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The Deathly Hollows are an optional area in Epic Battle Fantasy 5.


The Deathly Hollows are a series of cursed caverns beneath the western edge of the Mystic Woods, accessible once the party defeats Laurelin and obtains the Raft. They are made primarily of brown wood and stone, with giant bones for decoration and a few mechanical elements. Several arched walkways and brick pillars can be seen around the area, along with huge subterranean tree trunks that have been converted into passageways between the outer areas of the Hollows. Most of the light seems to come from luminous yellow mushrooms dotting the Hollows, and glowing eyes can be seen in the darkness around the reachable areas.

The Deathly Hollows are largely populated by an assortment of zombies, who are sentient and tolerate the presence of the party. Another mass of cats have holed themselves up on the lowest level; in order to reach them, the party will have to collect Turds (don't ask us why) from the four sections of the Hollows accessible from the central hub. Once all four Turds have been placed on the pedestals in the center, the massive skull before them will rise up, allowing the party to reach the bottom of the Hollows where Telperion awaits.


In addition to the Turds, each section of the Deathly Hollows' main level has a puzzle that the party can solve to gain access to treasure chests.

  • The north section has a walk-once puzzle with lever-activated spike barriers and several broken tiles that can be walked on more than once.
  • The south section requires players to move stone blocks in order to activate four walk-once panels; when all four are lit, the spikes surrounding a treasure chest will be lowered. A vegan zombie and another treasure chest can also be accessed if the blocks are moved out of the way.
  • The west section requires players to push stone blocks along a series of narrow walkways in order to make a path for one particular block to be pushed onto the three "X" marks at the opposite end of the area.
  • The east section has a ring of eight levers with symbols on them and two small caves blocked by enormous skulls. By activating the levers in certain combinations - including a ninth lever hidden behind the rock formation on the right - the party can raise the skulls and reach the treasure chests they were protecting. The order the player flips the levers in does not matter. An additional code can be found elsewhere.
  • Both the west and south sections have a door on a tree that allows the player to return to the central hub if they become stuck.


Most of the foes in the Deathly Hollows are beasts or undead, with many being Bio and Dark-based.


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  • The Deathly Hollows may be named after the Deathly Hallows, a trio of powerful magical artifacts from the Harry Potter series.