"All damage taken is reduced by 50% for one turn."
―Defend's faulty hover-over tip, Epic Battle Fantasy 4
Status Defend
Defend is a positive status effect in Epic Battle Fantasy 4. Its icon is a yellow shield. It halves all non-status damage taken and isn't drained/cancelled by tanking damage, but only lasts for one turn and doesn't stack. Everything that depends on the Hit2HP stat (mostly damage-over-time effects, such as Poison) is unaffected. Defend also blocks the players' ability to counterattack.

Like most status effects, it also vanishes after the battle, when inflicted by Dispel or upon death (except if with Auto-Revive). The armor-piercing Giga Drill skill deals extra damage when the target is Defending.

Stats before the Battle Mountain update are listed in brackets.

Defend is available to the players through the following skills:

  • The Defend tactic/command — 100% chance, targets self.
  • Ancient Monolith (summon) — 100% chance, targets all players.

Enemy abilities that utilize Defend:

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