"What gives? Some of my skills are cooling down even though they shouldn't be! Is this some sort of rare status effect?"
―Matt/Anna, Epic Battle Fantasy 5
Status Syphon EBF1

Disable is a negative status effect in Epic Battle Fantasy 5 that is only afflicted by foes and only affects players. This is of course because foes do not have cooldowns on their own skills. When inflicted, each of the afflicted player's learned skills has a 50% chance to be put on cooldown, even ones that don't normally have cooldowns, with the status' strength determining the number of turns the skills are put on cooldown (any skills that are currently already in a longer cooldown are unaffected). It does not have any visible status icon (within wikia the EBF1 Syphon icon is used for practical purposes) nor duration, as it is applied instantly. Equipment that resists Syphon also resists Disable.


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