Crossbone Pin + Diamond Pin + Bowling Ball Badge

The Diamond Pin in EBF4, worn alongside the Crossbone Pin and the Bowling Ball Badge.

The Diamond Pin is a Flair available in Epic Battle Fantasy 4.


The Diamond Pin is a diamond-shaped badge which is actually made out of silver and steel, judging from its upgrade materials. As per normal flair standard in EBF4, male characters wear it on their chest, while females wear it either on their skirt, or on their hair if it is equipped in the third Flair slot.

The Diamond Pin overrides its owner's weapon status effect with Stagger, and also provides light Bomb resistance when worn. In the case of multiple status-overriding flairs being worn together, only the one at the leftmost flair slot will have its effect applied to the weapon.

Its Stagger infliction chance is among the highest in the game, rivaled only by Anna's Log skill. It can be raised to/above 100% by Matt's Unleash, Natalie's Spectrum, Lance's Hyper Beam (which targets all foes), or the shared centered Power Blast Limit Break.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Found in a chest in the screen near the second entrance to the Waste Disposal Plant, guarded by a battle that appears as a Big Sludge Slime.

Flair Diamond Pin Diamond Pin
Replaces weapon status effect with stagger.
Stat Bonus Resistance
Stat HP - - - Stat MP - - - Element Bomb 10% 20% 30%
Stat Attack - - - Stat Defence - - - - - - -
Stat Magic - - - Stat Mdef - - - - - - -
Stat Accuracy - - - Stat Evade - - -
Spells & Statuses
Power Chance Modifier Attack Status
Auto Skill -- -- Status Stagger 40% 55% 70%
Bonus Skill -- -- 1x 1x 1x
Auto Status -- -- - - - -
-- - - -
Forging Information
Lvl Requirements Lvl Requirements
2 Item Silver Plate
x 1
Item Steel Plate
x 4
-- 3 Item Silver Plate
x 4
Item Steel Plate
x 4
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