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"Earth has been deleted. You will gradually take more and more damage. This status cannot be removed."
―Delete's hover-over tip, Epic Battle Fantasy 5
EBF5 Status Delete.png
Delete is a negative status effect introduced in Epic Battle Fantasy 5 that only affects players. Its icon is a red X mark. It deals non-elemental magical damage (like all other status damage, this is unaffected by Defences) to the players at the end of their turn, this starts at 1.5% of their max HP and increases by the same amount each successive turn the status is present (ie, 3% on the second turn, 4.5% on the third turn, etc). It also prevents the player from fleeing. It is only inflicted by The Devourer's Delete Earth.
  • Like most other damaging statuses, Delete's damage is reduced in Easy and Zero difficulties (down to 70% and 35% respectively).
  • Delete's damage has the 4th highest priority over damaging statuses, with Scorch, Burn, and Poison damage taking place before it.

Sources of Delete

Delete is only inflicted by The Devourer's Delete Earth.


Delete cannot be resisted, nor can it be cured; the only way to get rid of Delete is to kill The Devourer.


  • On Normal and above, assuming the player is able to fully heal themselves each turn and takes no other damage, Delete will take about 67 turns to inflict 100% of the party's HP in damage. Of course, in a realistic situation the party would die far sooner than this from The Devourer's attacks, making this a thoroughly moot point.