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"Devalued a bit since the discovery of even stronger materials."
―In-game description, Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Diamond is a recurring crafting item in the Epic Battle Fantasy series, introduced in Epic Battle Fantasy 3. It is a large white diamond used for forging a few items onto their last level.

In EBF3, Diamonds can be bought in The Town for 98,000 gold, being the most expensive Material in the game. Only two are needed for forging.

In EBF4, Diamonds are sold in the Goldenbrick Resort Misc Shop for 92,000 gold. To upgrade everything, 3 are needed.

In EBF5, the Diamond had a slight visual update, becoming shinier and slightly narrower. It is sold in the Material Shops of The Great Sea and Redpine Town for 92,000 gold; 8 will be needed to upgrade the relevant equipment.

Drop Rate

Diamonds are typically dropped by powerful foes, usually with a rocky appearance or a Holy affinity.

Epic Battle Fantasy 3


Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Additionally, smashing boulders with The Hammer has a 1% chance to drop a Diamond.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5

Additionally, a Diamond has a 1% chance to drop from a boulder smashed with The Hammer.


Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Epic Battle Fantasy 5


  • The Chainsaw Gun is the only piece of equipment to require a Diamond for forging in all three games.
  • The Diamond's EBF3 description calls it "The hardest metal known to man", referencing a memetic discussion on a GameFAQs forum that ended with the erroneous claim that diamonds were a metal.
  • The Diamond's EBF5 description references the game Minecraft, where players can mine diamonds in any environment if they dig deep enough.