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Defenders are a family of mechanical enemies in the Epic Battle Fantasy series, appearing in the first, fourth, and fifth games.


Defenders are large robots with four long, spindly legs; each ends in a single wheel and has multiple joints for a greater range of movement. Their main body is dominated by weapons; a large, upward-pointing cannon in the middle, and two large weapons batteries on the sides. The exact type of weapon varies between models, but always features a pair of machine gun barrels on the bottom.

Defenders are usually found in factories and other industrial areas, like the Waste Disposal Plant or the Iron Fortress.


Defenders toe the line between elite foes and minibosses, with their first member being a boss in its own right. Their extensive arsenals allow them to use physical attacks, magical attacks, status effects, and stat debuffs, making them quite versatile. They always have a few Bomb skills at their disposal, with several variants packing one or two other elemental abilities.

Defenders have a wide range of resistances, usually including EarthBio, and Wind. They tend to be weak to Bomb, with many being vulnerable to Thunder and Water. They are also immune to several status effects - such as Poison, StunFreeze, Syphon, and Instant Death - and resistant to all stat debuffs. 


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