worships some ancient jewels, their purpose long forgotten."

These Cultists worship the Sacred Jewels - the Sapphire of Dreams, the Ruby of Death and the Emerald of Life - believing that a great power or catastrophe will be unleashed if they are ever brought together. It is unclear if they know of the Jewels' ability to create a portal to Snowflake's world when brought to the Forgotten Temple.

The Sacred Jewel Cultists are mostly found in basements underneath each of the major towns in the game (Hope Harbor, Greenwood Village and Redpine Town). They can be identified by their stone masks, which come in two variations: a regular grey mask and a white mask leaking rivulets of black liquid from the eyeholes. They usually speak in groans and growls, with their dialogue appearing as Morse Code.

Glitch Cultists

"The other [cult] believes that we live in a simulation, which is starting to crack and fall apart."

These Cultists worship the Glitch, believing that the world they live in is a computer-like simulation that is beginning to break down. They can be identified by their white, almost owl-like masks, their complete silence when interacted with (except for one found in Redpine Town), and their tendency to show up where Glitch Areas will appear later on.

A few Glitch Cultists are also found in The Void, surrounding the entrance portal. They have red masks and masses of black distortions obscuring their faces, and "speak" with inhuman mechanical screeches. It is unclear if these are Cultists corrupted by The Glitch (willingly or not) or direct manifestations of the same.


  • According to a Discord post by Matt Roszak, the Cultists' masks are references to Neon Genesis Evangelion and The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask[1].


  1. https://discord.com/channels/308233229876461569/318349044294483968/675858112930119700 "The white owl-like masks that some cultist NPCs wear are based on the masks angels wear in Neon Genesis Evangelion....The stone-like masks are based on the Stone Mask from Zelda: Majoras Mask."